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If you're thinking of buying My Shed Plans then as I've already bought My Shed Plans
I thought I'd do a My Shed Plans Review so you can have a look inside and see what you'll
be getting for your money which is $37 at this time or if you're in the UK like me is
about £30 which includes VAT. When you do pay for it you do get a chance to upgrade.
I'll just quickly show you the special one time offer you can buy if you like. So once
you've paid you're money the first page you'll be taken to is this one. If you do buy it
you can have a look through that page yourself rather than me wasting your time with it.
So that costs another $30. I chose not to buy it so I just clicked on one of these links
and it took me to the standard edition package download area, My Shed Plans VIP memebrs area.
So this is where you'll come to once you've bought. You can order this on CD rather than
download everything but it is another $20 so that's up to you whether you do that or
not, personally I'm just going to download the ebooks and guides. So have a quick look
through what there is inside. So there's some PDFs here, there quite large files for PDFs,
50 megabytes, 52 megabytes, 25. So number 2 outdoor plans, I haven't actually looked
at that so let's see what we get with this. Ok so we've got a lot more plans. These look
like maybe farm and animal related plans, poultry plans, recreation plans. I'm just
going to pause the video quickly and take a look through see what we have. Ok so we've
got a load more plans that we can follow to build, this is a, think this was a chicken
coop. Was it a chicken coop? Pigeon house, so that's pigeon house plans. So I'll just
quickly show you how many pages through this. So each one of these is a PDF. So there's
loads of different plans there to go through, you're bound to find something I would have
thought that you can find a use for. So anyway before I forget let's have a look at the first
main woodworking project files PDF, which is 220 plus woodworking projects. So it's
this one. So you can see 977 pages in this PDF and I'll just quickly, very quickly skim
through. You can see there's a lot of images, diagrams, writng and different products you
can make using this PDF so there's lots of, lots of different woodworking plans and projects
in that PDF, so just shows you that there's a lot of value in that.There's a lot there.
That was the outdoor plans, and steps in building a, steps in building a shed, that's what it
says. Think that's about 6 pages or something to that one. It just takes you through the
steps in building a shed, 8 pages there. It's got images in as well. So it's all pretty
useful stuff to be quite honest, and there's lots of it to go through. It's not all to
do with sheds as you can see, there's a lot of woodworking stuff. PDFs and guides that
you can look through. I should think there's hundreds of PDFs altogether, probably says
somewhere, but you won't get bored, and you're bound to find something that you're going
to be able to use. So it's well worth the money in my view. I have bought Clickbank
products before and not every product has been good. This one looks certainly value
for money. Lets take a look at one of these sheds and garages packs. Save file. Another
quite big download, 11.7 megabytes as it says there. Once it's downloaded. Yeah so there's
a lot of, more PDFs, more downloads, there's unadvertised bonuses. Raising Rabbits To Survive,
What's For Dinner, Ultimate List Of Rabbit Breeders. Five, oh recommended product. So
these are other related products that you can go and buy if you like. So there's a lot
of things to look through if you do buy My Shed Plans. Let's take a look at that, see
what we've got in this pack. Shed And Shop Designs, Townhouse Designs, Ultimate Building
Designs, so let's take a quick look at this. 61 pages. So there's a lot of detail there
as you can see. Well I think we've taken a long enough look to give you a good idea of
the value you'll be getting if you go ahead and buy My Shed Plans and in my opinion it's
definitely worth buying, so I hope you've enjoyed My Shed Plans review and if you haven't
enjoyed it at least hopefully you might have found it useful and if you want to find out
more on My Shed Plans then please check the link in the description below the video. Thanks
for watching.