[AdrenalineːBurn Out] 아드레날린:BURN OUT [Prologue] - INSITE TV

Uploaded by insiteTV1 on 22.12.2012

I hope he takes care. He's not so young.
I can't imagine how I'd change.
I guess I'll become a stronger person after this.
<font color="#FFDC3C">Sea Special Attack Team</font>
I've passed through the immigration and customs.
It takes 3 hours to the lodge!
I'm a military mania and is interested in guns.
It was my dream to be in this desert with fresh air.
It's once in a life time. So I'll learn thoroughly.
My back hurts.
I'm talking less and less.
A day is too short for me.
I aimed perfectly within this zone and I feel I've improved.
I consider it a tool.
People say it's a tool that kills people
but many other tools do, too.
We should grow consciousness of safety for using the firearms precisely
and learn and train constantly toward a single goal.
It's a human-made tool that can operate under my control.
It's a matter of shooter and a matter of people.
Should I head for Pakistan?
Regardless of nationality and race, people gather around common interests.
I learned to live a simple and explicit life.