Street Musicians Day in Your Town 2012 (with English Subtitles)

Uploaded by StreetMusiciansDay on 10.04.2012

“Street Musicians Day“ came very spontaneously.
It was long matured thought, which appeared in one interview that I gave to one of Lithuanian newspapers
I've always wanted that musicians play in the streets of Vilnius.
I wrote an e-mail, send it. People responded, and sent my letter to others.
That day we had a large number of people playing in Vilnius and Lithuania.
Now, street musicians will take place on more than 50 cities and towns.
This is probably one of the biggest events covering the entire country.
This day, which makes everyone feel like in a huge concert hall,
where behind every corner of the house, on the street,
on park waiting for your new adventures, new impressions and new experiences.
Nice that the festival attracts the most creative artists from Vilnius and foreign, who are not professional,
maybe that first time dared out into the street and show themselves not only to your friends, but to the public.
Anyone can become a street musician who plays maybe just at home, or circle of friends playing own pleasure,
maybe it pays just one song or two chords guitar
or just plays an instrument, which learned to play in childhood.
And he does it for own pleasure. All have an opportunity to become street musicians.
This is a very beautiful day.
A lot of people voluntarily create this festival - a huge festival of the city where everyone is pleased,
all happy and all the places some of its share. For me, this is one of the most beautiful days of spring.
The good to know that now we can say: this is one of the largest organized events in Lithuania
Neighboring cities - Riga, St. Petersburg, Minsk joined us. We look forward to Tallinn when join us.
We are left invited to join another neighboring country - Poland.
With all the neighboring countries would be more opportunities to invite other countries.
To allow the "Street Musicians Day" in the city should be the person or group of people who take the challenge to organize.
And the best is that they contact us and tell all the questions they care about. And we will try to answer them.
It would be more impulsions, if the city to have a well-known musician who could write a letter and invite everyone to join one day.
It is important that those who wear the idea and are able to realize it. It is the organizers.
It is important that in the city would be a lot of creative, free people, who would like to show yourself.
Without a doubt, one of the most important is the support of the city.
It is government support. Organizing such an event you surely have to get permission to ensure public order and discipline.
It is without a doubt with the blessing of city government you can start organizing this event.
And of course, when one city joins, then automatically invited and other cities.
When the mayor sends invitation to another mayor - it is even more reinforcements.
Also, I would suggest to get together a really good team, because it is a non-profit event.
It is also very important to build a good team of volunteers.
Arranging "Street Musicians Day" volunteers do a wide variety of tasks.
The beginning they are communicated on "Street Musicians Day" web site, Facebook site.
Event day volunteers work in info centers, share brochures, maps, register musicians, give attributes to them.
They do o a variety of ancillary works.
What are the benefits of such a city festival?
This is a particularly good mood, because I think that living in the city is very important to think not only about work,
about everyday concerns, but look to the city with new eyes.
And it was the "Street Musicians Day" shows the city population somewhat different,
unexpected, yet undiscovered, and more and more intriguing.
It is very important.
I think it shows that the city is united, there are many well-meaning, ideological, creative people. This gives the city identity.
I am very happy that my city, that this festival is so massive.
All willing to participate. All come to the feast.
In fact, most people are a lot of give that this festival happens.
This means that the festival should be for us, and we want it. And we can do it.
I am very happy that my city is so amazing and festival can happen here.
The dream is that "Street Musicians Day" takes place not only in Lithuania but also in neighboring countries
and that the festival takes place over one and the same day.
And when it happens, the same day at all is a very strong sense of community.
If speak about the truly unreachable dreams, I very much hope that one day all people would go to the streets and play music.
If that happens, I think the world changed that day. The exchange would be for the better.
I invite all to participate in the Street Musician Day, look for us on the internet.
Take a look at next time will be "Street Musicians Day".
No matter where you are. You are in Lithuania, in Europe or America.
Maybe you're in Antarctica.
The join on to the world that comes out into the streets to play.
In this way, we can change the world.