fellowship deception exposed

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hello brothers sisters in Christ and you tube
uh... at prayer having a wonderful mornin
on this Sabbath
the LORD brought me again here
uh... this morning
and he wanted me to speak about
satan's deception
through church fellowship
fellowshiping in with other people
whether it be brothers and sisters and Christ
anybody that you think
is a follower of Chist
and many are being deceived
all by this deception because
they're not going to Jesus
and it can be very easy
to be deceived by a brother
or sister
in Christ or a ministry
uh... in your town
in your church building or
even here on the internet
but we have to seek Jesus for ourselves so we do not get deceived by nobody
we are not to put our trust in men and women
or ministries
don't even trust me
we are to love one another,though
and share and carry
each other's burdens
but see
many are following other people not following Jesus this is why he wanted me
to come out here this morning
was to expose satan's deception
by fellowship
with other people
taking your eyes off Jesus and what his calling is for your life
i'm not saying
there's something wrong
with fellowshiping with other brothers and sisters
but they have to be of the same Holy Spirit
now the same holy spirit
is the LORD
and they will always point you to Jesus to keep seeking him
for greater gifts and manifestations
of the Holy Spirit
the LORD brought me
to john
chapter twelve
this is NIV version
starting at verse twenty three
through thirty six
and it reads
Jesus replied
the hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified
i tell you the truth unless a kernal wheat falls to the ground and dies
it remains only a single seed
but if it dies it produces many seeds
the man who loves his life will lose it
while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it
for eternal life
whoever serves me
must follow me
and where I am
my servant also will be
my father will honor the one who served me
now my heart is troubled
what shall i say
father save me from this hour
no, it was for this very reason I came to this hour
father gorify your name
then a voice came from heaven, I have glorified it
and will glorify it again
the crowd that was there and heard it, said it had thundered others said and angel had
spoken to him
Jesus said
this voice was for your benefit not mine
now is the time for judgment on this world
now the prince of this world will be driven out
but I
when I am lifted up from the earth
will draw all men
to myself
he said this to show the kind of death he was going to die
the crowd spoke up
we have heard from the law
that the Christ
will remain forever
so how can you say the Son of Man must be lifted up?
Who is this Son of Man?
then Jesus told them
you are going to have the light just a little while longer
walk while you have the light before darkness overtakes you
the man who walks in the dark
does not know where he is going
put your trust in the light while you have it
so that you that you may become Sons of light
when he had finished speaking
Jesus left and hid himself
from them
ok going back to verse
but I
when I am lifted up from the earth
will draw
all men
to myself
okay, so how is Jesus going to draw all men to himself?
Jesus is talking about the Holy Spirit
when those being filled by the Holy Spirit of God, being led by the Spirit of
the Spirit of God will draw all men Jesus
all to himself
so, its those who are led by the Holy Spirit drawing
the lost sheep
the deceived souls
and we have to make sure
that we are following Jesus
and not people
because it is by the Spirit of God
that we are saved
when we receive revelation from Jesus
confirmations from him
so we must keep our eyes on the LORD Jesus Christ
go and seek him right now
if you're not sure
if he knows you or not
going to ask him, go humble yourself
get on your knees and cry out to him
ask him to reveal himself to you
and he will, you have to have to faith
in Jesus Christ
because Jesus
is the only one that can save the soul
not me
not a ministry
not a brother or sister
only Jesus
and when we are led by Jesus
we become one Spirit
because there's only one Body of Christ, when we are all following Jesus Christ
then we've become one Spirit
so, follow Jesus
and don't follow people
or ministries
i love you all
i'm praying for you all
thanks for praying for me
and all Glory to God. Amen