Heaven and Earth 1990 (Ten to Chi to) Eng Subs (Captions)

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Grant me the courage
to defeat my brother and bring peace to our land.
In return, I will forsake
all worldly pleasures
and devote my life
to the protection of Echigo.
Kagetora Nagao,
the Emperor wishes you to know
that word of your bravery has reached him.
He is pleased you have chosen
to return these lands to his domain
and formally acknowledges you
as the Ruler of Echigo.
His Majesty looks forward
to future acts of such loyalty
I am honored, Messenger.
My Lord.
Was I right?
Does this qualify me to be a leader?
Even brothers
are subject to fate,
and one may be destined to kill the other.
You were born to be a ruler.
War is your destiny.
There is Fukashi.
beyond the mountains that run north and south
is the Zenkoji Plain in Shinano
And beyond?
And the "Tiger."
Kagetora will be a much stronger opponent than Murakami.
There is more to being a ruler than just winning wars.
Takeda goes into battle
with bags of gold.
He rewards his bravest fighters on the spot.
Excuse me.
Do you remember my daughter, Nami?
I recognized you in the forest
Forgive me for not greeting you
You met him somewhere?
I expected to find Nami married
What is it?
A messenger wishes to speak with you.
Have him wait.
Never mind. You may go.
Then, with your permission,
I will excuse myself
It has been too long.
Ten years.
What do you talk about with Usami?
My father speaks only of you
As his daughter, I am envious.
I have been taught each man must live out his own destiny.
Do you believe that?
Is everyone's future preordained?
I think so.
Lord Kagetora only bought ten of them.
Just ten?
Yes, he does not seem to like guns very much.
He referred to you, too, Lord Takeda.
"Takeda wants to win his battles
in order to conquer Japan
That is not why I fight," he said
"I have no such greed.
What I want from war
is a victory that ensures
peace in my land."
In fact,Lord Kagetora has never been defeated.
How unrealistic.
He needs to grow up.
How do you judge him?
But he has already unified Echigo
The "Tiger of Echigo" he is called.
And he has tamed the greatest Agakita warriors,
such as Nakajo, Honjo and lrobe.
Now, they are kittens compared to him.
He will be the main obstacle
in our invasion of Shinano
Find out more about him.
What does he like? His women, his advisers,food.
My Lord,
Takeda has invaded Shinano.
Soon he will be at our border.
We cannot just sit by and watch Takeda
capture the Zenkoji Plain.
It is said that several of the Shinano warlords
have already gone over to his side.
Some of Echigo's warriors
are considering joining him as well.
Supposedly, his invitation is quite attractive.
You think someone will betray us?
It is obvious
we must stop him now.
My Lord,
Lady Nami has arrived.
It has been a long time.
Have you been well?
My father asked me to give you this book.
Usami. For me?
Excellent. Battle strategies.
Why have you not married?
How strange a Lord would not take a spouse.
I made a vow to reject such pleasures.
Will you play your flute for me again?
What is keeping Takeda?
He promised to be here.
Kagetora has attacked us so swiftly
Takeda will not be able to come in time.
If we only had two more days
I never thought Kagetora would retaliate so quickly.
The traitor thought Takeda would save him.
We must make him an example.
My Lord, Shoda's family.
They had been away when we surrounded the castle.
We found them hiding in a temple nearby.
Take my message to the castle.
Yes, My Lord.
Bring Shoda's daughter with you and say this:
And your family will be spared
What is your reply?
Were I afraid of losing my family,
I would not have revolted.
Your reply!
Here it is.
Unless you surrender,
your wife and son will die
It seems women and children are all Kagetora can kill.
Is he afraid to fight men?
Shut up, traitor!
How much gold did he offer you to betray your master?
Give us your orders!
What is wrong? Why do you hesitate?
Shoda killed our messenger.
You must act!
Show no mercy!
They must be killed.
The Lord has given the order.
Kill the woman!
Kill her!
Lord Kagetora has deserted the castle.
Deserted the castle?
His spirit is weak!
He had no choice but to kill the child. Now he cannot face himself
How can he think that way and survive?
I leave for home tomorrow
I will...
stay here.
We must stop him
before he leaves Echigo.
He cannot
have gone far.
Not in this snow.
Why the armor?
Okuma has revolted.
MY Lord!
Where are you going?
I am not fit to rule Echigo
Who else can? No one but you.
Please return to your castle.
Okuma left to join Takeda
Luckily, we caught him before he reached the border.
Without you, Echigo will be a battlefield.
Please, My Lord.
Make way!
Forgive me.
I am Kansuke Yamamoto.
Lord Usami, your reputation as a military strategist
is widely known, even in our province of Kai.
I am honored to meet you.
Lord Takeda, my master, has no desire to fight Kagetora.
Then why invade Shinano?
Kai is small,
and the soil rocky.
It cannot yield enough food for our people.
But Shinano is large and fertile
You want Kagetora to ignore your raids into Shinano?
I hear your lkko priests are rioting.
Takeda is their friend
He could be of help to you, if you let him.
I have always wanted to see one of Takeda's tricks.
You have shown one to me.
I am known for my loyalty
I would never be a traitor.
If that is true,
why did such a loyal man abandon his master and return to his home?
Why would he receive Okuma, knowing he was a traitor?

There, beyond Mt. Fuji, lies the sea.
Someday I will take that land and show it to you myself.
My ambitions have no limits.
I will secure a fleet.
A fleet?
Yes. Can you imagine a clan in the mountains
with battleships to conquer the capital!
But, before that, I must take Shinano
Three roads have been built,
from Suwa to Daimon Pass
They will provide quick transport for wagons.
Build roads first, then fight
That is Takeda's strategy.
We will have to confront him sooner than I thought.
We must not let him cross the Chikuma River.
send our spies to Shinano to spread rumors.
Say that the people of Suwa who surrendered to Takeda
were sent to the mines to work as slaves.
Spread the word.
I heard you did not like such tricks, Lord Kagetora.
A fair fight is not always practical in war.
Sometimes one must be cruel and terrify the people.
My Lord, let me take the front line.
Kitajo, Murakami and the rest of Shinano's men,
Last night, rain raised the water level of the river.
We could lose soldiers before the battle.
What do you suggest?
Leave it to us.
Kakizaki never lets us join in the fighting.
I barely got to use my sword.
Be patient. The war has just started.
The Shinano warriors fought bravely,
Takeda must have been terrified.
This land belongs to us.
Naturally, we know it well.
I wish Usami could see us fight.
Why did he not bother to join the battle?
My Lord! They have burned our bridge!
It has been twenty days,
and we have had no real battles.
I do not like this.
Takeda does.
He hates to openly challenge a strong opponent.
Is he trying to worry us?
My Lord.
An enemy scout?
It is a woman.
She is a warrior.
The woman we saw in the snow.
I challenge any Echigo warrior brave enough to fight,
to a duel!
Maybe later tonight, I will challenge you in bed.
Lady Yae, pull back!
Allow me to speak.
I am Lord Takeda's vassal.
Tadatsugu Hajikano.
I have a message from Lord Takeda
What is it?
Lord Kagetora's ability to handle a rifle is superb.
He shot Lady Yae off her horse. Excellent!
Someday we will cross swords in battle,
but now we are retreating.
You may attack us from the rear
I acknowledge his message
and accept his challenge.
It will be a pleasure to cross swords with him.
Most certainly. Now excuse me.
What happened?
What are you hiding?
Must we stay here?
Why have we not gone back to Lord Kagetora's castle?
Why did you not help him fight Takeda?
Will you not answer? Why not speak out?
Everyone will think you are a traitor.
Takeda cannot influence me.
But deep in my heart, I have turned my back on Kagetora.
A letter from Takeda, addressed to Usami.
by Takeda himself
Usami's treason is evident.
Will Usami come?
If he does not,
we will go to him and destroy his castle.
He will come, definitely.
What is your command?
Remain here.
I will kill him myself
Do not try to help me.
Anyone who interferes will die
My horse!
Let us begin.
To the death.
Your skills are not good enough to kill Takeda.
You have given me a place to die.
Finish it.
They are watching.
Do not hesitate.
Forgive me.
I have punished Usami with death!
Kagetora is here
to see the Lady Nami.
No, Lady.
Open the gate!
Lady, do not go!
Listen carefully.
Usami was found guilty of treason.
Therefore, I had no choice
but to kill him in a fair duel
This time we will punish him, in the name of Heaven!
Fear not death! Fear only shame and dishonor!
Run away and you will die a coward.
We are going to fight a decisive battle,
which will determine the destiny of the Takeda clan.
I am determined to kill Kagetora this time.
I know he is planning to kill me, as well.
Is this fog usual?
Yes, for this time of year
The fog will last for days, especially after warm weather
What is he doing?
He holds a banquet every night.
He recites poetry, too.
I do not understand.
We cut off his reinforcements from Asahiyam a. He is isolated
What are we missing?
He would not be so stupid as to cross the river.
Why does he not move?
Why did I not think of it sooner?
How many days is it from Kasugayama?
How big is the garrison?
Twenty thousand.
Kagetora is waiting for reinforcements from Kasugayama
Then he will crush us.
We would not have a chance.
That is why he has not made a move.
I was afraid of this
We failed
lam sorry.
Our spies at Kawanakajima were killed.
It is over.
That is war.
Still Kagetora makes no move.
What is he thinking?
If we waste too much time here,
some 01 the men may rebel.
That is it.
I must not lose my chance to take the capital.
You have fought with him.
What do you say?
He is a man of little patience.
I have never seen him this patient before.
I cannot tell you what he is planning.
All I can say is that he is determined to win.
Let me hear your opinions.
Take our main force and pitch a camp at Kawanakajima.
This will lure him off the mountain.
When he attempts to cross the river, we attack.
Our numbers are greater.
Victory will be ours.
Divide our force into two
One group will raid Mt.Saijo from the rear.
The other will lay an ambush at Kawanakajima.
Attack from the rear and drive them out.
They will find themselves trapped
They have started cooking earlier than usual tonight.
Now the time has come to fight.
Those clouds?
Will they bring the fog'?
It will gather by night.
At dawn, you will not be able to see your own hands.
It will clear in the morning around seven o'clock.
Seven o'clock.
Takeda must be aware of this.
But who will the fog favor? Me or him?
Reporting! Takeda's army is moving!
Interesting. Very interesting.
My Lord.
What is it?
This is...
Nam I's?
Is she dead?
Shall I begin?
we will cross the river.
Before the enemy can attack, we will go down the mountain
Takeda should be waiting to ambush us at Kawanakajima.
We will attack him.
The fog will lift at seven in the morning.
Then we will begin.

Do you hear anything?
The sound of waves.
The enemy!
The troops are ready.
Relay my commands.
Kagetora is on the run.
He will put up a desperate fight when he meets us.
Our night-attack troops will pursue him.
Then we will advance.
Do not move without my orders. Hold your positions.
Make this especially clear to my son, Taro.
The scouts are late.
Listen. change to the Crane Formation.
Change to the Crane Formation!
Ten kyu Troops, forward!
The Rolling-Wheel Formation!
Kagetora has outsmarted us.
That is war.
We must fight hard.

Lancers, forward!
Ten kyu is asking for reinforcements
Send the Suwa men.
Who is on the right wing?
Taro Takeda.
Pull Murakami back.
Retreat. Takeda's son, Taro, will come out in pursuit.
Then we will surround him and kill him.
Pull back!
Now! Follow me!
Your son is attacking Murakami.
Taro is chasing him? What a fool!
Tell him I said to return to his position.
Surround them!
I will take my troops to rescue him.
Forget it.
Follow me!
Master Taro, retreat!
Master Taro, go back!
Have my men returned from the night attack?
Not yet.
Attack the enemy from the front
Tenkyu is yours.
Yes, sire!
Kakizaki Troop, forward!
Where is Tenkyu?
I, Kakizaki, challenge you.
Do not pull back.
Hold your positions.
I, Kakizaki, have slain Tenkyu.
My horse.
Get my horse.
Takeda, I am coming for you
We will attack Takeda.
I want his head.
Nothing less.
Press forward!
My Lord, we must retreat to Kaizu Castle.
I will not.
I cannot.
I must fight Kagetora.
Look. Our reinforcements.
All out!
As you have always said.
If you win six out of ten, you may call it a victory.
Exactly so, in this case.