2012 GrandSlam Latin Tokyo | Part I

Uploaded by DanceSportTotal on 31.05.2012

It is March 10 in Tokyo, the eve to what will be a mournful day of remembrance in Japan.
364 days have passed since an immense natural disaster brought death and devastation to the northeastern part of the country.
At the Metropolitan Gymnasium, some of the members of the German team in the GrandSlam are getting ready for competition.
Two couples were in Tokyo on that fateful March 11 last year; ready to dance then. Now they look back.
After the Great Earthquake? We are glad that the GrandSlam returns, even though emotions are still very much alive. Nothing should happen this year. Certainly no earthquakes!
It is strange; you see a place where you were at last year when it all happened. It can be an eerie sensation to be back.
Above all when you feel a minor tremble coming through at the hotel. We just hope everything goes well – and that we can dance.
Paul and Ekatarina are in Tokyo for the first time. Are they apprehensive of what has happened?
No, we are not afraid – if you refer to earthquakes.
But it is still on the mind of everyone; we have heard a lot about it from our colleagues.
On this March 11, all of Japan expresses grief and mourns the thousands of victims.
Millions everywhere join in a silent prayer.
As the music starts up once more, a group of young dancers from those regions that were most affected by the quake and tsunami return to the floor and to normality.
Their enthusiasm should be an inspiration for all the couples competing in this GrandSlam Latin too.
It should not be much of a surprise that couple 153 has made the cut.
Nino and Khrystyna seem to have gained momentum steadily, hitting a first peak in this Paso Doble.
What does make music GOOD for the two of you?
In February, Gabriele and Anna came in second at the Antwerp GrandSlam. What is their goal in Tokyo?
Martino and Michelle had placed third in the Copenhagen leg. Here they are on a mission!
Russians Andrey Zaytsev and Anna Kuzminskaya, the winners of the first two legs of the 2012 GrandSlam Latin series, decided not to travel to Tokyo.
It is an opportunity for the Italian couple to make up some valuable points in the ranking.
Particularly since they had to drop out of the semi-final in Antwerp due to an injury of Aniello.
Will it change the way Aniello and Khrystina dance their final here?