How to Make Raw Chocolate : How to Find Cacao Beans for Chocolate

Uploaded by expertvillage on 08.02.2008

Hi, I’m Kelly Johnson of Sedona Chocolate Super Foods and we’re here on location in
the chocolate room of the Ridiculous Chocolate Factory, inside the Bliss Café in Sedona,
Arizona on behalf of Expert Village. So all cacao comes from the cacao tree and cacao
trees grow anywhere from within twenty degrees of the equator in tropical regions and most
cacao in the world, the best cacao comes from the native rain forests. One of the things
that I love about cacao is that it’s a shade tree in the rain forest, or it’s an under
story tree and it requires the shade of the rain forest for it to grow, so by using these
fair trade high quality cacaos we’re supporting the rain forest to stay intact instead of
cutting it down for lumber, cattle or soybeans, or whatever, you know, pharmaceuticals companies
and on and on and on.