Brazil Anti-Smoking Ads on Packs

Uploaded by CraniumOnEmpty on 17.08.2010

Hey, uh...
I kind of want to have been showing the packs of cigarettes
since I got in Brazil,
so I'm going to show them to you.
None of these images are mine, so...
I don't recommend anybody use them. Use them at your own risk.
Either way, let's get on with this...
The first one here is about "Horror".
Shows an image that I have on my pack right now actually.
This next one, "Toxic Fumes", shows a little kid backing off from smoke.
Then you have "Suffering". Somebody suffering on a hospital bed.
"Toxic Product". Guy on the floor. Looks kind of fake, doesn't it?
Then you have "Impotency".
Thumbs down. If you turn it upside-down,
then you have thumbs up.
This is the first one I saw in Brazil. I thought it was kind of funny.
This one is "Gangrene", and they kind of get worse from here
just so you know.
Then you have "Infarction".
Looks like someone took an axe to the guy's head.
"Victim Of This Product".
Well, you know, you'd think this is an abortion ad or something.
Here's a bunch of them that I just...
I found a picture of all of them,
so I just grabbed it.
There's a whole bunch of them if you want to look online.
Look for the Ministry of Health in Brazil.
The advertisements they have.
Either way, here's one that I found
"Smoking Causes Argentinism"
I think this one would be really effective here in Brazil,
and I decided the...
For the last one, I made my own.
Smoking causes surprise buttsex. Yeah!
Tell me what you think of these.
I thought they were kind of interesting, so that's why I put them here.
Hey, your brain light is on.