Бои в Дарайе. Интервью генерала.

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Battle in Darayya .An interview with a General
On the 16th of January we became witnesses of the continuation the house-to-house clearing in Darayya
Answered to our questions ,and commented on what we saw a General of the Syrian Army
Reporter: Tell me please about the battle that took place today
General: According to the plan on the line of contact with the enemy the troops went in attack ,it was a success with minimal casualties
Reporter: How far have you managed to advanced for today ?
General: Today we advanced more than 100m , it is as was planed
Reporter: What weapons rebel mainly use today?
General: All kinds of weapons ,mainly NATO sniper rifles ,machine guns ,RPG ,mortars ,ATGM(anti-tank-guided-missile )
Reporter: Had you managed to use armor?
General: Of course tanks, artillery and troops work together
Reporter: What are the casualties among rebels?
Reporter: Are they putting a fearsome resistance or they try to surrender?
General: Initially the resistance was great ,now it is broken
Reporter: Do you have casualties?
General: At the moment 3 wounded
Reporter: Do you know the number of remaining surrounded rebels?
General: About 1000 rebels
Reporter: Are they totally surrounded or they have escape routs?
General: They are totally surrounded they can not escape, or they will surrender or they will die,
General: What you saw today is a testimony of our heroic soldier and their will to protect their country at any price, there will be no mercy for the terrorists, they will be destroyed
Reporter: Thank you very much
ANNA news agency , Marat Musin , Vasily Pavlov , Andrei Kuzminov,Victor Kuznetsov, Damascus Syria