Managing the Beatles: Brian Epstein Interview

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the script family because of tenneco overshadow
always other artists do you have
uh... working for you all for whom you work with what sort of size of empire
uh... we have
act reports because
five of those groups into a form of sorts
accelerant village a kramer
and the country's which seconds to his backing group
chair in the pace makers toma quickly before most summer black
and sounds inc
what about the administered it's tough to support louis when adventists like
because um... we've just moved into number
and whatever and you start
but um... it's approximately twenty four hours
what sort of signs of empire was it in terms of money on its own staggering
figures of the because of the unfolded courting company basket
what sort of tuna with us this in part because
according to him and stir i really don't know
because instead of the company has only the companies which couldn't
marriage is out
to a second directed has only been an operation for
jhoom since june nineteen sixty two
papers have been
kissing you as being the strip twenty five percent to flee
said it was as big as
we'll implying that this means of a lodging continuous it in fact a lot in
the entertainment business behind it isn't doesn't and uh... i ones profits
from that kind of five percent in this business and not really fantastic
my own personal expenses in connection
with the management of artists acquire contested really
what sort of expense on that
well when i fly
to america
are charged on medicare in order to album
fish around to see
to arrange bookings and so on and so forth
uh... i pay my own pros aikman if if i contract
uh... the beatles to say the ed sullivan show he'll pay first for the poor is
impossible democrat independent consider the titan
uh... that he should pay my fair
because i'm district to travel with them whenever they get so whenever i go i
have to pay my own expenses metal comes at about twenty five percent
plus of course are
for about twenty five percent
um... arranged for them to have all their photographs we arrange that
transport surrendered
you can imagine the telephone calls of american behalf of say the beatles which
sort of worldwide re-elect him immense tinted windows tremendous s
but senior financial control tower
three young men like you to be in how to do
get into it had to stop
i started um... while starr was
in terms of the records division of
family conservative bridge our walls and and the spirit moves to the director
we what costs or i was asked
by var
for correct caused by a group
the beatles
and it always have been our policy and records to look after
whatever request was made
and i followed up this inquired i don't know anything about it
uh... and it was only after a week or two
which he told me that they were
infected liverpool group i i p assume for some reason that they were from
examine very livable group and that they're just in fact returned
from germany and they were playing
in the club called captain
about a hundred yards where tomorrow arranged to go down there and i saw the
mid-day sessions pitted
and at the time it was a pretty
you pretty much of an eye opener
to go down into this darkened
dense smoky seller in the middle of the day
undersea crowds in cramped kids forgeries for
uh... your own storage there were
sort of thing well the scuffle address has been in the most possible wet why
should send in the most attractive
uh... black leather jackets and jeans
uh... long and of course
uh... rob untidy stage presentation not terribly aware
not caring very much what their school they looked like i think they can add
more humid what they sounded like i think they still camera or they sound
on the issue that you know the important to know
of what they look like the cause of
you know television and so on
the changes in the appearance of any country you will put you encourage them
to go to dress in
such alonso i would say that it was due to the five of us rather than from me
um... highly encourage them first
to get out of leather jackets and jeans and the hyatt
wouldn't allow them to appear in jeans
uh... after a short time and then after that step uh... are caught them to what
i think sweaters on stage
m uh... very reluctantly eventually suits i think it was for that but one of
their first sort of
major appearances i'm not sure britain when i first suits for bbc broadcaster
marv organs his suits who could be cool
call hello i'm frankly until and type of jackie conference opened jemison years
did the boys chooses deficit will you they did actually i i'm very much with
approved for listener design of the time
it quickly became sort of other overworked hundred along with sort of
interesting for them to wear
but uh... they first discovered as i think the idea originated from france
pierre cardin
on that day you first went to the kaplan
and sol
the beatles
he taught women
yes i did
you've spotted that counted cements limited use on the mountain bellman
gardener come in with an interest in actual fact
hyatt commenced
to go around with them
almost we could sell art
uh... and then
they reworked her out
for recruitment
which they didn't get to this time and i didn't actually stopped take anything
out of that money which was very little in any case
uh... until although for months afterwards
uh... actually the first meeting
that we have the first business meeting we had realtor
maestro echohawk trumpeter stars parkway using rather
uh... three of the boys arrived at that point time four o'clock i was very busy
ordering records christmas
uh... poll
didn't so school replaced reports respect what was meeting they want
to do something about management consultant
and on some of what's going on the phone term he came back they said we're just
caught up in the past
starts for fifth
chatted about a bit less for there describes windy
and uh... how can he be say late important thank you
and uh...
george just simply reply regards very difficult problem well maybe late which
is very clear
you take
these bought his who've long gone right to the top of only available trees off
for them
line what what what was it about them
i liked them enormously
i needed to like the sound that i heard i heard that sound before i met them i
think that uh... that's important because
i think that it should always be remembered in fact
people here that sounded like this and
before that meet them they are important
but i was
i mean it lacked what i heard him i thought that
which was somehow with smoke a lot of people would like
through a fraction of what honest
the had what i did
assault with a sort of
this is terrible vague term stock quarter
whenever that is that it's art part
sends the packet
this almost is this going to go the label fishes are going to come up to buy
on the exposure that there's some pictures
certainly not i think that's absolutely
they will go in the reverse direction they will become morals
i mean less frank an alternate tolbert
i think the best sell aware of this
uh... presents of a project
i was interested in one thing you saying then when you first saw the because they
appear to have
little idea off stage presentation uh... which implies some sort of knowledge or
feeling collect yourself review petty innocent training yes ourselves that
roger for eighteen months
approximately organ cracker should send to the family business
next tiptoe education organized
papa let's talk about a promise with all this fits into context what social
family is your family
uh... middle-class background
perhaps a little better short
you know retail stores
uh... oldest averaged
was started by my grandfather
uh... principally in furniture when i left school
appeared to sixty arent
had ambitions to be address designer
uh... and also to be an actor but my family were very keen on this and
allowed myself to be swayed
uh... into going into the business i think i was more anxious to leave school
than anything else addington georgia which wasn't greeting card choc chip
went into the family business and diet
didn't apprenticeships for furniture coming outside about us
about six months
and then
uh... found myself back in the family business and interest of myself in the
armed advertising side
infects uh... we opened uh...
uh... store specifically for me to work it and uh... and develop interior
decoration charge rather interested in
but by the time of up to twenty one are still feeling that sort of
bug about acting on the stage solemn
and i removed one baram actor who are not tremendously
said um... i was chatting to a nice sort of admiring his idea doesn't sound so
forth and he said
i said do you know it's i'd feel so much like an old manager wandering around
trying to interview quicker shraddha
presses i thought so i called i've decided then
to take more vision which i promised from um...
the director of our time allowed me to get to know the cricket
but i think by that time was too much of a businessman
enjoy being a student
and i didn't like being a student at all
when this opportunity was presented
again to rejoin the kind of business
in records i was rather attractive but because it still happens because of this
you have spectrum stage left
and i thought that it would be the best thing
and i enjoyed this very much indeed i found i liked working
and nichols as much jessica was a simple
well sure what sort of music and his head to head really what school you had
risen musical yes i was told by the violin
and i was very interesting transformers price quote for a lot of concerts
communal pool
and uh...
i didn't really have a lot of time for pops until i was it
very much in the record business coming i mean the retails ears
and i used to go and see a lot of
options in packages and some
the musical interests you kindly debate make you feel that
uh... the soulful music you are handling now
is worthwhile knows i'm saying to think that modern pop is is good music
i don't know about it in court music
but it's an art form anyway
a not for me purchase homes and yes boris
do you know i'm not about music to have it and any say in the actual
uh... compositional recording all arrangement among those who don't know
about music but i know about
i think i know about pixels at numbers experiments
is anyone in the recording studios with whom you might possibly clash of the the
sort of issue
george martin is their beatles many of my own artists for co-director
uh... but we get home
extreme well fortunately
and we worked very closely
on what
is recorded
titles of the side of the problem
uh... the rest is really left and my sitting on a lot of
sessions and so on
uh... and i'll say what i think about various records and what size should be
a suit
he makes the recordings
i am not a technical person at all
you get home anywhere with him
didn't do a lot of people
on the home
of restoring that someone with people
unless one doesn't like them
if you're going to be a way to get on well with people
in this particular business the role of the impresario
are you still seem to need to be
a strange fish in a very weird sort of see
can get away with the impresario is going to conclude
on the whole i think so um... you know maybe
quite a lot of andrea
uh... i'm i'm aware of that which for that reason that i think that it's up to
to try it personally to make up
but i attended because it isn't a nice things for other people to feel
if i was envious of some of it
uh... who was doing
something that i A
of modern wished if i could do
i'd be very envious and almost annotated
he was
cockpit nasty to me
but if he was a nice trip
was always presents because his i'm good to talk to him so on
to me
i've just endgame with
admiration impression
his relationship with the artists
unusual want to say and and i think so i think it's a kind of personal one for
uh... considering the car acting role
uh... manager and agent waterfront park
singles on her behalf a manager and an agent
to compile write up a separate center tasks
well the pleasures of management and what could be a good
lots development of a marxist
to a certain extent i suppose it must be something in the actual determines
smartest which is very gratifying away
and and that tremendous laurel tree
and also i like
marxists is people very much i think dole great people are going to mean that
it was recently written about me that
probably enjoyed that's the company of my office and it's quite remarkable that
uh... was written in a complex where i don't have
uh... much of a social life
i'm not most of my time spent with margins
glucophage enfield pushes into specific moment in management when you really get
a kick if you had uh...
uh... real kick out of any aspect of management with when he was going to
pick a record comes and have criminal records it's number one
best that it is great feeling
it's it's a simple thing really
but it's a great feeling
you you've been rocked not just for dr you've been right the record image has
been rocked the song was right
now to switch off
and it was pushed over in the right way and one feels that all ones like the
sort of something worthwhile
it's just like whispers winning the race has just gotten is not just the
recording artist list on getting somewhat
but so much happens because
record as hit number one
classes to suddenly important arnelle wanted everywhere because the record
should look so there is going to be number one in other parts of the world
it'll the said that record
in the trucks means a great deal to not just
in this didn't hedge
most under an immense amount of pre planning unanimity in trip when you
start thinking about it for example
well obviously once thought about america
uh... in connection with the beatles for long time because i always
arnolds park shore really because we make it bigger
i was
we're all one of the turned about it because knock that we seem to be a
certain records nothing much was happening
and i went awry
have a look around and see why didn't run since the american market i also
talked with me and i'm lou wonderful
myron orchestrated requirement
uh... to do some promotional work which i thought would be a accord idea
and both worked quite well actually
insofar as sort of looking around and seeing them
what was the matter
i think that it was uh... it was very simple mum on sir
um... to the boys were cameras are didn't think that we get produced a
record which was right for the american market but i don't think i think
this into an awful lot of american
pop music and what was currently popular then but i want to hold your hand which
was just about to be answered walls the right one plus the fact this an awful
lot of information
had filtered through from the british press
from the royal command the palladium the scenes in london on
as call in general
uh... there was great interests abet stage it was just the right moment the
purple i wanna hold her hand
timing seems to come into the summer earned
was determined can tripped
assad such a success because it was perfectly terminal park
are things that helped
are didn't
impart couldn't possibly say it was lifetime of that because i knew it would
be exactly right but it it
it was right as it happens
that ed sullivan berserk over at that particular moment please do it sort of
could not have been more right the records would just at the top had been
at the top of that week most of the top
and fit in very well indeed
will eventually stopped snowing again timing may have come into this
to making the film
but the conscious deliberate decision will help other people persuaded isn't
well we've had film off is obviously since the boys
first started to have big say a prayer
a lot of them we didn't like
i would did start to get tub because obviously feldman's when important
laughing because and that include the thing which really started off this film
i think
the idea howland island
because the people who make a member of the since i was i
i thought this is an expert much much protein missed them
bingo involved in producing this wonderful slightly s
uh... and and and and what kind of project pasteur dot technip
upon myself
to produce during the pittsburgh expelled
timid about going into new areas highly technical areas like this was a great
deal of knowledge or experience
but merely because one study is quite a lot
from come outside his point of view not relent
starts to manage the beatles and builders revenues principle
how long
looking further ahead in the future is going to be before muscle of noise be
beatles make
is out of fashion
it does seem to me that gender business-like sort of change even now
uh... in general trend
but i don't they seek to believe interns and pull user content
and what sort of black got to do with
standard of moses sound or the pizza or anything like that
what are these slight signs of the change that to detect and cotton
our fingers but that the heavy
uh... beat
he's lessening the popularity of it and i think that mister
of those uh... i'm more social
sort of sound coming which is a
problem nice i think
which are good uh... could harmonic to muscled examples
or discontinue border that are having to do arts fair such
fragrance from from what i think it's
that coming sound for the next
humans who have been a core group picture
when those it sounds this phrase i gather you don't like
uh... was of course corn presumably newspaperman because of the
crockpot of groups coming from the cool it down and i found a protector here
uh... it
the liverpool adio seem to get the movement some sort of strength but you
yourself of no just moved on to london's in his innocence
i've moved with great reluctance victory
because i like the reporter likes people obviously
uh... pulled into the city her quite a lot
patel walls but it was becoming almost impossible to organize
my own life
uh... didn't do the best tatar code for the rafters
moving between portland and so much has to be done
the artists
uh... performance offering them to make that records in london and tom so forth
i suppose that one was forced into it or not
terribly unhappy about it uh... it's it's said in a way it's but
it doesn't really mean that we think any less of the before we want to be less
than the roof of my home is a beautiful and uh... i intend to return the as much
as i can
but it may even if it
list talent spotting
ability of the ocean let me get a feel
taken right out of his little clinton less so many groups all just beginning
yes this is something that looks like it worries me because
uh... i used to be around for rooms and clouds
pretty much more than i am now because simply
involved in every business conferences or time
i hope harsh which are
very consciously
to avoid being away from a cold because that's the part of the business
which i enjoy i'd much rather goto ballroom of what
groups and
during an evening them
uh... says having a heavy demand distressing for which probably won't
come off anyway
this mismanaging bit managing office would his amendment should do for the
let's assume the beatles fulbright boys want bonus code
yes why couldn't they cope with the sort of things themselves
well they wouldn't
they bothered to do so anyway as they are
but do you mean as it has now does not do you mean is that what's gonna happen
as well let's take those two separate things
from two-and-a-half years ago quebec and got themselves
tube where there are no without no i don't think i was appalled at work
they were playing around the camps liverpool and having
great fun
but i don't think
that they would have problems to do anything about it and they may not have
done it in the right way
people from a business point of view are not really very good
presenting themselves properly in the right
quarters so
also one advised them
uh... a lot of things you look after their business affairs but
the degree
management will work for you could do on our kids
to a certain extent depends upon i would say on the personal relationship between
how do quite a with a great deal
for all of them
that this is because there's a strong sort of personal link
but now then let's consider the beatles as they are not the position though no
do they really need a man until fall future development
i would say they made a manager
moral now
than ever
because the seo much
work involved
in wash we called the management one could say the organization
of the people's but they couldn't possibly curriculums
do they need you was a manager
while they got to stage now what anybody could manage them when you the technical
i don't think that anybody could merge them because i don't think vehicles with
would be managed
or anyone else
hazardous personally of russia for saying that actually but uh... i
i think the texture
do get much of the spectrum from the sense of power
uh... running this organisation make it
no i don't feel it circular because are
well rush critical business needs
sort of
controlling human beings is a powerful thing but i don't think of it as such
are trying hard to under an indian tribe dr
r_u_ in your own opinion a particularly good businessmen
as a businessman
uh... i've got a business background
and uh...
probably a reasonable business period
removed from you
sort of genius
well-heeled defects and while chill uh...
better than you know that i think you know
i'm probly
sort of too conscious of idea this trough of them
finance behind ideas
do you think the rhonda episode on the settled a little form
pilla business
now i think it hasn't been a good thing for the no i didn't actually like
being a student
uh... was it
it was a very good thing won't mean to correct it was quite interesting is much
better off we thought that
unrealized about
acting rhonda
about six months afternoon after
we're going to go to selected
not at the time
i'd like to think that i met them
as it left you with a uh... distaste for all of the real tasteful filter
current extra fat
the experiments are would uh... would
liked so much to produce
harassment acting
sharon okay
stricter will sort of place
and possibly some by check off
our modern straight drama
also dramatist
everyone knows about you've come in
to this business from most unusual surroundings and circumstances a
stripped down
an enormous number of things that happened
to you and the people you working with
in the last two and a half years
computers each
a different sort of live from the one you need to know
no certainly not
i'd like
but i'm doing
in the thai in in the car look forward
with pleasure
to films
and presenting shows and possibly
catching to flee midget side but this is certainly a part of the work that i like
another back to the family business