SOT: Naming Ceremony - Part 1

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Good afternoon.
My name is Mahyar Izadi, and I'm very glad
that you joined us this afternoon.
This ceremony is very dear to me and the School of Technology.
We are very glad to have members of the School of Technology,
faculty, staff, and students here.
Also, we are glad that members of our advisory board could join
us this afternoon, thank you so much for coming.
Also, this afternoon we are joined by our
ATMAE reaccrediation team.
That are here to pose reaccreditation of the Applied
Engineering and Technology program.
In addition, I would like to welcome President Perry, Provost
Lord, Vice-President Martin, and other members of the Dean's
Council, as well as administrators that
could join us this afternoon.
We are here for a reason, and that is several years ago, we
had the idea or dream that we could establish a fund to
benefit the School of Technology and the School of Technology
advisory board took this upon themselves
to promote this event.
And because of that effort, this afternoon we are
joined by Ross McCullough and his family, and
Mrs. McCullough thank you for being here.
Mr. and Mrs. Price, thank you for joining us this afternoon.
Dr. Metcalf right?
Dr. Metcalf-Treichal, I was trying to give the correct name.
Also, our friends from the Colcon Corporation, which
made a significant donation also for this process.
The importance of this will be felt for many years by our
faculty, by our students, and we are very proud, very
proud that this is a good starting point for all of us.
Hopefully we will continue this fundraising effort, the
Technology Future Fund, for years to come
the students will benefit this.
At this time, I would like to ask Dr. Perry, President Perry
to give us a few words of honor.
(Presdient William Perry). Thank you Mark.
Well it's my pleasure to be here too, I managed to meet
most of you, working around the room, and I want
to thank everyone for being here today.
It's important to focus on the future, and EIU has always been
a forward looking institution, and that's what we continue to
do today, and the funding we've talked about today, the impact
that it will have for students for generations to come is
really key to the future of the university.
It's that margin of excellence that
makes the difference for our students.
So I want to thank everyone on the School of Technology
advisory board that has been integral to the development of
this fund for your long-time support, it's really important
to us to have that feedback loop with advisory boards and to have
the support of the advisory boards, because we know that our
students have to enter into a career or a work
force with the kind of skills that you need so that they
can hit the ground running.
Now we know we can't teach them everything, but we know if we
give them that solid foundation, when they do get out there and
start their careers, then the extra thing that they do need to
know, things that they do need to know, they will be able to
learn them, because we are training our students to be
critical thinkers.
To be a product of a system of integrated learning, where their
learning not only the academic side, learning from the lab and
the classroom, but also from internships, partnerships.
I just want to give you one example.
In Old Main, we're doing some renovations, our donor gave us
some money to do so.
Well there's this old wood work, it's intricately carved and it's
hundreds of years old, and so some of it had to be replicated.
So we called upon students in the school here,
and they freehanded it right?
That's the way to put it.
So one day I come into Old Main and the carpenters are there and
Randy Roebuck, who's the head of the renovations group comes up
and says, "Dr. Perry I got to show this to you."
And it's this orange thing, some kind of plastic right?
[male speaker]. Yes ABS plastic.
(Dr. Perry). Alright.
[audience laughing].
(Dr. Perry). So he's holding this
orange thing in one hand, and the wood
in the other, and they're an exact match,
to my eye, an exact match.
So that project, that restoration of Old Main, is
going to benefit from our students working hand-in-hand
with carpenters and others to make things work and look right.
But what we learned from it was, that, what I learned is that you
don't have to do it freehand, but you can get a 3-D scanner to
then drops the data right into the other computer thingy.
[audience laughing].
(Dr. Perry). And so it mechanizes this
process, so what we're trying to do now is
get that thing put together so that we can get it
on our website.
This is another example of how Eastern students are
contributing to the university the university is contributing
to them, and together that's such a great partnership.
So it's my pleasure to be here today, it's almost like the
trifecta or the triple crown to have in the room at the same
time, the faculty, the advisory board, and the visiting team
from ATMAE all to share this wonderful day and event.
So, thank you very much I will retire over here and then Dean
Izadi I'll be ready and get ready to make the presentations.
(Dr. Izadi). Thank you President Perry.
At this time I would like to ask Dr. Woodley
to make the Presentations.
(Dr. Deborah Woodley). Well greetings!
It quit raining for a little bit, so we don't
have to worry about that.
Dr. Perry would you like to come up with me?
And Ross would you like to join me, and Cindy?
Your whole family can come up if you'd like.
Bring the whole herd up.
Ross McCullough, is the Vice-President of marketing for
UPS Supply Chain Solutions, where he manages the global
service portfolio for the $8 Billion UPS
Supply Chain Subsidiary.
This enterprise includes, and Johnathan I'm going
to hold you this one, long sentence.
This enterprise includes: supply chain design and planning,
transportation and freight services, contractual districts,
distribution services, reverse logistics,
training, consulting, and brokerage.
Anything else?
[audience laughing].
(Dr. Woodley). Ross's career started
here in UPS in 1984, he started as a
loader in Mattoon, Illinois.
Beginning with his promotion to industrial engineer after
graduating from Eastern in 1987, Ross advanced through the UPS
organization over the course of the next 19 years.
What Ross doesn't know is that I remember him as a student here
at Eastern, and I was a brand new faculty person at that time.
So, it's kind of old home week here.
Some of his sites that he actually worked included,
Brussels, Belgium.
Also, in the midst of his responsibilities as those
increased, he completed, somehow, his Master's of
Business Administration from Emery University.
In 2004, the National Association of Industrial
Technology, awarded Ross with the Outstanding Industrial
Technologist Award.
Joining Ross today is his family, his wife Cindy, his
mother Laura Kay, and children Matt and Gracie.
So welcome.
They have all been very supportive of the
School of Technology, by sharing Ross with us.
Ross lives in Atlanta now and he comes twice a year for our
advisory board meetings.
So that kind of dedication to this school is really,
really appreciated.
Ross and Cindy have named two our rooms today.
One of them is a primary classroom as well as he is
honoring a former faculty member Tom Waskom by naming Tom
Waskom's room in Honor of Tom and his late wife Luanne Waskom
who were wonderful faculty.
He was a wonderful faculty person and she was so supportive
of all the students of technology.
So please join me today in thanking Ross
and Cindy for their donation.
And President Perry would you like to have
your picture taken with them?
(President Perry). Absolutely.
I think after we take these pictures, let's
get the whole family here.
[audience applause].
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