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[Starring: Chow Yun Fat]
[Starring: Crystal]
[Starring: Tamaki]
Year 14, December 17 the Big Chill
That year, I and Mu Shun, were taken to a place with no sunlight
No one here is allowed to talk to each other
We trained hard no one to tell us why
How long can we last in the conditions, with no hope
I do not know
I only know that from that year
Mu Shun's eyes, is my only hope.
Starting today, clench the sword in your hands
Each of you
Only the strong can walk out of here
to serve our maters
Hear me: this is your trophy tonight
Before the fire dies only one will be standing
Get Up, get up All of you
Follow me
Take off your clothes
Take off everything
- Hurry up - Faster
- Go in the water - Go on, go on
A little faster
Wash your body clean yourselves
Mu Shun said
In his heart, there is a beautiful retreat from the world
Where there is no war no hate, no killing
Only me and him
with field to plow
clothes to wear
He also said
As long as we have hope Nothing can kill us
Later, I finally learn
All of our efforts are aimed to kill a man
the most powerful man in the world
Only then can we be free
Winter Year 24
I was sent to Dongjak Taiwan
This year, Cao Cao teamed with Soochow to pursue Guan Yu
whether dead or alive
Hanxiandi personally led his court, to Cao Cao's palace Dongjak Taiwan
When the army returned, the snow was falling hard
Stop shouting in future the world will be mine
I'll crown you as the legitimate Queen
Impudence, the whole country is already my kingdom
How can you crown me?
They are bringing Cao Cao's corpse to the capital
You must follow him
What a shame
I stand here in the snow, looking at unfamiliar faces
Longing for my destiny to come
surrounded by all eunuchs
Once again, I finally saw Mu Shun
How could this happen
How could you leave like that.
We solemnly salute you
Long life to the King
My lord
You scared me
Some of you are disappointed, aren't you?!
Fancheng great victory
Guan Yu was killed by Lu Meng
Sun Quan had brought
Guan Yu head's to me
to get me at odds with Liu Bei
So I ordered a princely ceremony for Guan Yu's funeral.
To show everyone The Han Dynasty's respect
Now that he's gone
Guan Yu re-Yong, deserves all of respect
Long live Long live Long live
My lord, my lord, my lord
My lord, my lord
My lord, you see, look what I found for you.
Is this the most powerful man in this world?
My heart seems to be break out of fear
Mu Shun, where are you now?
How did you get in?
Komeito sent me to this medical treatment to Liu Hao
are thousand of stars really falling? Are hostilities really over?
I realy don't know Can we escape this misery?
I have heard that the Emperor is good with you
How can you? Everything is acting
I have to go back
Be careful
My lord, my lord ah
My lord, my lord
My lord, Xiaguan heard you're coming so my haste to welcome you
I was also wondering what to do if you're not here anymore
I found a new medication Very hard to find
My lord, you never
One pound?
Only 3 measures
Nonsense No use anymore
My Lord, My lord
a four-star aggregation is a good omen
It's a sign of change of power
Request to see oyur majesty
After the Big Chill a snow storm will come
You astrologers, can you predict when we will have good year?
I'm afraid that will be difficult to predict to favorable weather
This is bad omen
Astrology states
Dreams of a bronze Bird announces
shift of power
This is a good opportunity sent by the gods
We humbly counsel you to folow the gods' will
andbecome Emperor
Is is your opinion or some one' else?
Not ours. but gods'.
you should not contredict the gods
Please accede to the throne
Follow god's heed is to live
Contradict gods' will is the way to death
Follow god's heed is to live No follow it is the way of death
- Your Majesty - Father
In truth, this is bad omen
Yet you speak of the contrary
Talking nonsense
Seal this place starting today, no person shall get in or out
The Dongjak Desk]
[Xu Duhuang City]
Your father is still alive therefore
I am afraid that this land is not yours yet
General, you see more clearly than I do
If you accede to the throne
I will follow you
If you rule the world
I will become your Queen
Ling Ju request to see your Majesty
This is the Sword Chamber
Those who held those swords are related to me
Close friends, or Brothers in arms who died
Those are renowned weapons
This halberd is Lu Bu's
The middle of the broadsword Guan Yu
In my spare time I will take a look at them
I then thought that I am a divinity
Now I know i'm not.
Yunchang, you are the one who is a divinity
Come and talk to them
The owners of these weapons they all deserve all our respect
I am the only one who undertand them
I do not understand All these campaigns... For what?
In this land, everyone must labor or join the army
day in day out, year in year out they persevere to survive, everyone
then one day the world will be ours
My world is to be with those I love
Our best friend in life
is dust
Just like them
We will all become dust
Then what do having the whole world mean?
This is our motherly heritage,,
Wht ia the purpose of conquering the world?
Having the world
Having the world means no family apart
People in harmony
No family apart People in harmony
This world, is it not already in your mind?
Then why conspire and risking your life to achieve it?
Please emperor issued an edict
Your Majesty This is good omen
The success or failure in this phrase
Four-star one together: one phrase can change a dynasty?
Your Majesty..
Year 4: rebellion everywhere during 7 years
Wendi died, Yelang on the verge of losing his country
Yellow Turban forces of chaos, chosen by the four-star a poly
If it is not an omen for a new dynasty
Then what is it?
Killing him and the kingdom can be saved?
He is not Dong
I will send my orders
You forced I are
The Dongjak Desk]
Protect the King
Stand behing me..
My lord, my lord
My lord, are you hurt?
The tomorrow back to the Palace
Sword back into the go
At that moment I realized how naive I was
A mighty army could not kill him...
How can a weak woman achieve this task?
But sometimes once you things are started there is no turning back
Hail to the King
Hail to the King
Your Majesty your fearsome sword
- off Your Majesty, your sword
Drive to the emperor
Ai Qing,at ease
Thank you your Majesty
Report if any news. Or else dismiss
I have something
My men went hunting to make an offrand to you, along with some wine
May I?
Good then commence a banquet
I have something else
May the Queen join us?
I'm not feeling well today.
Ju imperial doctor
Let me check your pulse.
My lord I always wanted to get a chance to drink with you.
Today please join me at the banquet what do you think?
I'm ready
Did you check her pulse? Then don't
Let the banquet begin. - Drink!
You are lucky I have a present for you
Seven Star sword
Aiqing for your service to the country and the Han Dynasty Jiangshan
you deserve this sword used to assassinate usurper Dong Zhuo
You achieved many victories with glory and admiration from all
I give you this
as a token of my pride and respect
my pride
and respect
Thank you your Majesty I humbly accept
Thinking of the past I feel ashamed
of my youth tribulations
Does your Majesty regret his past actions?
The former vassals thought once the Emperor passes away
there will be unrest, misery and rebellion
Can a person can do that?
Let the banquet begin
Put it down
This plate is reserved to those who deserve it
Here are the names of those who can enjoy it.
Sanjichangshi Yang Lie
doctor Xu
Prince Edward Zhanshi Dong ring
Ride Captain General Chen Meng
Yu Shi Zhongcheng, Du dry
The sixth Secretary doctor Yao Kee
Go ahead
Ai Qing, this meal looks tasty
Good wine good meal hard to find
Eat! Eat!
How come no one eat?
Waiting for the Emperor
My dear subjects
Eat the bear's paw
Eat the bear's paw
- You don't listen to the Emperor? - Emperor
Let me enjoy.
Are you satisfied?
I haven't speak yet the skin is not peeling
And yet you start eating?
It has nothing to do with them
I can't hear you I do not understand
Cao Mengde. behind last night assassination attempt
It was me
Your Majesty
You do write with your left hand, right?
Speak You told you to?
How come you want to kill the king?
I, Cao Cao have been faithful to 4 dynasties Everone knows it from North to South
Today, why acting like this against me?
Yet you send intruders to pay for my good deeds?
Is the motive?
Today, I want them all to see
- In the end who is it? - Cao Mengde, it's me
- I told the emperor to do so - Me
Me too
You're too impatient
You all are to impatient
I am not afraid of enemy.
I am only afraid of stupid enemy
To be my enemies you must be smarter than me
Arrest them all
This has nothing to do with my father
If you want to kill me, then kill me!
Anyway, you killed The Da Queeno
Four more is nothing
I have only one request
Can My Lord Cao Pi
acompany me on my way.
- Cao bastard
Even if we have to die we won't spare you.
Father Remember
Kill the traitors Restore worthhy duty is something to be done
No shame about it
Father! Father! Father!
Kill the traitors Restore worthhy duty
No shame about it
Kill me.
What do you want?
Your Majesty , the queen wishes to have a word with you.
There are still people listening to what I say?
Please speak
I will obey
As you wishes
- Usurper! - Deserved!
Is this the end of the Han dynasty?
Is this god's willing?
Do the gods want the Han dynasty gone?
My lord
A barbaric spectacle like this Yet some people cheer for it
He confessed to the intent to assassinate the king
then people, of course, hate him
Today the world in turmoil people die or are suffering
I do not know anything else. Im' just happy know something to eat, a house to live in.
In Ye City, these are the king and to th's deeds.
I always thought that killing Cao Cao is what people want
In the name of justice
I is also the only way out for Mu Shun and me.
Did you see the fate of those assassins?
- They are not our people - So many people want to kill him
He wronged too many people for the sake of the Han Dynasty
If Cao Cao knew, then we...
If we failed, what will happen?
We will run, I do not believe we cannot find a placel to hide with a world this big.
Even if the world is bigger, it's still their territory.
- You won't know if you don't try - If we leave, what can we do?
I have to go back
My lord, take your medecine It's almost cold
Your Majesty
Cat Bon
My Lord
You are stronger as ever
According to me, your mind is not heret?
You have nothing to do today? It's not that
Because of My Lord
The king now has a beauty on his side and is in excellent mood
So he doesn't need me as much
His father is in good condition
But I'm worried, like walking on thin ice
If I'm not wrong
You still think about the Phu's family demise?
I have always felt this thing is not over yet
As the King's father has not spoken about it
I am still uneasy
The king nowadays is Increasingly difficult to predict.
Phi, step up a bit I want to see your face
I have to ask you something
You'll need to say "Right" or "Wrong".
- Father, I was about to see you - That night, when the intruder struck
You hear the wind
He was waiting for the right time to come, right?
- Father - or Wrong?
- I - Right or Wrong?
You took advantage of your relationship with Phuc
to learn about their conspiracy
You decide to take advantage of this conspiracy
to put the blame to the emperor, Right?
Pi Come here
The prophecy is accurate Why do you protect him?
- Come - Her father, a four-star aggregation!
- The world has changed, if we don't act they will kill us - Come
Do call me that
Call me dad
Come to think about it, we never hugged each other.
Let me get a good look at you
HeI will ask you one last question
Should harm come to me
Would you want to seize the throne?
-I - Eh
I was able to live until that day
because I never trust anyone
-Step back - I understand
If our situation is to be known
They will try to kill us right away
They all want to kill us
Are we that easy to kill?
Without our trust
no one can be near us.
With a wise ruler like you
Who might want to kill you?
Know what is the best time to kill me?
When my headache
makes me unconscious
Or when my heartache
hurts me so much
If that happens
I will be able to leave all my worries behind
I looked at the now old faces of those one time heroes
And those injuries
or those marks on that face
A man who never trusted anybody
What kind of woman will be able
to gain his heart?
At that moment
I missed Mu Shun so much
But not now
Why kill him?
Have you not been looking forward to it?
You're crying?
What are we actually doing?
Accomplishing our mission
And then we can go back to a normal life, right?
Go to that place in your heart
In this world
Is there a place like that?
You said
As long as there is hope
I can not give you what you need
You want to
Be able to live a truly normal life
You ca, only with him
Are you crazy
To kill Cao Cao, it's not easy
Not to mention the Cao family becoming more powerful
Mighty forces, heavily in her hands.
I fear that we alone
won't be able to do anything against him
Everybody knows We cannot act alone
We do it all together
Before the four-star polymerization
The 15th day of the 12th month the full moon night
We will kill Cao Cao together
Every one, look We start here
we will have insiders working with us
I acknowledge my my mistake.
My head ache is worsening. I have that important thing to do
Get the news out
The nation is in danger
This time there will be big repercussions
So they can be prepared
Go to Ye City vicinities We work from inside and outside
Go there and raise troops
Bring the Emperor to the East Dongjak
using the pretense of a hunting party
However, not one word to anyone
I promise
I put my trust in you
[XU Du]
Long live to Queen Long live, long live, long live
- Please, at ease - Xie emperor
Reports, speak No Report, dismiss
I, Cao Cao, has a report
Please speak
Guanzhong Liu Bei intents to ally himself
with Sun Quan rebels
Allow me to bring troops to Chibi
Cao renegate
You order the troops to move, the troops move
So in the end you are the Emperor
- Or I am the Emperor!? - Emperor
I haven't finished yet
I do not allow this
Cao Pi request an audience
Not granted
An unknown nobody
I never heard his name
- Peipei Pei - Chen, Cao Pi, request to see the emperor
Why does General Cao come to the city?
Your Majesty
You are requested to leave Ye City eastward for a winter hunting party
What if I don't?
I request your Majesty to travel together to Ye City
Cao Cao is using the pretense of winter hunting to hold the Emperor hostage at Ye City
Assemble an escort party
Seeing you so lively
I relieved
A few nights
To eradicate my headache
That should be good enough
You can forego this winter hunting party
Nowadays, the world is in turmoils we must be cautious
We must act swiftly to show the world our strenght
You are absolutely right
Your Majesty
Your majesty hit it.
Long live, long live, long live
THe bow and arrows are yours Please take them back
The Deer is yours, your Majesty
You like deer? I bring you some
Is that whatever My Lord likes
will end up dead?
I'll take you to a place
My lord Please stay
This is my resting place
Here, I will stay
At the end of this unrest
We will stay together
Never apart anymore
- Master - Slow down
King Bo, I was looking for you couldn't find you
- Wang Wang - Thought you were dead
How could I die so soon
I am waiting to bury you. How about you
Is that right,truthfully?
MangDe, you want to come to this place?
No wonder my lord is so upbeat with such a beauty nearby
Really a beauty to die for
Reminds me of
another one
Diao Chan
Before my death
I hope to see Diao Chan one more time
Then there will be no regret! So that's what it was...
Jian'an three severe winter
A beauty
dying in the name of love
When Cao Cao was fighting with Lu Bu
Lu Bu was strong but without resources
was surrounded by Cao's troop
and ultimately captured
- So was Diao Chan
I didn't the heart to let her go
The next day, I gave to order to execute Lu Bu
A fallen hero is a sad sight
everyone was moved
Diao Chan ran in
Never expected
that she was fearless
of all the armed men around her
picked up her husband's head and left
Couple torn apart...
There was nothing I could do
What ever happened
It was my doing
Keep up, keep up
Mistress got a cold
- Imperial doctor what are you worrying about? - No good
what worries my lord worries me more
- Ah? - Oh, understood
To keep up with
Cat Bon
It appears that I took up your business - Why are you saying so?
My lord your pulse taking art is as good as mine
I care for her 30 percent
you care for her 70 percent My lord is doing amazing things
But one thing really touched me
That you cleaned her face
That admirable
- Cat Bon - Ah?
Let me lok at your tongue
Shut up
Did anyone tell you that you look like some one?
Cat Bon
You're a doctor or a fortune teller?
My Lord
Really she looks like
Imperial doctor, you mean says
Diao Chan, Lu Bu's wife?
- My lord, even the way they speak - Enough
His Majesty spent night and day to have this farm built for you
Tthis is the first time he did something for me
My Lord treats you really nice
If you cannot get my heart
You will never be able to come close to me
The days of four-star convergence necessary to
Everyone's fate
Will be announced at that moment
But I suddenly felt
that living
Might be a suffering
may be a better escape route
Cao Cao likes you very much, but you cannot like him
You are a lord
I am just an imperial doctor
Emperors also do get sick and need treatment
Only victory can bring peace to the world
In the world you are talking about
there is no place for me and the people I love
That world
What does it have to do with me?
Stand up. Tonight
A secret
has to be told
For today
We endured a decade
Already 10 years
Cao Mengde
is the one who killed your parents
You already know, don't you?
Do not know anything, will live a better life
But to live like this
What is the sense of it?
Just to live, that's the sense of it
Maybe he can tell me
Live for what?
Then from now on
We have chosen to live for ourselves
Mu Shun
That night
I always regret it
I do not know
If this will not be the last time I see you
Cao Cao Try to get the Regency
His Majesty issued a secret decree
The battle with Cao Cao will begin tonight
Jian twenty-five years
Fifteenth day
The copper bird Desk feast
I remember the first time I saw Cao Cao
Dressed is red
Now to think about it
Every step that I made
was not decided by me.
For who are you praying for?
My father and mother
How did they die?
Are you off to war?
Who is the enemy?
One that I don't want to fight, Guan Yu
I heard
Guan Yu's fighting skills, are the world's best
Then, likely, harm might come to you
If there is fate
We will meet again
My Lord
Because of our goals There is no other way
If this is fate arranged by the gods
I only wish to know sooner
Quick look quick look Lovely
Thousands of stars falling to the ground.
Step back
Go ahead... Strike.
If you want to be able to live a truly peaceful life
Then stay with him
You are the man she loves?
Get out
Who is there?
Open the gates we are here to fight the fire
Close the gate..
Cao Cao
We're here to kill you
Cao Cao Kill him
Do not let him run
Kill, kill
Cat Bon, you dare to rebel?
I am just the hand of gods
Why would you?
Do not look back
So go straight ahead
Since it is so
I will spare you
I can pose as you
and throw them off your trail
You do not have die for me
If you let Ling Ju go
I would like risk my life for you
You do not believe me?
Because you are Cao Cao
Mu Shun brought me out
to show me the world
That was my only wish
to go on an unknown route
with no turning back
Since then
We will never meet again
Ling Ju
You, you should not kill him
You would not understand I will be with you forever
He has promised me
He will never
let anyone hurt you
Leave me
You must live
You must live Cao Cao gave his word.
To live
but without you
what is the point?
Mu Shun died
Taking all his dreams
with him
My only hope for a future
And imagination
With a world this large
I finally know where that place in his heart is.
It's where there is no war no hatred
No killings No blood shed
Where there are only Mu Shun and me
There we have fields to plow nice clothes to wear
Children too
Mu Shun said
As long as we have hope in our hearts
Nothing can kill us
Cao Cao is dead, Cao Pi, surrender
Cao Cao is dead
Cao Cao is dead
Lies. Father can't be dead do not listen to him
Killed them all
Cao Cao is dead, Cao Cao is dead,
See it
He is only human
He is not God
He also bleeds
Kill him
Kill him
Kill him
He is alive
He is alive
The king mercy, king for mercy
Lay down your weapons
My lord
We are
- Enough - Father
I killed people all my life
I'm tired of killing
Step back
Step back
- Father Leave
You scare me to death
Did you come from the underground
- Just like - Just like a ghost, right?
There you said it
Do you know why I restore Dongjak?
For your kingdom you used every stratagems
If you don't conquer the world How can you be a hero?
- I spit on it
Why didn't you restore the Palace?
Don't you know
it's also a fortress
So you built the Palace for a day like today?
Don't you know I planned it 10 years ago?
You knew this day will come
You also so kill so many people
For this day.
An Emperor killing people
Is nothing new
I killed parents Not to extinct their dynaties
I did not expect you to force me all the way
- You'd overrun the Palace
Hard to tell if you'retelling the truth or not.
The truth is I have the army
And the populace behind me.
The palace secret layout Is also true
It is for the survival of the kingdom
All because of the Han Dynasty.
Why didn't you give me the right to choose?
The country needs a person like me
I really do not know how
many people want my position
You want to control everything
And want to control me
To be able to serve you
was my honor
In order to become the world's ruler
You either kill me
Or force me to relinquish the throne
I served you for many years
You only thought of pleasuring yourself since you were just ten years old
If you were a wise ruler bringing peace to the people
I would let you live
As Zhang Liang would do
But now
I am very disappointed
Remember you are a soverein
who must command obedience
Please remember
Although I shot the deer
It is belongs to you
The kingdom is still yours
I am endebted to the people
I am ashamed
Can no longer protect you
Your Majesty, Sing a song
Rest assured
I will keep my promise
This is Mu Shun's sword
In fact
I did know about this for some time
You had a lot of opportunities to kill me
Since you knew all about me
Why keep me at your side?
The heart is hard to understand
It is difficult to read one's mind.
You're still young your heart is pure
Come with me
Let's go
[AD 220, Cao Cao died in in Luoyang, and buried in Gaoling]
[Eight years later, Cao Pi forced Emperor Xian to abdict
[The Han dynasty is over Cao Pi proclaimed Cao Cao Emperor]
Come in
Let's begin