World War Z Novedades / News ACUSACIONES DE CONSPIRACIÓN [FULL HD] Alex Jones Secrets Leaked #5

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hello all hours have brought fresh news about world war z
but before
she says that there is a small group of survivors in the southern
in the bunker with food have guns and a rat
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from here I send a greeting very strong
and do not miss the last program on account and tarantino
and now I bring you another cent news about brad pitt war movie
z and tell world news especially
because what I have not directly related
neighborhoods was serious because they are throwing accusations of conspiracy
toward the film and to the book Max Brooks accused the producers and
in this case is producing plan brad pitt and at the very max brooks
d do want world z is a propaganda tool then
world order
from l
global governance
or whatever you want not the achilles camaro statements that performs álex
llorens radio announcer in his very famous in the United States will go through
web page
worth Infobolsa with them
in that we are under a government global
we are under a world government
on its website infojus dotcom
lic put the decision to live in one little lower and its program
Radio theory outlined his theories bread about a cessation pharmaceutical painful
handling two cepeda
falk per share up comments on the book
about the work of Ramon deckhouse is a love letter to globalist
genocide worldwide
tea worth what the next excuse dismal excuse given infection
UN carte blanche
to do
world government global government
Poser many
McQueen says he fell in the tent or under the mask
Fresh from a zombie movie summer
and that a message is embedded a hidden message
valeria antihuman genocide
it is intended to condition the public that mankind is to be
be exterminated not go beyond just attack the film but
book also attacks if the max brooks Book the book its good indicator that of
the film will be a manifest simulation of the UN war worth
psychological game and face the World War Z declares war on the
Colombian arid humanity itself reads as the enemy
Vale and the United Nations as the savior
well until two possibilities accessions pay is made of many
webs of conspiracy and that according uninformed
with this is to say that it would be puppet state to bomb
with false information
as a listener distinguish not know what what is true of lazio
and continue to give the whiff of geek
anything that goes against the government of the press
the other possibility is also very this valid
is not the first time we know that the film is used as propaganda
operation to read the book game
I recommend his book it tells how eg rambo movies and Otto
camp went up 400%
Army recruitment U.S.
if soldiers down bars and index low recruitment
produces a film
takes a director puts money in the studies as it is the case
Heartbreak Ridge
a film worth well known by all
for whom it is not surprising that use
this piece of book
I get to see d
for this is that we need a government approve
there is a threat and that the approved only way is to stay together
From here you have to take our own conclusions
just stop
not going to be lived would love know your opinions know and I know
that I have subscribers who are real experts
people like me
they loved the book
I do nothing as it just said soon hold hearings on both
thank you very much to all informed by the host channel is worth taking
are more than 100 subscribers
I find it amazing that so
it happens all agree to always