Der kleine Lord 1980

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Each journey is an adventure into the unknown.
My journey was even more than that.
I was looking for a little boy,
with which it had a special explanation.
I knew I would not find him in the stately mansions of the privileged.
But a quarter like this, where should end my search I was totally unprepared.
What kind of a child could such a ghetto, such a melting pot have produced?
I braced for the worst.
Good Morning Dick.
Well, how's it going?
I can not complain.
I wish I could say that too.
Have you again trouble?
I can give you a good advice.
Never take a carouser as your partner
then you're screwed.
I promise you that. I have to go to the grocery store. Goodbye Dick.
Same to you.
Good morning, Mr. Hobbs.
Here we carry a man into the white house and what happens in Congress they continue to
dig us more water.
How they doing that Mr. Hobbs?
By doing nothing as they always do.
Who give little thought to a worker or small business as
I am one. Oh no, the puzzle of just how rich her bag still full
can cram. The throat can never get enough. When you grow up you wist
Democrat, of course! With pleasure Mr. Hobbs
All right. What can I do for you Ceddy Mama would like what is on the list and
she asks them to write.
Your mom? Oh, I think your mum du Yes ok take the biscuit and sit
on a barrel while I'm seeking together.
Thank you!
What is Mary wants to buy today do not they?
She had to factory
to fetch blouses. Mama had nothing to sew. Your ma is a fine lady Ceddy
I do not know any more lovable people. Dad probably why they always called love.
Because he was right Ceddy.
If they do not tell anyone, I say too dear to Ma. Sometimes at least.
I would also like to at least return the mom sometimes is very
Yes that's quite all right.
When you consider how young she was when she became a widow,
because it is your duty and obligation
take the place of your daddy. My dad left us a long time ago.
Remember much of it I can not remember.
Mhmm you but much of it. You can tell already where you say that you are not
Americans are one hundred percent, which indeed is not about aschend.
Because he was British. I hope they do not take me the evil that my Pa
was a Briton.
Since they are not exactly on good terms with the British. You are in my eyes
Americans, your father is a fiery American took the woman and made
this country his home. Yes I am an American but she is probably the
Question allow why they like the British suffer so little? Against the ordinary people
I have not the slightest
I have something against the aristocrats
still the common people living among them in bondage. Remember My
Ceddy words. The Day is the downtrodden in recgtmäßigem anger
they raise are then sweep it all away, the barons, the Lords and Earls
from the face of this earth. Maybe they do not merely modest
and are therefore Lords barons and earls. Let that anyone tell
they bask in it.
Do you know someone who is an aristocrat?
Probably not, and if each one his face in my business
should point out flying! Here on my drums is not greedy
Tyrant ever take place.
Be a dear and put the stuff on the tables. Of course, Mom.
Are you hungry?
No, not yet. I heard about Mr. Hobbs get a biscuit and an apple.
We have real entertaining. I'm not surprised. Oh, what they have
Mary struggled. That's much too heavy for her.
Drag against itself, I have nothing.
I can only carry 5 Stock up bad.
Oh, Today you've shopped my little darling. Mr. Hobbs asked about you.
He has a crush on you I think he is an old fool and nothing more.
May I again go down mama?
My friends are waiting on the corner.
Yes running down.
One was happy with my blouses Mary? Well, that'd be even better they contribute but
very best work and sew while excoriating her delicate fingers.
Thank coachman.
The search for the boy had brought me to this House.
But as the exceptional offer that brought itself was recorded.
Ceddy is never part of me i am of him So will not be
expected Mrs. Errol. Only the grandfather of the boy remains firm in his
They decided not to want to see. It has long been known to me Mr. Havisham
The father of my husband has neither for myself nor for his grandson ever
lowest participation shown. He is an old man and his prejudices
dominated. He was always deeply his against America and Americans, and the marriage
Son with you has angered him. The discovery comes as no surprise. I
must say I am surprised by her manners and her appearance Mrs. Errol
Most pleasantly surprised. The stop at one. Incidentally, the
Agreement in the details is not as hard as they might assume. You are my guest
and I would therefore not to be rude but I would prefer that
they say what they have to say so that we come to an end.
They speak openly of what they did not think was. Well
the grandfather of her son, the Earl's London gets zuwieder The City
the difficult gout leidenen bad. Most of the year he spends
why on Dorincourt Castle, situated in the most pleasant.
Your son will live there which is only natural. Earl of them is as
Residence a cottage available;
in the neighborhood and her son, she can visit whenever he wants.
But the Earl
she refuses to see or speak
and they should not enter the castle Dorincourt
Is this really all Mr. Havisham? I ask them to be as they
Muttor for her son, but certainly want only the best. The best for Ceddy is at
to be his mother, the most lovable mother, the son of one each
has possessed.
Mind you it's about the future of her son, Mrs. Errol.
I must unfortunately ask you to go down again Mary, they might me
Ceddy bring up.
I am amazed when I think about their financial situation that they get a
Can maids. Mary is not a maid, she is a midwife. She has
Ceddy brought to the world. She stayed out of attachment, even though we
can not pay.
It is for me and our family Ceddy. I see.
You have not told me if they accept the offer of the Earl, with all its
My husband loved England
And he loved his father. This has hurt him deeply by both
life must be separated.
Up with all the conditions of the offer;
But just because I know that my husband would want it this
and because I believe that it's best to be Ceddys. Her son is them
to thank them again. I hope so.
Whatever the case,
I also have a condition that must be met. A condition? Yes
And I would return for the smallest violation of Ceddy here.
And how to read the terms and conditions? Ceddy should not and must never know that his
Grandpa cherishes a deep aversion to me. Neither the Earl nor
someone. I am not arguing that Ceddy between love for me and
Affection which he should feel for his grandfather came into conflict.
You have my word, their wishes will be respected. I thank them
it will be difficult for him to understand why we have to live separately from now on.
But he will accept it if his grandfather is kind and loving.
And he will surely be valid Havisham and loving Mr..
The old gentleman had hardly sent me on this journey when his
Intentions concerning her son would not best. That's a clear answer
I gebem now I pleased with her.
They possess an unusual determination and single-mindedness.
I am a mother
and I give my only child in the care of another.
I have to make sure that it is not only material in good care.
My friends and I just stayed with football
a tin played.
This is Mr. Havisham Ceddy.
I know she is glad Mr. Havisham.
So this is the little Lord Fauntleroy
Otherwise you schläfts at this time always Ceddy.
I know, but I have to get everything first purely in my head.
Yes this is really a whole lot
what you need to digest for now.
Well let's see maybe I can explain it to you easily.
Your grandfather, which you never met is an Earl.
This is an aristocrat; least says Mr. Hobbs. Aristocrat
His eldest son, your uncle Morris
would have taken the title later, he had not fallen from his horse and
then died. His second son, your uncle Bevis would now become Earl,
would he not died last year in Rome on fever.
Then he had only dad. But dad was dead
and thus it's my turn.
Yes. And because when the time comes you'll Earl of Dorincourt.
Until then, you're Ceddy Lord Fauntleroy.
Should I really be?
But no one else is from the boys.
This is a great honor for you
and your dad would be very happy about it.
If it can not be helped now times I have
already make the best of it.
And I know that you become
When do we have to leave here?
Mr. Havisham meets the necessary preparations, and he comes from morning
then we know the date. Mary comes to England but with you? Of course.
And if I had to swim across the whole way.
Good day sir.
Hustings they were so good that they inform the lady,
that I do not cherish the desire to lead a conversation with her.
Kindly inform them of his lordship,
that a courteous exchange of greetings is a difficult call to call.
Please tell the lady if she hopes to be able to make himself popular with me she was mistaken.
Please tell his lordship, I would have no need nor desire to make me popular.
He is the father of my husband and the grandfather of my son, I pay the same courtesy,
I would prove to be his gamekeeper because stocks have the same relationship.
Tell her, in her great discourtesy it differs in nothing from all other Americans.
They say his lordship was just proved the Americans have no monopoly on Unhöfichkeit.
They say that I feel that as an insult.
His lordship feels right.
Please tell this lady ...
The lady has heard enough Hustings.
I thank God every day for the revolution which has delivered us from the arrogance and bad temper of the British aristocracy.
The war was won and that I do not intend to lose.
Good day Hustings.
Should I continue your Lordship?
I would not gossip about the conversation that took place Hastings.
I know of no entertainment your lordship.
Take it further.