Modern Warfare 2 - Special Ops Alpha Evasion

Uploaded by shkunze on 10.12.2009

Just when the mission starts you will have to run pretty quickly
to get to about this place here to pick out these four enemies.
It can be a bit tricky as you can see, the last one he was hidden behind the tree.
You need to take him out in a short amout of time...
else he will alert the other guards.
Pick this guy out quickly after you've done the first four because...
otherwise he will get into sight of these three guards standing over here.
This is the easy part, just pick them out.
There are two more guards down the left right now.
But you can take them out using just one shot if you go to this place.
Just for the fun of it!
It's always nice to use just one shot to take out two enemies.
Like that!
Just checking to see if they are dead.
This is a pretty easy part.
Pick out the guy to the right first, because else he will lay down...
when you shoot the one to the left.
This is a bit tricky.
I've tried to do this part in many different ways.
But I've found this way that I am showing you now...
to be the best and most secure.
It's probably not the fastest but it works just about everytime.
Sit and wait for them to pass by and then shoot the two of them.
And take out the last one here before he gets any further.
Now for the easy part...
There are two guards standing down to the right.
They won't notice anything.
So you can take out those two over there and the dog.
And the last part is very easy.
There are two guards on top of the hill.
Take them out.
Then just run cause there are no more guards.
Slide down here...
and you're done!