Wayne's Home Security Tips

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Wayne's Home Security Tips
Hi, I'm Wayne, and after two home burglaries, I took some simple steps to prevent it from happening again.
First, I installed a new monitored home security alarm system.
To prevent my exterior doors from being kicked in, again,
I strengthened them with steel door jambs and hangings purchased as a kit from my local home improvement megastore.
While I'm careful to keep my windows locked, sensors were installed that will trigger the alarm if the windows are opened while the alarm is armed.
Glass break detectors will set off the alarm if the burglar tries to break my windows.
and motion sensors were installed to trip the alarm should anyone manage to get inside.
I've also taken a few steps to protect my valuables in the event that a burglar does enter my home.
This rarely taken step is important because the thieves and your things are gone before the police arrive.
The TV is now bolted to the wall to prevent anyone from walking out with it.
I also installed a monitor mount to secure my computer.
Both products were purchased online.
At the back of the house, I reinforced the fence gate with a 2x4 to prevent it from being kicked in again.
These are the simple home security measures I've taken to help protect my home and family.
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