Red Dawn

Uploaded by BaekHoProductions on 30.11.2012

Where did the little traitor go?
He went North.
Let's go North.
It's not over yet.
Follow me.
Looks like 4th of July fireworks, don't they?
You remember those right?
Ah I didn't think you would.
Not after what they did to you.
My name is Freeman, by the way.
You might know me better as the Tree Ghost.
Oh don't worry.
I won't be taking you to hell like your superiors told you.
Where are you taking me then?
Where did you take the others?
Canada my boy.
It's been a safe haven for Americans since the beginning.
What does Canada have?
Is it ... Is it good?
Well I suppose anywhere's better
than the re-education camp you were in.
In case something happens.
You were a famous man.
I once heard legends about you.
You see ..
You were the reason I was sent here originally
The resistance was-
Die capitalist pig!
Comrade 326.
You had me worried.
I thought I lost you to the imperialist forces.
But no.
I was worried for nothing.
You led us to the Tree Ghost.
And in doing so, you "killed" him.
When we return home.
You will be greatly rewarded
for your indirect efforts
to the cause of American liberation.
Now come! Comrade.
Your republic is calling you.
My name is David.
My name is David.
You are Comrade 3-2-6!
And your republic is calling you!
Who do you think you are?