Low Fat Alfredo Sauce Recipe - Healthy Vegan Recipes On Video

Uploaded by healthyvegan on 01.02.2010

Hello and welcome to Freshly Served, the healthy vegan cooking show. Iím Heather and tonight
weíre gonna take a little bit different of a look at beans. And what Iím gonna do is
rather than make a dish with beans, Iím going to make a vegetable dish and put a bean sauce
on it.
So Iíve chosen some vegetables that are non starchy vegetables so that the bean sauce
can be digested really nicely so Iíve chosen eggplant, zucchini. I like to put these together
because theyíre both vine plants.
And then I always like to get some greens in whenever I can so I got some kale and an
onion. So Iím gonna start by chopping the onion and the eggplant. Iím gonna get the
onion cooking and then the eggplant first because it takes the longest.
Itís about hot now so Iím going to add just a touch of olive oil to stir fry ñ not stir
fry, sautÈ the onions and I use a large sweet onion which is more than I need for the vegetable
dish but Iím gonna save some for the bean sauce and Iíll save about a quarter of the
Ok, the onions are just starting to soften and because this is gonna stay on the heat
for quite awhile I can add my eggplant right away. Now eggplant is also called aubergine
which is the French name for eggplant so if you see that in a recipe, there you go!
Eggplants in Chinese medicine are looked at as a stimulator for blood circulation and
they help to stimulate the liver which is the purifier of the blood so if there are
any blood conditions, eggplant is a good thing to eat.
It is (excuse me) it is a cooling food so this is why we cook it for so long. It also
makes the texture a lot nicer but if we cook this slowly for a long time so I have this
on just medium heat rather than a high heat. It will bring some of the heat into the eggplant
and make it not quite so cooling.
So Iíve got the eggplants just coated in the oil and mix in with the onions. What Iím
gonna do at this point is put the lid on. Actually No, Iím gonna get the zucchini in
Ok, so eggplants had a few minutes on its own, next Iím going to add the zucchini right
in here. Iíve got it diced as well somewhat the same size as the eggplant. Iíll give
that a stir and then Iím gonna let it sit for a couple of minutes and once it had a
couple of minutes to just cook in the oil a little bit with the other vegetables Iím
gonna add a touch of salt and then cover it up so that it can cook with its own juices.
Alright! Zucchini has been in for a couple of minutes, as soon as you see it starts to
look just a little bit soft like itís starting to sweat a little bit thatís when the time
you add the salt and cover it up.
And youíre adding enough salt for all of these vegetables so Iím doing probably about
two teaspoons and then just stir it all together, just quickly and then cover it up.
And make sure thatís on medium medium low and weíll give that probably about 15 minutes
to cook and while Iím letting that cook Iím going to get going on the beans which I have
here in the sink.
So if youíre cooking your beans Iíve posted directions on the recipe. If youíre using
canned beans just rinse and drain them. Iím actually using canned beans today although
I should have cooked them.
Theyíre much better if you use your own cooked beans for the sauce because theyíre gonna
be a lot creamier whereas if youíre using canned beans Iím using, the company that
I use is really great they cooked their beans with no salt and they use combo in the cooking
water so really great for a canned bean but itís not quite as soft as it would be if
I cooked them myself.
So get the beans into the blender and then add some water and you want the water because
if youíre making a sauce here we want it to be creamy but we donít want it to be too
thin so Iím just gonna add enough water to come right up to the level of the beans.
And this will make it easy to blend and it will be fairly thick but I can always add
more water later so better to be too thick at this point than too thin. So Iím gonna
put this on the blender and just get it to a smooth texture.
So you can see that it is probably as thin as I ever wanted anyway and thatís just with
the amount of water that I put in there to start. Next thing Iím gonna do is add the
onions and I didnít add them before because otherwise you need more liquid to get things
going so when youíre using your blender itís a good idea to do ñ to do things slowly and
make sure you have enough liquid to do it.
But because we want this to be a nice creamy sauce, you donít have to add too much. And
if you get those onions right down into the liquid they will blend up much easier.
Ok, great texture, great smell. I put quite a bit onion in there so mine is gonna be pretty
oniony. I like that but you may not so use as much as you wish and then Iím gonna add
some salt and for this amount of sauce the beans were not cooked with salt right?
So you need to add enough to bring the flavor into them and what weíre bringing in is the
onion flavour. Itís probably about two and a half to three teaspoons of salt there and
then some nutritional yeast.
And Iím gonna put about a tablespoon of nutritional yeast in there and that is for a creamy flavor.
If you donít have nutritional yeast, it wonít taste quite the same, texture will be fine
but I would try some other flavorings to add in there.
And the last thing Iím gonna add is some nutmeg. Find it, there it is! Alright! So
these vegetables have softened right up. You can see that there. It also release a lot
of olive juice because of the salt that put in there.
And so the next thing Iím gonna do is add my beautiful kale. Iíve got a whole lot of
it because Phil and I love greens. Greens are one of the healthiest things you can eat
so they help the digestion of all other foods especially proteins so because weíre having
a bean sauce, thatís beautiful and creamy on itself. Iím putting lots of kale in here
to help digest them.
Ok, so once you get that stirred around and just moisten, it wonít take long to shrink
down and what Iím gonna do is just put the lid on for another couple of minutes and let
it shrink down.
And Iím using castine which is very hot on the handles so use a towel to hold those.
Ok, a couple of minutes and weíre ready to serve it.
Beautiful! See how much that kale has shrunk down and I put a lot in here, you donít have
to put that much if you donít want to but like I said I love kale so that is ready to
go. Iím going to turn the heat off because my castine pan keeps the heat for quite awhile.
So Iím gonna pour this right over the dish and get it mix right around in with the vegetables
and because my pot is still hot, itís gonna get heated or if you have a really shallow
stainless steel pot you could what am I saying here, you can leave it like on minimum to
see that the sauce is heated a little bit.
So beautiful creamy sauce here, Iíve done very little flavoring to it because I just
want to exenterate the flavor of the beans and combine that with the lovely flavors of
the vegetables.
Alright! There you go, a beautiful fat free creamy sauce courtesy of our beautiful white
beans and some delicious vegetables in there. Lots of kale, very healthy for your dinner