Mansion Madness - Airsoft video with maps and objectives

Uploaded by TacticalBlackCats on 27.08.2012

Mission: Ambush on objective #3
Mission: Patrol
Too late!
Where are they?
To the right! The bunker!
Get down!
Mission: Assault on Mansion
Red Dot is too distand from gun BBs are hitting the wall
Mission: Defend Mansion
Mission: Sneak attack on objective #3
Watch there while I watch there!
Tango down, another one incoming
Damn, he's also down
This one is not down
Mission: Attack on objective #4
US Team, lets's do this!
You two, you two, you two, us two
On the count of 3, everybody runs to the objective Nobody stops!
Ready guys?
Last mag'
Watch left, I take right