How to: Put your bike on the bus

Uploaded by UAAnchorage on 07.04.2010

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You roll the bike,
and get the bike between you and the bus.
And then you pull the handle to release the bike rack.
Then the, the sign on the bus says,
'pull handle for stow rack, pull handle up to release and lower racks'.
So, in this case, I'm pulling the handle to release and lower the rack.
Try to be careful with it, because people on the bus,
if you just drop it, it shakes the bus.
Once it's down, assuming your the first bike on,
you set your bike on,
balance it with your right hand,
and then there is a release handle, here.
Where you pull,
release the lock,
and then pull it,
and drop it down on the tire.
Once you release the, the button
it'll drop down and grab the tire.
At that point your bike is secure.
If you have anything hanging on your bike
that could possibly fall off,
you wanna, of course, take that off.
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Lower rack, so we pull the handle up.
And lower the rack.
You always want to set your bike into the rack closest to the bus.
And with these there is no push button.
You just simply pull the hook out
and drop it down on your front tire
and your bike is secure.
We've put our bike on first
if two other bikes were put on,
or one other bike was put on,
we'd want to bring our bike off from this side.
In that case, we would secure the bike with our left hand
Push the button to release the tire device.
And just pull the bike forward, and just pull it right off of the rack.
In that case there would be other bikes on the bus and
and you wouldn't have to stow the rack.
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The first time you put a bike on a bus rack, it might
be intimidating, and if you stop in down at our transit center,
or if you make contact with us,
over here at admin,
Your welcome to stop by, and uh, and
practice putting a bike on a rack.
Customer service is set up downtown,
they have one of the racks there.
And if you are at the Dimond Center
there may be a bus there and you can actually look at the bike rack.
So, don't be shy.
Ask how it's done.
And get your bike on there.
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