Збогум на дваесетиот век - Goodbye 20th Century

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"So the Almighty Lord said with all of His rage
- I will destroy all evil hearts.
human and beast and creeping things and birds
on the sky. for I’m sorry that I have created them".
(Book of Genesis. Old Testament)
Macedonia, The Balkans. Year 2019.
Only The Animals Survived!
A film by Darko & Aleksandar
Good Bye, 20th Century!
Hot, isn't it?
Very hot...
Hey, there was a tree here last year. wasn't there?
Didn’t we have a deal?
Don't you remember out deal about the trees?
What's up, cat got your toque? What was our bloody deal?
Do you think you are the only one who misses the trees?
I like trees too... ...but they've gone!
No more trees - ever!
Our Father who are in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom com, Thy will be done.
On Earth as it is in Heaven...
Give us our daily bread and forgive us our debts
as we also have forgiven our debtors...
and lead us not into temptation.
but deliver us from the Evil one!
Drop dead! Drop dead! you deaf son of a bitch!
With passion transformed into fire. I light the holy...
... brothel?!
While the whole world lies in confusion like a naked whore!
And inside me burns a passion of Gods, a suicidal impulse!
The Cosmos is inside me!
My seed creates planets!
That's the way I am, kid...
...blessed by eternity!
I leave you behind in dust... and oblivion!
very hot day to die...
Blood for blood.
Oh son, dear son.
Dying while still so young.
Like a candle you have blown.
Like a bird you have flown...
Oh son, dear son...
You're a cursed man, Kuzman! The ground, won't take you!
If you ever meet us. run away fast!
Should you ever return, we'll bring evil upon you...
we'll burn your house down and kill all of yours!
And if you want to see her again - sure you can...
...as a dead man only!
Well, that's all we could do for you.
You're on your own now!
What are ya staring' at?
I'm not staring!
So, you’re callin' me a liar, are ya?
Okay, fine!
What about a shave, eh?
It's cheap! For a nickel, I'm gonna shave all of ya!
Okay, Okay...
An' how would ya feel about payin' two nickels then?
I'm gonna give ya a haircut as well as a shave!
Fine, eh?
Let's skip the' shave, okay?
What if I give ya two nickels an' tell ya your future?
And what if I just smash your face in?
An’ what if ya smash my face in an’ don’t give a shit 'bout it?
What a bad mean motherfucker!
So - you’re all bad mean motherfucker! You'd all like
a shave, but nobody wanna know what's gonna happen to him!
What kind of people are ya?
One thing isn't clear to me...
... don't ya care what will happen to you?
If there'll be another war, or earthquake or who'll govern...
When you're gonna die, eh?
How many children ya're gonna have?
Don't you know how many things I can tell ya?
So many things to be told... but nobody wants to ask!
C'mon on then, ask me something! Go on, ask!
Ask me, ya motherfucker!
What was my mother name?
Bullshit, yeah, damn right it's bullshit. I'm a prophet.
I can't see what happened. I can see what will happen!
Let's take you, for example - you can't die, can ya?
Well, of course you can't... You think it's so easy, do ya?
Well, have ya ever bothered t' ask someone? Have ya asked...
...me, for example?
Who are you?
Whatta ya mean who am I? I've told ya who I am -
... I'm a prophet, disguised as a barber!
But let's see who are you...
Ya're Kuzman, right?
The man who can't die! The ground doesn't won't you!
It's not up to me...
Like hell, it's up to me!
But why are you in such a rush to die?
I'm not rushing... I am...
They shot me!
Shot you?
Who shot ya?
Your turn first - what's gonna happen to me tomorrow?
Tomorrow? Ya'll arm yourself tomorrow and go far away.
So who shot ya, then? - My own people!
And why did they shoot ya?
And why do I have to arm myself?
'Cause ya'll have to fight. Why did they shot ya?
Cause they think it's my fault that all our children died!
So who do I have to fight against?
I'll tell ya later. Go on with your story -
... what happened to the' children?
Wasn't a big deal, in the last 3 months all the kids died!
The priest said it was my fault.
But what do you think - was it really your fault they died?
I has a lot of women... beautiful women. sure...
... but I couldn't get a hard-on with any of them!
So what? - So nothing!
The priest told me to go to church and pray. So I did...
I said a prayer, and while I was praying, I saw a fresco...
... of a saint woman! - So what?
Who do I have to fight?
With a guy who plays on a gun.
A guy, with hair... And what happened next?
Who's the man that plays on a gun?
A guy, with a green hair...
So, what happened when ya saw the saint?
I liked her!
So, ya liked her... - Tell me more about that guy!
So, ya liked her... then what?
Then I got a hard-on! - So ya got it up. eh?
Yeah, I got it up!
Big deal, ya got it up... what next?
Then I took all my clothes off!
He fucked her!
I knew that! He fucked her!
What was on your mind, what th' hell was on your mind...
You must be mad, really, to fuck a saint?!
I wasn't mad! I got a hard on!
It was her look...
She wouldn't take her eyes off me.
And I thought that she loves me...
that she loves me passionately ... like a real woman!
And it seemed so natural to take my clothes off
in front of someone who was looking at me so passionately.
so I did...
A few days later, the children started dying...
The priest said that there were tears on the fresco...
He said the saint’s taken her revenge, because of something!
So I admitted it! I confessed...
I felt sorry... for those poor kids...
And they shot me! My own people!
And if you were to die...
Is there anyone who would cry for you?
There is...
All right then
Let me tell ya now, about th' man who plays on a gun...
he's the keeper of the Glass City! Underneath the city.
there's a wall where the fate of all mankind is written.
That's where you'll find your own destiny. Read what it says
and then you'll know what you have to do so you can die!
Oh, I almost forgot... To get inside.
you will have to kill the guy with a green hair!
So won't you tell me what's written on the wall?
Well, if I knew what was written on the wall...
I wouldn't send you all the way there, would I?
Well, whatta tribe ya are, folks, whatta seed...
Hey! I lied to you back there...
The future is uncertain, just as screwed up as the past!
Like your mother's name - Ikonija!
Citizens! The Great Emperor Alexander Wildenbrat was right
when he build separate ghettos for children and
their mothers which they weren't allowed to leave!
They send the pregnant women there too, so they wouldn't
disturb the peaceful citizens by their awful appearance.
He knew that the children, in fact, were cruel old man!
Loving children, citizens, is like loving shit!
The Great Emperor Alexander Wildenbrat would throw up
whenever he saw a child! The smell of a child.
that's one of the most disgusting smells, citizens!
Marco, Strezzo...
Altana, Theodora, Ikonija...
Kostadin, Kliment...
Oh, holy mother...
You know, I've got to do...
So it is written to me...
In the name of the Father and Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen!
Let her go...
That's his sister!
Macedonia. The Balkans. 100 years before.
Macedonia at the beginning of the 20th century.
We're watching a film shot between the two Balkan Wars.
Let's see what the film tape is trying to tell us after
many years. This young man is called Dimitri.
The armed man are his brothers.
The fat gentleman is his father.
The girl wearing the white dress is his sister.
Dimitri has fallen in love with his sister and
decided to marry her.
We've just seed him buying her from their father.
The priest is now blessing the young couple.
The Orthodox religion doesn't bless incestuous marriages, but T
it seems that this time love is stronger than tradition!
The groom kisses the bride, making her a promise that
they can be parted by death only!
It seems that the family feels a little bit uncomfortable
with this strong display of emotions.
Dimitri's brothers have lost their patience!
He is taking off his wedding clothes.
What are they going to do?
They have shot him! They have simply shot him.
We just witnessed the first sin and first punishment
caught on the camera in this century!
The young pries mourns the dead
His family pay their final respects.
For one last time, the bride says good-bye
to the brother she loved too much.
And here we can see the author of this short film,
the local barber and photographer
Finally, let's ask ourselves, if this is how 20th century started
...who can tell how it will end?
What are you staring at?
I'm not staring.
So, you're calling me a liar, are you? Fine.
And what would you like for New Year's Eve?
What do you mean - nothing? I've got to get you something.
it's New Year tonight, it's a tradition to get a gift...
I'm Santa Claus, after all!
There is no Santa Claus!
Who the hell are you, kid? What's you name, then?
Well, Kuzman, Kuzman! You should know better than that.
You're a big boy now, tomorrow you'll be finishing school.
you should know better...
Tomorrow is the first day of the 21st century!
Mankind is about to enter a new era!
There'll be new challenges, new discoveries...
We will navigate throughout the universe!
Well, you never know, maybe you'll be a famous astronaut!
Oh, go to hell, you ugly asshole!
Macedonia. The Balkans 31st December 1999
Good evening to you!
Welcome to the last night of the 20th century!
Today is 31st of December, nineteen ninety nine!
I'm Apollo Rawnyashki, and tonight my charming guest is...
Xantippe Kitty Cat
What's the matter with you? Someone died?
My brother did!
Isn't it obvious?
May he rest in peace.
So, he died... When did he die?
This morning. And what about you?
What about me?
The rent. You gonna pay, or what?
It's been three long months as we were waiting.
I will pay... - I know you will, sure you will... But when?
Just give me some time...
Your time's up with me! My brother there...
...he's got plenty of time! Do you wanna join him? -Peter!
The wheat!
Yes, of course... the wheat.
Please. sir. try some, for the soul of the deceased.
My condolences.
I'm deeply touched...
You'll be sending us all to our graves next!
He tasted the wheat and offered his condolences!
Where to?
If you don't mind, I'll just go to my room.
We do mind. The flat's small, there isn't enough room...
and they're getting the deceased ready in your room!
Getting him ready?
They're shaving him! Just sit down and be patient!
Don't mind us...
We are all a bit shaken up...
The deceased took us all by surprise...
See, only today I bought him a present for the New Year...
To settle our differences...
We weren't talking for years, you see.
The deceased was, my son!
Here, it's yours if you like it.
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year...
and may God rest his soul!
Well... same to you then.
I don't think so!
Listen, folks... There's something I got to tell you!
Did you watch what they said on television?
No. What was it they said?
They said that the 21st century would uncover
the false mask of morality. People would be set free
of their inhibitions and walk around the streets
completely naked!!! - What, everyone?
Male and female!
Even my mamma would walk around naked?
Even your mamma. even my mamma...
Even Santa Claus!
What about in winter?
Oh, really, people, I've been talkin' about summer all along!
You know, I've heard something totally different...
about the coming century
The 21st century will never come!
Oh, that's great, just great... Bravo, bravo!
Time goes around in cycles and is divided in stages.
Each stage has its beginning and its end. There's a break
between stages, just like in musical rhythm.
Our time is like perfect musical masterpiece...
which soon must come to an end!
And what if we're not interested about your theory?
That's cool!
Oh, yes, yes... That's cool, that's definitely cool...
Peter! Go and check on the barber.
Oh, kids... Down the hatch!
How is it going?
Eh, bad... Can't be that bad!
Dear cousins, let's make a toast! To the deceased...
may he rest in peace!
Be careful on the fire!
Oh, you just shut up!
Will anybody ever believe a word I say...
All right then, maybe I am conservative man, but you...
you are idiots!
Idiots, that's what you are!
I can't believe it... I just can't believe it...
not to have the least bit of respect for a dead man?
So, where did you learn to behave like that?
Let's shit on his head now! I know you didn't like
my brother. I know you hardly desired to see him dead.
but now at least show some respect for his death!
Death has meaning only if some one cries for the dead man!
That's it, folks!
A time that nobody cries for isn't time at all!
And I've had enough of you! One more word out of you
and I'll smash your face in!
The 21st century...
That's cool!
Hallelujah! The dead is shaved...
It's all over now!
I'm sorry... It's not up to me...
Like hell... It's up to me!
A gift... For you...
...for New Year's Eve!
Think of a wish!
Thought of one yet?
I can't think anything to wish for!
Anyway - if we don't see each other again...
Happy New Year!
I told you it's up to me!
I've got to go now. You'll stay here to make a ship!
Built it of wood, with three floors!
Inside and outside cover it with pitch!
On the top make a hole, for light to come in...
And learn to swim, brother!
The future is as screwed up as the past!
Well. that's all!
Good-bye, 20th century!