Episode 119: Owl Valentine Card using Prepackaged Notecards

Uploaded by craftingwcristina on 20.01.2013

Hey there you guys it's Cristina from http://www.craftingwithcristina.com
And today i'm doing another project for you guys using some prepackaged note cards these are
valentine's day
umm... note cards that i purchased from michael's they are printed craft
which means that they have a design on them but they are craft
I would say that they are like 65 lb
and they come with White A2 size envelopes
today's project is going to be this this..
this note card
this little mini
Valentine's day note card with an owl image and a scalloped circle, so really
simple card
let's get started
so i have here my craft note card
in the first thing we need to do is cut this so that the front of the card
is 3 1/2
no.. 3/14 inches tall
to do this, i just take my paper trimmer
and line [my card] up so that the folded edge
of the card (the card is folded in half)
is at the 3 1/4 mark and you want to make sure that the blade that you are using is really
so this [the blade] goes right here
i'm just setting the blade here and
I've got the card line up at 3 1/4 and we're just going to
cut through both layers of the card
facility four tickets left four px is on top
you're going to cut that there are two forward corner
two-block pieces
and that is going to be the size of the card
cells that what what
hard sciences
six-and-a-half bhai
and duplex and you'll see the seed six-week use them
you know we don't have any patterns going onto the back
so that is our card
actually going to do is cut actual site
stricken grab some brown kraft paper
amravati dry type i felt tired skeleton
it's got to have white
and it's got her arthritis
andrea koppel but
traffic light are deeply and see plate
proceed further
an entire scallop
say here
this draft
next rainfall in fact in passing circles snow white cardstock
is a good way to use your scraps
however mister ironies
well i think very chauvinistic
e dr
and inc actors around with so much
uh... stepped up to you
i'm going to use camp
i think it's called
techniques used a it was one of the apple concepts that i got forever ago
and it says who once you have what i did a very
was extraction
elong com
micron block
reprinted on exhibit peachtree
eicher are my coat black
so that it's a current
they're going to see yes sos
stampin up
rally expresso
all of the edge of a larger
cardstock sakal
i cannot set but you
all the way around
and this little circle we're glad you are stamping
so our catch comes from
of steps that i purchase hotel
throb nikita
says the keys ballasts act it's called
henry's brilliance
and i think there is no need for school
it's got to separate out here last tax brackets teacher's pet
yeltsin a great style experience at all and it is here and that's all it is
comets are stepping
aches soap but they're not for c_e_o_'s properly expresso
prophetically luckier
apparently a lot of what
spares who's going to use my
prior to roe
just a few know p
he thought might be on the first time
took time
espresso it's bathtub
it's dinner that
hits on it
your ego
cut away he's not that though i believe it like tom
so much steamy
stepped-up it can still sell
with regards to talbott
okay you commerce stampin up
regal grows value
leaked out
snacks will entail
i would like to talk of p_r_i_'s
traits that i'm using peak op front stampin up
it's a very like
image because coloring books little white pants
gently now
we're going to move on to you
the glasses
and flashes routine
it's funny rejects kirk douglas
aspirin asap dot htm paged alaska now we need to deal
italians little
eat impeached
and use you wish to candidates with masks
yucatan stamp at the hospital that way
it personally tax product
teaming cookbook which project
which is that what i'm trying to make your
so i'm just going to take
a small step
uh... cardstock
this is what it's going to use your scratchy hospital beds
but don't work
and that he is crushed curry
and just about at the beach had to be careful lp
on your on
victory stop
pretty pessimistic comes out
we were just thank you about this
aren't you
ahl using some
top i'll find out we'll take a little
and actually adults please
committees mccarty scissors
users that's
but that's about it
polyester model
inexpensive our card
i don't take my jabra keepers corner topic
ags using that's also missy size as to how the two bottom corners discarded
now we're going to assemble image
and we're going to start off with
larger circle and center as you know they are using com
scout meetings and phone squares
using some additional foursquare sweetheart
fac twenty eight dispatch
do you swear that westward i've been using saw him
public office
threadless why traffic around the front of my car
the going to use just out
t here there
an innovative what it would look like with the let's cut capt
and just take from that side of town
here last but not least
valencia lt
subbarao multifocal supported taking is that
itself that's that trouble
so every few weeks
as i have just placing my card
where it would be like if it was incredible
and then just learning about
so it's still fits
okay i want to have one more advanced because the yelp
i spotted you soft com
multipliers at michaels are really tight also one dollar section
just what trials
speak accelerants you are really simple about basic product type or something
added pink
cell thing to texas duran okay
science class so and i really really sticky
so if that's why not
since the great white
i'm going to take some cross used had some pretty cute
which is the cops yet these will be
here a little bit
missus looks super classy
respect for our can't be activated little tiny lilacs
brutality now
okay so i i think you may her
so i put these cards
emerged with their stamps at all
which server
what does the onset as little tiny
uh... eating
i watched
and i bob
how cute with dialogue
on the back of his card right here
like itself that little arch
saxena on there
that's gonna happen what how
and then take catalystx right out
distill both of these images
at once
and just put that comparable a-flat wouldn't look so cute
so these that's a pretty good of quality making carjacking
for stamping out campaign except that have
political culture eight
please guide to clear stamps and
you guys are really catch up
so i would highly recommend i'm purchasing has adults that we know what
retailers thanks rob
i think her chad three stamps from scrapbook dot com
they have a lot of money on expensive
may brand stamps
her think this is ninety dollars or three dollars which is a great by
since i'm on a project
as we all are
so how'd
how does give you a few ideas
i wanted to do
yes have a great day now