UMK-FASA Course Recognition Carnival (Exclusive Behind The Scenes)

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I'm Siva
I'm not Sharma..haha
I'm siva
I'm not Fert, I'm Sharma
It's cool, It's hot
We're not talking about us, we're talking about the shooting
Now, sit back and relax
because we are about to show you
an exclusive behind the scenes
preview clips
Hafiyyan: One word; fun
Kembang: Two words; Ah! Ape nih?
Seven models,
each from the seven courses
were chosen to make this video shoot a success
That combines the element of mystery
and corporate lifestyle
Video director; Muhammad Firdaus (Fert SBN2)
is calling the shots
with the help of his two assistant directors
Farah Hafizah (SBS2) & Atiqah Izyannie (SBT2)
Science students are not just
a bunch of nerds...i mean
brainy nerds, but we are
also creative people
Not only seven models were involved
stepping into the green screen is the head of FASA Club
Mooi Wei Chen
The main purpose of providing this programme
is to let our students have a
clear idea about their own courses
So, we asked the models
What do they expect from their courses?
Will give me more exposure
about agriculture by practising all the lessons
that I've learned from my lecturers
I hope, we as a sustainablist
can help maintaining the
richness of the natural resources
for the next generation
In other words, we may say that
a sustainablist is a
Doctor of the nature
Geoscience is a very broad field
involving the study of interior Earth
and also other planets
from the smallest grain of sands

and the most important thing
we know the Earth better than anyone
I'm taking this as a challenge
and hopefully I can
join National Geographic & WWF in the future
because I love nature and I love forest too
I'm expecting it to be an enjoyable study
many field trips and
get a promising future that's all
it gives you beneficial,
and experience in this new field
SBP is Science Technology of Product Development
and for future I hope we as the 63 00:02:47,136 --> 00:02,48,448 graduated students from this course
would have the opportunity
to contribute our idea of plan
to booth the product quality of Malaysia
as good as foreign products
as what Malaysian today are proud of
And not forgetting
Some of our production crews
would also like to share their
experience with all of you
Walaupun penat, stress dengan student FASA
memang um...penat..
Good luck for student FASA
enjoy the moment with UMK
Shooting ni ENJOY!!!
Wow! This shooting is very
HOT! but,
I enjoy it
I hope our dean
will be proud of us
What I think about the shoot is... 84 00:03:,42 --> 00:03:43,616 interesting...
like make-up skills,
what the models need,
the need to take care of the models 88 00:03:48,261 --> 00:03 54:,559 they talk to you, and I always talk to them
that's why it is quite interesting
and busy job
have to prepare the scripts find the things they need
Furthermore, I believe that
after all our hardwork
our end product will come out very nice

So join us during the
Course Recognition Carnival
and start stepping-up
and walk your life to a brigther future
with us on the 16th October 2010
All counting: Satu, dua, tiga...
Narrated by Nur Izzaty Iqlima Norazman