【東方】 Koishi Komeiji's Heart-Throbbing Adventure Part 8 (English)

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Friends, Youkai, countrymen!
Will you feast on the raw, bloody flesh of humans!?
Will you rip the bones from those foolish humans who they're somehow better than us
and gnaw them until warm, sweet marrow gushes forth!?
Then call her. Call your goddess forth!
Call the woman who risked her life to save us! Call out the name of our Messiah!
Warning: this video contains graphic violence and disturbing imagery.
Lady Byakuren!
Our Savior!
So beautiful!
Your holiness!
Your holiness!
Lady Byakureeen!
No, really. This episode is the worst yet.
Beautiful as always, your holiness!
M-my lady..!
Thanks for coming, everybody!
Of all you here today, none can know freedom in Gensokyo as it is!
After being chased mercilessly here from the outside world, why must you be discriminated against even here!?
Oh, I think I should say right away... I hate humans.
They're weak, cruel, and dirty! Rule them, and they clamor for freedom. Free them, and they clamor for rule! They are the worst of all the creatures in the world...
Those fools are born unequal, and to try to make them equal is pointless. Isn't that right, Shou?
What is democracy? It is nothing more that a despotism of the majority. Those who disagree are shunned and ignored!
To be right is but to agree with the majority. There is no freedom in life, or in death, under such a system! I come to you today to speak out for the dead shell of the truth killed by these laws.
Hijiri...this is...madness. Are you trying to...bring war...to all of Gensokyo..?
...hmm? What are you blubbering about now? Have you forgotten what its like to sink your fangs into the beating heart of your screaming foe? What a pitiful excuse for a tiger.
I'm not bringing war to this land. Don't act as if you understand, you pathetic slave of the Vaisravana.
Right now, our only enemy is hesitation. True happiness can never come to those who falter in the face of terror! Nothing will come of praying for problems to solve themselves.
For such worthless creatures, humans certainly do multiply quickly when left to themselves...
They're nothing but digestive and reproductive systems with legs. That these dirty, senseless creatures still walk upon the Earth is a blasphemy against nature!
We will not stop until none are left!
Capture the Hakurei woman, and slaughter the rest!
In the name of righteousness, send them scurrying to the deepest pits of Hell!
Death is the greatest thing a human can hope to attain, so let us help them achieve it!
Wh...what is she saying..!?
This is bad...I need to warn someone!
And just who would that be, little mouse?
Pagoda Ship, takeoff!
Listen, kid. I'm a busy person.
If you'll let me make this quick, I can try to send you to the hereafter without chopping off too many more pieces. So sit tight and let me get this over with.
My name is Koishi Komeiji.
You cut my arm off. Prepare to die.
Thank you, God, for this bountiful accident! Even if it's just a twist of fate...
I'm so happy that we met.
Breakdown midway, eh?
Looks like it!
Hey! Enough playing around, old woman!
Shut up and die, you heartless fool.
Of course I have a heart! It's been here for a long time, now!
It's not something you find just lying on the road, even if you go outside and look every day!
Where's your heart, old woman?
Far, far in the past, brat.
You don't understand, do you?
Closing off your heart and fleeing from the past...
You're nothing.
Young mistress. Have you ever seen an angel?
They're beautiful. They shine with beautiful light...like true demons.
K...Koakuma..? What's going on upstairs? It's so noisy...
Is everybody okay? Is my sister okay!?
Well, I wonder? Depending on how you think of it, maybe she's in grave danger...or is she?
Why do you ask, young mistress?
Wh-why? Because...umm...
We're talking about the same woman who imprisoned you down here, remember? Do you really care what happens to her?
Stop worrying about the others, little girl.
Think only of yourself. You don't need anyone else.
Stop...stop talking like that. I'll...I'll get angry.
...rain? Why is it...
Why? Because I said so, little girl.
An ignoramus like you can't hope to understand this power. The power of a god! A human would call it...
Stop thinking about the others! You don't really care about them. To a half-crazed vampire like you, they're nothing but walking bags of blood!
Or did you think you'd overcome that?
Don't make me laugh. No one has ever loved you, little girl.
Do you realize how much they hate you? Your existence alone makes them wretch.
You're nothing but a foolish little girl who throws tantrums and breaks her sister's toys, and then forgets all about it!
Stop playing the victim, you little brat.
Do you know what they say about you?
"If only that stupid little doll would fall over and die already."
You were born by mistake. From that very moment...
...you've been alone all along.
Aaaaah! It hurts! She hit me! I'm gonna diiieee!
Help me! Orin! Okuu!
I didn't do anything! They attacked me! Waaaah!
Run, faeries.
Y-yes, ma'am!
Kill them! Kill them, or they'll kill me!
L-lady Satori..? Please, calm down a...
Take lady Satori and run, Orin...
I can't let this go by.
I'll blow you to the eternal hereafter, piggie-fingers!
I don't seem to be very popular today.
Oh ho ho! Amazing! Excellent! A full-page spread! I'm famous now, Momiji!
A...Aya! What are you doing!? I'm supposed to be guarding the moun...
Hahaha! You always were a scared little doggie, Momiji! You'll never get anywhere like that!
I, on the other hand...I'm not afraid of anythi.......
...oh! H-hello, miss Scarlet.
Y...yes! Come on, Momiji, apologize!
What? Don't look at me!
Lady Satori! Are you all right!? I'm taking you somewhere safe, don't worry!
Thank you...Orin...
You're my friend, right..?
Of course, my lady! I will always be there for you, your pet and yours alone!
Even when the very ground beneath our feet bares its teeth at us, I will stay by your side!
I love it...
I love it!
I love Gensokyo!
Please...don't kill you! Don't take away my friends..!
I love everything so much...
Why are you doing this to me!?
And so ends the chain of hatred.
Resent me, if you must.
I won't mind.
We're almost underground again, lady Satori!
You're safe now!
...I'm sorry.
We'll all be joining you soon.
Koishi Komeiji's Heart-Throbbing Adventure
Jeez...it's your fault for being such scaredy-cats, Luna, Sunny!
I just wanted to remove the infection from your bodies...
You shouldn't have squirmed around so much!
Now you're just little tiny lumps of meat! Hehehehe!
Miss Sakuya, wait!
I told you to rest! What are you doing out here, Meiling!?
I know you want to see lady Flandre, but you're in worse shape than she is!
It's you I'm after, fishfeet!
Uh...umm...where are you going!?
To Sanzu River, of course. I'm bringing her back.
The mothership will patrol Gensokyo!
We'll capture some humans to use as provisions, and drive the rest out!
Of course, they'll be trying to fight back, but not to worry!
We have a powerful new ally!
Captain of the vanguard, Youkai of midnight, little missy Rumia!
Yo, homies. Where da smokes at?
Tewi! Stop fooling around and put that thing down!
I can't find the Mistress...you need to help me look for her!
...th...this is a joke, right..?
Taste the pain!
I need to run...I need to run...I need to run..!
Time to light the lanterns!
Let's give her some pretty flowers...
Peach flowers!
Suffering is but a stepping stone into the future!
Enjoy this pain while it lasts!
End of Komeiji Koishi's Heart-Throbbing Adventure, part 8
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