What or How? - The secret to happiness

Uploaded by josecruset on 06.04.2012

What do we want in life? Don´t we want: to be better?
to be faster
? to live longer?
to be healthier? to be richer?
to have more stuff ?
to have a partner?
to have a family?
to be happy?
Yes, we do. But all these things are only results or goals
. We all have goals -
whatever they might be.
We want to achieve them,
and we believe that by achieving them we become happy.
There's a magical force within us
which drives us into this direction.
This force
makes us focus very much on the outcome,
on the result
. We focus so much on the result
that we sometimes forget
the intention
and the way we do things.
Martin Luther Kind Jr. once said:
If a man is called to be a streetsweeper
he should sweep streets
even as Michelangelo painted
or Beethoven composed music
or Shakespeare wrote poetry .
He should sweep streets so well
that all the host of heaven and earth
will pause to say:
here lived a great streetsweeper
who did his job well.
What does Martin Luther King want to tell us?
He advices us to focus on enjoying every moment
everything we do,
regardless what it is we do.
He asks us to switch our mind ,
to change focus .
I know how hard this is in situations
in which we are working under high competition
and where the outcome
is the only KPI that counts.
But if we are able to change focus
- and all this is in our ahead
- we will enjoy every moment
we will live what we do
and then we will be happy.
Mother Teresa once said something very similar:
Is is not
how much we do,
but how much love we put in the doing
It is not how much we give ,
but how much love we put in the giving
This goes even further as the quote from Martin Luther King.
Mother Teresa tells us the way we do something (= the how
is more important
than the result (=the what) .
That is her secret
to happiness.
And the beauty
about this different way of doing things
is that we can start with it
right now !
In this very moment
we can switch focus ,
independently of our current situation or location
whether we already achieved something or not ,
whether we are rich or poor,
helthy or ill
, happy or unhappy,
etc. We don't have to wait until we have enough
have enough time ,
have a partner, have a family.
We can do the change right now
and forever
during our whole life.
Isn´t this fantastic ?!
So, instead of thinking on WHAT we did ,
WHAT we do ,
WHAT we are ,
WHAT we will become ,
we should try to focus on HOW ;
and happiness
will follow.