Transfer Money with Email and Mobile Transfer from Bank of America

Uploaded by bankofamerica on 11.01.2013

MOM: When you’ve got a precocious young kid involved in a lot of activities, there
are a lot of people to pay.
Miss Wilson for music lessons, Coach Thomas for hockey gear, even Mr. Patel—his coach
for the National Spelling Bee competition.  
MOM: But thanks to Bank of America’s new transfer function, sending money has gotten
a whole lot easier.
Because now, I don’t have to deal with cash – or even worse – writing everyone all
those checks.
All it takes is a mobile number, or an email address.
  VO: To start making transfers, you have to
complete a one-time activation first. It takes three easy steps in Online Banking.
Step 1. Visit the Transfers Tab, then select “set up your email and mobile to accept
Step 2. Enter your email address or mobile number, select the deposit account and hit,
Step 3. Enter the enrollment code you receive via text or email and hit “Continue”.
  VO: That’s it, your enrollment is now complete.
Now you can add recipients.  
VO: Adding a recipient is easy. Select the “Add Recipient” tab and fill out the required
fields. Now that you’ve activated your account and added recipients, you can easily schedule
VO: Recipients will get a text or email letting them know how they can register to claim their
money. If they are already registered, their money will automatically be deposited in their
VO: To make a transfer, select the “Make Transfer” tab, fill out the required information
and hit “Continue.” You can also send money from your smartphone or tablet.
  MOM: That means everyone gets paid easily
and on time. Which makes everyone ecstatic.  
MOM: Even my progeny here.  
SON: Progeny?!