High Frequency Trading Daily Report S&P 500 Emini 7th Jan 2013

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Welcome To The Daily Report For The relevant order flow events
surfaced by sceeto and follow the bots For trading the S&P 500 Emini Futures
Contracts and Syder ETF
Welcome to the daily report , of the relevant order flow events surfaced by sceeto and Follow
the Bots for trading the S&P 500 e-mini futures and the Spyder ETF.
Today is Monday, January 7th and you are looking at a 4 tick range bar chart in the forward
e-mini S&P 500 futures contract.
Today was a very quiet day in the market - where the range of the day session of the S&P was
just 7 points.
Regardless, there were a few really cool order flow items to note.
The first was our Spikes in MacDaddy - which even though it was a quiet day offered 7 entries,
with 1 loser, one scratch and 5 winners.
Also of note today is a really cool feature of sceeto - where are our algorithms surface
comparisions between retail and institutional order flow.
Here in the middle pane you will see retail order flow as surfaced by the white line.
and in the same pane is institutional order flow which is surfaced by the green and red
The beneficial insight you get when comparing retail and institutional order flow is our
belief that retail trade is frequently going to be wrong at the most critical times during
the trading day.
Hence, if you are entering a trade, and you notice that the retail trade is going the
other way, well, frequently, this is a good thing.
As you can see here - retail is moving up and institutional is moving down...and the
market goes down.
And here at the very low of the day - retail moves decidedly below institutional and the
market moves up.
And here again retail ducks decidely below instutional just prior the th largest leg
up of the day.
I hope that you find this as interesting as we do.
Hopefully well see more volatility in the market tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hi. I'm Carl Weiss the chief architect of sceeto
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