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Highlights of the news today Wednesday 16th January
The Ugly Face of UKIP: Britain to be inundated with Romanians and
Bulgarians. Widow Leaves £100,000 to Pet Charity who
then kill her dog! Deportation order for Iranian rapist who filmed
his victim’s ordeal German Chancellor Declares Christians ‘Most
Persecuted’ France Fears Somali Islamists May Display
Dead Frenchmen BOO HOO! Hamza’s Wife Whines He Is Being
Mistreated WORLD
Thought for the Day – We were not wrong in the BNP!
And finally –
UK NEWS Ugly Face of UKIP: Sunday Mirror Exposes Racist
and Homophobic Views of Party Members. The UK Independence Party has surged to a record
high in the opinion polls under its brash leader Nigel Farage.
But a Sunday Mirror investigation today reveals a sickening catalogue of racist and homophobic
views held by some of its biggest supporters. They use the party’s official online “members
forum” to express extremist and offensive opinions on issues ranging from gay marriage
to bogus links between homosexuals and paedophilia. Their outbursts are exposed as the party gears
up against both the Tories and Labour in next year’s European elections, with its flagship
policy that Britain should pull out of the EU. On the forum, senior UKIP member Dr Julia
Gasper branded gay rights a “lunatic’s charter” and claimed some homosexuals prefer
sex with animals. She added: “As for the links between homosexuality and paedophilia,
there is so much evidence that even a full-length book could hardly do justice to the subject.”
The former parliamentary candidate and UKIP branch chairman in Oxford now faces the sack
over her comments. A Nationalist spokesperson commented ‘Soon the British middle class
will wake up to the fact that Farage will use anything against his rivals but his party
members let down the side, because whether we all like it or not, people are human with
all the human faults. UKIP are really much more out of tune with their membership than
it would first appear’.
Britain to be inundated with Romanians and Bulgarians. Communities Secretary Eric Pickles
has spoken of his 'Concern' of the amount of Eastern Europeans coming into Britain due
to a housing shortage for our own British peoples. The ridiculous comment made by Pickles
and his band of multiculturalists comes many years too late and is transparent in the eyes
of the British public. Labour's immigration policy from Eastern Europe has allowed criminals
and rapists into Britain from Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. These criminals have
helped to fill our jails to maximum capacity since 2004. Pickles is using the words of
common sense but too little and far too late.
Widow Leaves £100,000 to Pet Charity — Then it Immediately Puts Down Her Loyal Dog Found
Lying Beside Her Body. When widow Lynda Hill drew up her will, she left £100,000 to her
favourite animal charity and expressed a hope that its staff would find a new home for her
faithful dog, Henry. But just hours after Mrs Hill’s body was
discovered in her home, a vet from the charity recommended that the golden retriever be put
down, and he was destroyed the following day. Wood Green Animal Shelter, based in Godmanchester,
came under fire from neighbours of widow Lynda Hill who say she would have been ‘devastated’
by their actions. A nationalist reporter said ‘The Charity have not received the money
as yet but say that Henry’s well being was compromised and it was the kindest thing to
do. Well I think that a new home for a few last months would not have hurt them at all
– most people are just too lazy nowadays to do their jobs properly. Poor Henry, well
let’s hope they are together now.’
Maths Teacher Whose Wheelie Bin Protrudes Just 12 Inches Outside the Boundary of Her
Home is Dragged to Court by Council for Causing a ‘Hazard’. A teacher has been summoned
to court and faces a £1,000 fine because her wheelie bin juts out just 12 inches beyond
the boundary of her home. Alex Young, 47, is to appear at Stevenage
Magistrates’ Court after her local council said the grey plastic bin could present a
hazard to drivers and disabled people.It said the bin could prevent grass from being cut
— even though there is not a patch of green in sight around the rear of her three-bedroom
home. Ms Young was also told that the bin’s appearance
could ‘negatively impact on the street scene environment
Iranian rapist Hesam Khosravi has received a laughable six years in prison for a rape
attack on a British woman. Immigrant Khosravi aged 24 dragged the victim into a bedroom
after an argument and raped her twice. On both occasions he filmed the ordeal. Investigators
viewing the film footage are said to have heard Khosravi laughing and commentating in
Farsi while his victim cried throughout the ordeal. Officials say he will be deported
after his six year prison sentence has finished. “But don’t hold your breath”, says a
W@8 spokesperson, “He will probably marry while in prison and gain the right to ‘family
life’ in this country of course!”
Six Illegal immigrants kicked out of Britain. Members of the British public have reported
six illegal immigrants working in Britain. The tip off to the authorities led to a raid
at two restaurants, one in Bourne and the other in Stamford. The Border agency checked
out the two restaurants and found the illegal workers. The Bengal clipper restaurant was
the first hit, catching 2 illegal workers from Bangladesh. The next raid on the China
Palace restaurant detained four Chinese illegal immigrants. All 6 are being detained awaiting
the next flight home at the expense of the British tax payer.
One W@8 spokesperson commented.. ''Instead of a £10,000 fine, start deporting those
who employ them including their entire families!''
EUROPEAN NEWS German Chancellor Declares Christians ‘Most
Persecuted’. “Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world.” To anyone
moderately aware of world events, this passing comment by German Chancellor, Angela Merkel,
is an obvious fact. However, it created a stir in her country and beyond by groups with
anti-biblical agendas. Several “human rights” organizations from the German Green Party
to Amnesty International, to the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Special Rapporteur
on Freedom of Religious Belief declared her statement to be either “totally senseless,”
or “misguided.” They said her opinion was based on “occasionally rumoured numbers.”
The highly respected Christian international aid society, Open Doors, jumped into the fray,
countering that 80% of the religiously persecuted individuals worldwide were Christian, totaling
some 100 million people in all. Open Doors’ list of 50 most religiously repressive regimes
fall primarily in two categories: Muslim or “Marxist-legacy.”
Swedes Most Worried About Organized Crime. Sweden’s defence and security elite gathers
for three days of debating, dining and skiing amid reports that a majority of Swedes believe
organized crime is the biggest security threat. As the conference participants gathered in
Sälen, a report from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency showed that a majority of Swedes see
international organized crime as the top security threat to the country. Three out of four respondents
said that they are quite worried or very worried about organized crime. Seventy-three percent
said they are most worried about relations between the Muslim and Christian world, while
two out of three respondents cited depletion of the Earth’s resources as their top concern.
The past year’s events in the Middle East and an influx of refugees are two other issues
that concern Swedes, cited by 65 and 56 percent of respondents respectively.
France Fears Somali Islamists May Display Dead Frenchmen. (AGI) — Paris, Jan 14 — France
fears that Somali jihadists are planning to display the bodies of soldiers and an intelligence
agent. “All indications unfortunately lead us to believe that al-Shabab are preparing
to organise a disgraceful and macabre display,” said Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.
The agent was killed during a failed operation to rescue a French hostage who has been held
since July 2009 by al-Shebab.
WORLD NEWS Oh, BOO HOO! Wife of extradited Muslim terrorist
whines that U.S. Prison officials are being mean to him. The Council on American Islamic
Relations is waiting to swoop in with a lawsuit as we speak.
Wife of accused terrorist ‘Captain Hook,’ better known as Islamic hate preacher Abu
Hamza, has attacked American prison authorities for keeping him locked up 23 hours a day and
refusing to give him a comb. She has complained on a supporter’s website
about his living conditions and that he has been denied any face-to-face meetings since
his incarceration. Even when he meets with his lawyers he cannot see them because they
sit behind a glass screen with a curtain. After eight years Hamza, 54, was removed from
England and sent to the USA in October 2012. The legal and prison bills cost British taxpayers
at least £1million. While he is awaiting trial on 11 terrorism-related
offences in the USA, his wife, Najat is still living on welfare benefits in London with
some of her seven children.
Thought for the Day- we were not wrong in the British National Party .
We in the British National Party have always been accused of being racist in our policies
regarding immigration and the effect of such in our country. I am going to read a letter
written by our European reporter in full on the positive lies of Diversity.
‘Diversity means an acceptance that all things, morally, spiritually, racially, sexually
and socially are of equal value. So basically we are supposed to be bereft of any notion
that our values in these terms are of any consequence and that the imposed multicultural
values are the beacon of hope that will set people free from the various biases they have
developed over the centuries and millennia. Effectively this means we should not judge
any racial or religious grouping for their values even though they judge us for ours.
So what are the parameters of social behaviour that we should embrace according to the liberals
? Militant homosexuality, non-marriage, renting instead of buying, complete acceptance of
all other races no matter what their predilections, sexual promiscuity and promoting a hatred
of any values that could be deemed traditional. It is always interesting to look at the people
who promote these messages as they are usually hypocrites who do not live by the same values
that they espouse and in a lot of cases are very traditional in various ways. They are
a bunch of trendy lunatics who think they are morally superior to those who disagree
with them and who think nothing of branding people as racists, sexists, homophobic and
Islamophobes whenever they disagree. You cannot argue with these bigots as they claim the
moral and political high ground as their own and even if they are wrong in their assessments
of various situations (the Arab spring comes to mind) they can and do say that morally
they were correct.  They are moral, political and racial vacuums that suck in and expel
fashionable quotes, they are stupid, ignorant, bigoted hypocrites. Being called a bigot or
a racist by these creatures is a pleasure I have had many times after they have lost
an argument. I despise them as they are traitorous morons.
Muslims hate dogs as well so perhaps in order to make them happier and to promote social
inclusion we should all give up our rights to dog ownership. I am sure the RSPCA would
have no objections to this as it promotes their image of being politically correct.
While we are at it why not also legalise (or ignore as the authorities have done) child
marriage, paedophilia, child abuse, wife beating, Sharia Law and the prostitution of white girls
by Muslims. After all it would promote social harmony and show just what a gutless bunch
of bastards currently rule on these issues. And before I forget don't hesitate to prosecute,
defame and persecute all those who object to barbaric practices such as the ones I outlined.’
After all, we do want to live in a harmonious and Multicultural society even if it means
giving up our rights, laws and traditions in favour of a bunch of savages.’
Now put these comments with an email sent by a member addressed to W@8
“I used to live in Stepney right next to St. Dunstan's church and was basically forced
out of this area by the Muslim ghettos. My family were constantly threatened by Muslim
youths and reporting these threats to the police was next to useless as they just cast
the usual blind eye. I know Duckett Street well. The Ocean Estate
was infamous, full of 3rd world immigrants and was a run down slum as one would expect
with such inhabitants. I moved to the Isle of Dogs and that was fine
for a while and the BNP even got a council seat in Millwall. In 1993, the BNP won a
council seat in a local by-election, I believe it was Derek Beackon who won the seat.However
Labour won the following year by a landslide, they simply flooded the Isle of Dogs with Bengali Muslims
and other 3rd worlders. I did hear (on good authority) that the Labour party went round
with interpreters to the immigrants houses warning them what would happen if the Nationalist
got in again.Now look at the Isle of Dogs today, full of ghettos and a slum. These people
are like a plague of Locusts and they leave a wave of devastation in their wake. I have
seen this with my own eyes throughout different areas of Tower Hamlets. We are gradually being
pushed further and further out.Also my brother-in-law came to visit us last Sunday and his girlfriend
told me that the Tower Hamlets council are trying to force her nan of 82 from her home
of more than 30 years. She was a joint-tenant with her friend who passed away the latter
half of last year. Thus she now has a spare room. Ergo, our local council want to force
her out of her home and into a care home. While this is happening, she also told me
that Poplar Harca has given two houses to a Bengali man, one for each of his wives.
Now forgive me if I am wrong, but I thought bigamy was a crime in this country, or have more
elements of Sharia Law been introduced in our country? Alas, that's not all. Her 12
year old niece was propositioned by a 50+ Muslim man. She was standing outside her house
looking at the New Year's day fireworks just after midnight and the man asked her to remove
all of her clothes. She ran inside and told her father, who understandably went ballistic
and went out looking for him. “ End of email. It behoves the phrase, ‘just because you
are paranoid it doesn’t mean the bastards are not out to get you. Still think that this
new shiny side to Islam and the ‘age of lurve’ is really believable? I am now going
to read a letter which was actually sent to the Belgian King Leopold on January 7th this
year. Belgium: Local Councillor of Islam Party Invites
Belgian King to Convert to Islam 20:15 | Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe
Open letter to his Majesty King Albert II Brussels, 7 January 2013
In the name of God the Merciful
Sire, This letter was written by Redouane son of
Abdeslam ben Ali, local councillor in Anderlecht, to Albert son of Leopold son of Albert, King
of the Belgians.
Blessed be those who follow the path of revelation. Glory to God above whom there is no other
divinity, the Master of the World, the Sovereign.
I testify that Jesus son of Mary is the Spirit of God and his Word. It is God who sent the
Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary to announce the good news. God created him from His Spirit
and His breath as he created Adam from His hand and His breath. In the Gospel, Jesus
announced the forthcoming arrival of the last Prophet, Mohammed. The first versions of the
Bible testify to this. In the Holy Koran, God enjoins us to believe in all His Prophets,
his Angels and his sacred Books. Any monotheist believer will find in the Koran the satisfaction
of his faith. 
Consequently, I invite you to adore God, the Only one who has no associates at all and
to obey Him, as well as to follow the path of Islam which is the culmination of monotheism
announced by Abraham, salvation and peace be upon him and his descendants.  In embracing
Islam, you will find Peace and God will give you a double reward. If you reject him, you
will bear on your shoulders the burden of the sins of your subjects and your followers.
I have accomplished my task by transmissing the Good News to you. It is up to you, Sire,
to take the right decision.
May Peace be upon you as well as your family and all those who follow the right path, that
of those who have obtained the satisfaction of God. End of letter.
Now if there are two things that makes my gorge rise it is liars and hypocrites, and
this so called exhortation to convert covers both. I am sure you must find it odd that
when these colonisers and missionaries live in the western lands, they seem to adopt Jesus
as a primary prophet in their endeavours to convert us ‘unbelievers’. As do the Amadiyyah
sect with their supposed body of our Saviour resting in Northern India and claiming yet
another section of the Bible. Now, I am not a very good Christian being always inclined
to slap the other cheek of the other person but I do know that nowhere in our King James
Bible or the Old Testament of the Jews is Mohammed mentioned by name or deed – he
ain’t there because he is a phony prophet and Islam is a hand-made religion for a desert
people wandering over the face of Arabia – they worship a meteorite for pity’s sake and
are now adopting parts of our Christian religion that suit them and which they hope will sway
the uneducated masses to either ignore their transgressions in our country or convert to
Their actions however belie their newly adopted attitudes, they kill Christians without a
moment’s hesitation and set about out-breeding the indigenous peoples of any country they
contaminate. At last a coven of these parasites have been brought to trial at the Old Bailey.
They are from the Oxford area, which shows that this particular bit of nastiness is working
its way south from the north of our country, where it has been ignored and covered up by
most of the authorities in those areas for the last 30 years – I refer of course to
the sexual grooming of non Muslim children by what are predominantly members of the Muslim
communities which litter this country like so much trash. It comes as no surprise that
the Guardian paper has failed to acknowledge these 9 paedophiles are Muslim. A précis
of the Guardian text is that children as young as 11 years old from poor backgrounds and
in care homes were targeted. They were plied with drugs and alcohol and were taken to properties
in Bradford and Leeds and sold as sex slaves to other paedophiles. Children were reported
to have been subjected to the most horrific rape crimes. The court took 30 minutes to
read all the offences committed by the 9 men in the trial at the Old Bailey.
Now in a more in depth report and wearing my ProFam hat, the details of this case are
truly horrific. One of the children became pregnant at 11 and when the ‘father’ gang
member Mohammed Karrar discovered it - he used an instrument to perform an abortion
on her, it is alleged. There should be another word for this torture
and rape apart from ‘grooming’. You ‘groom’ horses, not, hopefully stub out cigarettes
on them and cower them into prostitution. If any listeners have a title that doesn’t
include all Muslims and grooming becomes abuse please sent them in on your comments. Even
now the case has been highlighted as ‘girls from troubled upbringings and care homes’
– which of course denotes that these men did these children a favour in abusing them!
To bring these children under control they were attacked by their ‘boyfriends’ using
knives, meat cleavers and baseball bats to inflict severe pain on the girls for their
own twisted pleasure. On other occasions the girls were bitten, scratched, suffocated,
tied up, beaten and burnt with cigarettes. To cap it all and as we have said in the YBNP
anti grooming leaflet, these men are said to have fed the girls copious amounts of drugs
and alcohol so that they became more complicit to their depraved demands. As the Prosecutor,
Noel Lucas QC stated ‘ 'At first they made her feel special by paying
her the attention she did not receive at home... it was an act of grooming, the men having
realised she was a vulnerable girl, were targeting her for their own sexual purposes.'
In fact is you have read this leaflet or listened to some of my talks, Mr Lucas has reiterated
our facts exactly. One girl who had been abused since she was 12 years old by this ‘gang’
actually missed her 15th birthday because she was so 'wasted.' She has lost years of
her life and all of the children 'were barely aware of what was going on' during the abuse
– perhaps that is a mercy. It is reported in the Mail that these men
would travel to Oxford 'often by appointment' from as far afield as Bradford, Leeds, London
and Slough 'specifically to abuse young girls' in hotels and private houses. Sometimes the
girls were taken to towns and cities such as London and Bournemouth where they were
sold for sex. These men also subjected them to 'humiliating and degrading' levels of abuse,
leaving the girls with severe internal injuries. The gang often stood guard outside a room
while girls were being abused and threatened to kill them and their families if they tried
to escape, the court heard. The poor child who forgot her own 15th birthday
even when ‘rescued’ started to self-harm to 'take away the hurt' and told
her mother: 'I may as well be dead.' Opening the case yesterday Mr Lucas, QC said:
“Much of what the girls were forced to endure was perverted in the extreme. These defendants,
and the others with whom they operated, showed the complainants little or no human decency
or consideration”. Now that is the hub of the problem, these men are operating as they
would in their own countries and under the auspices of Islam –whatever Muslims say
– their treatment of children from different cultural and religious backgrounds for their
own financial gain and sexual use will not go away until it is forced too and by that
I mean members of the public being more on the ball than in the past.
Several times people have rung into Profam with stories to tell and when followed up
they clam up. Why? Because they are frightened of the feedback from the Muslim communities
who often live on their doorsteps and indeed could be neighbours. It must be chilling to
have foreign paedophiles who have been getting away with this for years near to your own
young daughters. In my experience many of these girls are not ‘vulnerable or in care
homes’. They come from decent hard working families who have just lost the lottery for
their towns and cities to the immigrants and multicultural progressives – both of which
have no time for British children, British religion or British culture. Fortunately for
them, we in the British National Party and ProFam are waiting for them to speak.
And finally- one for the fish I feel. A US man was attempting to feed Tarpon off a pier
in Islamorada, Florida, when one of the fish leapt out of the water and bit him. The man
appears to have been trying to feed fish when one latched onto his arm. Video of the incident
shows him wrestling with the huge fish for over a minute, dragging it along the jetty
in an attempt to free his arm. Some onlookers screamed while another pulled at its tail.
After almost being dragged into the water the man finally managed to shake the creature
off and it swam away. Now this presenter has seen the video and it looked as if it was
a set up, with the guy flapping his arm about in the water, either that or he was trying
to catch it and fishy was having none of it. Clearly these people are on hand to film everything
for YouTube! I am all for the fish fighting back and am glad it got away to bite yet another
day. Fish fightback is ok with me.
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I wish you all a very good night.