2012 Hawaii Digital Government Summit: General Session

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wow thank you governor
for your inspirational leadership and your challenge to all of us to better serve the people of
Hawaii in an effective and efficient use of government
as you heard from the governor it is about unity of purpose
it's all about working together so that we can walk the talk
it's all about turning into can do
and we can do by the way
it's also about turning data
in with context and information
and with experience and knowledge
and wisdom
some of us but gray hair heve a little wisdom but there were no they're not quite sure
we need more data
it is a tremendous opportunity and you learn from the
governor and his passion
that's one of the reasons i came here two reasons i came here to Hawaii
his leadership really inspired me i knew he cared
he told me to leave from the very beginning
what how much he cares for hawaii and how much you want to do the best thing
for the hawaii
and hawaii can be the best
and that's what inspired me to come because
definitely we have some challenges and we are a little bit behind about twenty plus i
meant thirty
we have some challenges but the people
the aloha spirit
and what you have done
is really what inspired me
so first let me just say thank you
to all of you for coming today
and choosing to engage in this journey
cause it's a journey
is gonna take a while
i'd like to do it in DC time but even DC doesn't quite get it if you
can just see
we have some challenges
but we need to unite and i think that is our strength
and we need to capitalize on that
we need a positive path for the people of the late and that's what we've
by learning from our past
by implementing many changes in the present
and realizing a better future for our keiki and kapuna
i sense the excitement of the commitment
you've felt the commitment
and the energy of the room to work together to meet you to achieve this
this is something i'm doing from my heart
today is a unique day by the way governor for the first time not using powerpoint
this is this is a scary venture for me

we need to work together to serve
our citizens and residents
these are the family
the relatives our friends and members of extended ohana
this is why we're here
we joined the government because we want to serve
we're public servants
and the governor is exactly right
for a long time
i think the government's staff have been bashed
unfairly i might add
across the country especially in hawaii as well
with reductions in sort the government should commitment from day
for the people
so we are going to invest in the people
we are going to grow the economy and transform the government
but let's have some fun and actually achieve something at the end of the day
you all know in your hearts
you all know in your hearts that
we don't do it for the money but
we do it because we care
we do it because we care who provide services to our people
and our citizens and residents and when you see that
that is the inner satisfaction that we get out of the success
success breeds success
so let me just say first
my thanks for the government staff
for your pride in public service
especially during these hard times you have exemplified
and i choose the words very carefully by the governor uses fantastic vocabulary
i'm and improving sir
and above all
you are good stewards
of the important critical services
that our citizens need
for everyday and daily lives
make no mistake about it
provides two hundred twenty business function and services
again hundreds of
business processes
our citizens and residents depend on these
that's an awesome responsibility that we had
i know
that somehow you've kept the state going
you've kept the state operational
despite very very tough circumstances in some cases i think a fifty percent cut
in some areas from the previous administrations
and we thank you for servicing commitment but we're going forward
we're not looking at the past we're not going to be blaming anyone
we're just
we have a positive path forward governors knew their plan
our transformation plan lays the plan this is our first ever that is
in the state of hawaii and it's been noticed
it's been noticed
in DC
its been noticed across all the fifty states
if they notice in other countries that have been approached by several people
and say hey what's going on in hawaii
theythought we were on the beach we're not there to work here
the state of hawaii
encapsulated is an enterprise of medium size pool complexity
our c_e_o_
is governor
we have a budget of eleven billion dollars by thirty percent federal
about one point four percent is in IT
one point four percent
it is a bit below 3-5 percent over time the governor was saying
but ought
his administration have taken the first step to actually
documenting this
and and and looking at exactly what's going on
we serve one point four million residents and citizens of hawaii
with about forty one thousand state employees
and one point eight percent of this is IT a little low but about seven hundred
fifty people
uh... that i can't find come for so far
we have 18 departments
hundred eight attached agencies
and a hundred and sixteen boards and commissions and decentralized IT in the abuse it lies i t
that's a challenge
but as the governor said you ready for the challenge and i said absolutely
but i can work together
i don't need everything centralize let's work together first come up with a
collaborative solution that we can all come up with and go forward
we have thirty five lines of business that we provide across these eighteen
two hundred and twenty business functions services and hundreds of complex
manuals silo paper-based processes
that's why the citizens have to wait in line
less than five percent of our services are online
the world is changing
my mobile device has been taken away to the where the table because of a
radio interference you want holding up that iphone did uh... the uh...
the iphone is doing the world
the blackberry has changed the world
the andriod is changing the world
the pda the ipad is changing the world you can get all these services mobile
anywhere anytime
that's the future
well the great thing is in great
and great opportunities wherever there's been a successful business case of this
people who are able to leapfrog thirty years ahead to the latest technology
as Calbert Young my counterpart the c_f_o_ has told me
don't get me the iphone 5 as a metaphor
give me iphone 10 let's go to the next that's what the governor has challenged me with
to come up with the next
for the next plan for that we can
skate to where the puck's going to go that is ice hockey of reference

we also have technology but that's up to thirty years old
seven hundred forty fragmented systems that i've found in the confession booth
open the confessionbooth and everyone came to confess their sins
and seven hundred forty so far sir
i think they're a few more sinners out there we will be letting them in
we have weak in throughout ability as the governor mentioned we cannot share horizontal fusion we cannot share across databases
vital records that go from birth to death
sometimes not in hawaii but other places as well that could be paying
someone is already passed away in fact there was a case on that
we got to change that
but that's because we have to have information linkage across these
when i was in the intelligence community i worked in the f_b_i_
for eight years
and after nine eleven i remember we worked our butt off seven days a week for
eight years many years
it was all about linking the information we call it connect the dots
all my engineering degrees did not amount to anything
but kindergarten connect the dots really work
my point to you is connect the dots just about that in a way but
is really on a serious note
connecting the dots means you connect all the databases and data
together with the contexts and becomes information you get the key information
the you need
we did that
and i'm proud to say that a lot of the attacks were averted in this country
which i cannot talk about
but all i can say is
people of intelligence community law enforcement community the DOD and others
did a great job because the connected those dot
we can also do the same thing in the state
because we have a lot we are like a mini u_s_ government one
eighteen cabinets and departments all-in-one working together
all the seven hundred forty databases
you all know deep in your heart it's time for change
we've done a great job you've done a great job
in in achieving
and keeping the system a life
but we need to invest in upgrade right it's about time before it's too late
while to get the system alive somehow through your
heroism basically
the second word i learnt when i came to hawaii was puka
and we have some big pukas and small pukas
but we got many pukas
and john puka means hole
and we have it because of shortage of resources
but we need to fix it before we have a major crash
because when the system goes down information is irretrievably lost
and our key services and benefits do not
are not provided for the citizens
as the governor mentioned
and mentioned before a lot of our data centers are
below sea level in one or two miles away from the water
that's not a good thing
so there's a call for action
and we need to change
the way we do business
the good news is
at the end of the world not happen december twenty one
twenty twelve
I got it from authority
but it's rather interesting
that december twenty one twenty twelve
in the document the mayan civilization called monument six is what's called
twenty six thousand years ago the ice age the last ice age the same day
december twenty first is
when the milky way
and the earth are all align
with the equator
at the same time
and so with this there's some disturbances from the sun that can cause
all kinds of uh... challenges
well that has a way could devastate electronics
so we got to watch out for that
latest experts have said that twenty-one
twenty twelve nothing bad is going to happen uh... we're all
good there
but we also got say
that while the benefits of not investing a very clear benefits off investing in
the change of the governor's mention
are very clear as well
we can enable government to be more efficient
prepare employees to be more effective
and and and more productive through training and education which is what
we're going to do
citizen increased services
from the government
and they can get online anywhere they want it
our vision is a myhawaii.gov portal where you can get all the services
online in fact it on a website
you'll see that ocean net
has taken the opened data and come up with a a and open free
uh... my mercy's software that allows you to have been a disaster preparedness
so you can actually
input that information and that you can't you geo code it and and ensure the
website and you can
give that information back
it's like a three one one but a small mini kinda app
but we're going forward
all of you think you'll see a lot more of these apps come out
but fundamentally the governor has challenged us with
is we need to have a future competitive advantage for hawaii
as the president put it we're the tip of the spear
their hawaii is a perfect spot
to really take advantage off our location
our aloha
also some of our people
so if you give them
all the training and we give them the technology
and there have been plenty akamai and have done a great job keeping all of this thing
if anyone can keep a vast computer for thirty six years by buying parts on ebay
i'm giving them a macgyver award
they can definitely take the new technology and take it to another level
so technology efficient government can attract business and investment hawaii
workforce will prepare us for the future
so we have good news for you
we have a plan the government gave two years
to come up with the full detail plan working with a foundation
i'm pleased to announce i finished in one
we also have initial funding
we got four to half million dollars from the hawaii community foundation
thanks for the government support and the legislature support
we've got twenty five point three million dollars in the supplemental
you're gonna have to give us anything
but that started the journey that tells me that they're serious
and we've begun to implement the plan with projects
to create additional government foundation to provide the services for citizens
one of the things that i did was i wanted to get collaboration across the
eighteen departments and they were almost hundred fifty people
in the collaborative groups
and is not a hundred people signed up and said lets help
the governor is really big on collaboration across organizational
lines to make things happen
so here are some things that we did first we learn from industry
from federal and state government best practices lessons learned and that
resulted in in four months of course publisher baseline assessment
in nine months we published a transmission plan how we can
go in the future and bridge the gap
over seven phase in twelve years
that coincide with the biennium
and with the first year or two about the funding
governor i'm pleased to say a support us fully into buying a budget going forward
you talk with the number but it's it's fully supported
we have started with at the top ten programs at thirty many projects which
ten of them already dot to show that we can do it and that's another cubans will
be barred from the mistakes
we don't want the big bang which is
it worked with three years and then come up with the deliverable
we're gonna start doing it things every three months something for the op
so that we can keep going and keep working together and and
and working at the team
dislike month ideal
each done us proud in the state
but he's part of the team get down here to talk
you never thought it would be a month a tale of the transformation
but it's all the time
a governor did release on that
what a great presentation for our state how he's conducted himself but it's all
about teen here what he says and i do the same thing
we have started to banana top ten programs and be able to secure the
b_-minus grade nine oh five b_ minus a bigger greater but uh... that we were
b_-minus for visual government survey
is is uh... deputy pretty good and michigan who's here and utah number one
always there is a john them here tell you that the white what type of awaits
objects are larger than the appear but on that
just joking
thank you but uh... john and uh... didion has been very helpful to us and
sharing because we haven't really competition between our government
government cios
and let me just say
that c_i_o_ permission report john but uh...
we have tremendous sharing in that the spirit of that's happening in america
we are working together
when that happens the power really takes over the next level
our work is we noticed in hawaii
on a national level at the national solicitous t_c_i_'s across the key
states in the federal government
so we have a surprise guest for you
the governor mention him
uh... the distinct order of playing a videotape message received yesterday
last night from the federal government c_i_o_ stacy venerable
for the white house
steve the charge of the entire u_s_ government i_d_ portfolio
slightly more than two fifty seven million b dot
he controls the debate
you can talk about
he was advisable plasmid in two weeks ago
and i told them you know
what's going on in kuwait
houston federal government so i i do have one begets separation bc can do a
lot of people there
i told him
from my heart
what the governors doing and the governor obviously
is very highly respected
and i thought of what we are doing what you're doing
and he was blown away
you without sleep go to leaflet wow
what's going on in the way
and he looked at the plan he says i said
would you like to
give a speech in front of the way civil right now i can travel but i'd like to
be a big message and he's done that
so here is far from the white house if you pay the video please
aloha from the white house washington d_c_
and steven venerable united states chief information sir
i really regret that i cannot join person today api the wind digital
governments on it with an enhanced depreciation the power of like t to
transform your government
internet revolution in the nineteen nineties bravado life-changing shifted
way we can see deliver for mation services
from academic research to travel
to personal business communications also change the way we as people interact and
and really expect interact with our government
today i can pay my bills buy plane tickets book restaurant reservations and
contact my health care providers with the push of a button on my smartphone
i like so many americans want the same smart secure instant access to
government provided services government house information
here in washington were making that happen reluctance
earlier this year president obama and i'd shoot a directive to make important
federal services accessible anytime anywhere antonini device
the president charge me with developing a comprehensive strategy to build the
twenty-first century digital government
we release the strategy back in may two thousand twelve and the u_s_ is already
seen the benefits by opening up government data
we stimulated innovation and entrepreneurship
uh... and what we're seeing now is the proliferation of the data economy fueled
by our smart and secure government open beta policies
today you'll hear first hand from the c_i_a_ or the state of why i thought the
power of i_t_t_ to transform the way the state does business
i applaud him
governor abercrombie and their colleagues in the wind statehouse for
the tireless work deliver better services
and out into the citizens of hawaii
as we look to the future must insure i tease used to be power innovators within
the public and private sectors
and to deliver the next generation of citizen centric solutions to americans
i look forward to working with all the shape his future
and you wish you a productive inspire day
well experiments granddaughter press to get
we have a
he said the state messaging wanted to do this and uh... so thank you very much
acknowledging that
things that he's talking about an open-ended so government lot of things
that i was doing before i came here
it's possible nor impossible i will say that's one thing even though there's a
eighty billion dollar budget not come with us back to me that you received you
will receive the award as well
white house is standing by thirty million dollars in terms of some of the
program federal plan
debate about uh...
trent lott security
the dataset of consolidation initiative which is good for getting twenty
thousand of the two two thousand nine sixty two centers
musing about forty percent
or five years to save money
similar kind of things that we have law student vision
which has been reviewing with everybody given jessica comments than to publish
openly to the world
for vision is very simple
residents citizens state employees and government
and business partners
connect to the right information anywhere anytime when any device
security reliably
for any mission
through a portal
mike away dot gov
his vision is really really important
because it tells us
that everything that we do is about information
again today
you really care about how it provided know what you care about is the
information that you need to get a job done
and you wanted on a mobile device and you can customize it
on this board room
so that you can get the information customized for you
and this is the kind of future that we're looking at
i'm happy to report that is very political system
with uh... michael dot doc form that's coming out from the white house
that is for the u_s_ government
so again we're sharing government the government ideas is how we can go
so they know this feature
we can look at the meetings that will be how this could be different
weekend eliminate paper filings
and you can
applied online services
where you know exactly how long would take would've been nice
but sometimes you did the right forms and
go up to the cover
and the lady or back
says full student panelists you know because one extra form
you gotta go back to the line and come back
and reapply
and you just wanna say cost darted right
and univ saying thank you very much
we have another
you know that is not a very good in environment sometimes you know how long
would serve we have a lot of jobs like that you wait in line for a long time
would've been nice of you know that everyone got the same shock
it with three steps and you can go to step two if you go to step one
and you just put it in that you've done and that's what's on about online
services that sort of waiting in line one line
soda revises vision we've done three things
the three strategies
i'd like you to just uh...
if you can jot this thing down or
put it over here would be great
revoking the wrong thing so we gotta focus on
number one the mission services that the citizens need
region of the business processes
from provide the services acts
so that the citizen and residents can get all this information
the focus on the citizen in the mission
that's really what what which boxing
second behind the scenes
they should be working on consolidating infrastructure
and having shared services so that the stuff works like a utility
if i could network called without the computing works email works all the sort
of thing right will guess what's happening
because that the second when not working people are spending time on that been
what really matters is the mission
and if you work with the mission that's the satisfaction that you would get in
in serving the citizens that's what we would focus on
lab dashboards
we got to have reviews so that
the the other warlords
the first were a kid was not on the line mahalo
it was that the other
along with that word means
clearly means accountability responsibility and that's what i have
governor i'd need to do this
so we all need to do this i ask you for your support
to say
less force of the cargo but we want to help each other
riverhead each other kids programs of all the programs in hawaii unfortunately
but behind
but record of how the government so again dirty things are
focus on the mission in the business process in the aps
walking toward citizens and all sorts provide
fixed infrastructure behind the scenes so that works
working dobbins and ask what all this kind of thing so that we can
make these things happen and we can hold each other part of a limit things happen
and with that means
policies a process and all the sort of thing
the what distress leads to is ten programs
and and programs
everybody talk about today
lined up with these three strategies
so far
i think one of the website these and weekend uh... uh... show you what we're
talking about
in this website we have a lot of things in here which is a new website based on
mobile does first design
which is connected nasa's response that you can actually put it on hold out for
a minute skills
there one of the first three sites in the country that is done this
in this uh... while listless pictures ordeal
i would do that
united no we can have that capability
that's my mercy
lost yesterday and we have it right now it's pretty clear downloaded on my qf
three for you to to download was talking about
but if i can go to the program staff
they can see the program step of the top
you pick that please
these are the programs that we are lodging
the stopped in programs
lined up with the three strategies
in school about a little bit
the first for a little on the top there five programs
that reengineer the business process on tap for business
force was bought enterprise resource planning
health by t
taxing organization
anti-white broadband initiative
you will see a lot of announcements coming out in the next
couple of months
abad acquisitions another thing that we are going to going to launch these
initiative these are flagship initiatives for the administration
to make sure
enterprise resource planning allows you get a financial system h_r_ payroll time
attendance grants management
acquisition management all that stuff together budget and finance
in one system
calvert is the exact response to that
varghese the program exact supporting it and paula
is is the api program manager making that happen
health flighty
many different departments many different organizations uh... making
that happen
he's a big dollars i think about two hundred million dollars so far that have
been awarded on various things going forward
in health i t
we have obviously dot beth
by staying is the out health care coordinator is exactly sponsor on the
program exact and
we have uh...
mister party but not
he's the program manager what we're doing that is making sure all the
different effort from the connector to the exchange
to be a medicaid it's going to be system to snap intended that all the other
things coming into the stock intimating that information for that weekend have a
better help thank you system
there's a lot of information up there we need to connect people together
gaps in what he or she is the check sponsor and we have david
is the uh... is the executive in charge a program
for this education program again reported health education make sure that
they can get the ideally need
to connect the dots and also provide services
for our kids
and then be more effective and efficient
tax one resolution
useful to burn a lot done business process engineering we just recently
completed some analytics mcfaul model stuff
andrew batra lease another acquisition working with the fred pablo and with the
ragged baltimore
to make sure that we can moan as a tax system and have more accountability and
and revenue
and and better have a new that weekend weekly but what we have and use that
term to be more effective inefficient and also about the citizens to engage
refining this sort of court
ally broadband initiative
mother the governor's left us
i'd want to say great challenges but that is a
that is a massive job one gigabit per second to every resident in hawaii
affordably and ubiquitous by twenty eighteen
i said sir did you mean point one or two bc one
that requires we'll be the number one
in the union
had probably one of the first in the country by far
vb dot boat is huge
me a lot of jobs but joanie collins up to the uh... fast on that and he is
going to be
the program manager on that and exact and uh... who spoke with the tech
as you can see these initiatives are car absolutely groundbreaking unchanging
format update
below that
while we're focusing on all of that that doesn't mean the rest of the programs
are just doing that we keep on supporting them as well but these five
what a focus on
with useful transformational and and and and and
andrew but that's a look at that party
we put the sordid infrastructure we don't need all the different networking
and one network we can work together eleven
we both have integration services that things like email directory service a
security services
can be provided work
and they're provided like utility
so that we were all managed to a collaborative governance meaning that
all the see out of work to do that make that happen
reported admission absent opened up so that we will have to go in cobol
nothing wrong with cobol people of dot gov offer a lot and it's been keeping us
alive but i think it's time for the latest snaps and will forward it have
the way
rapid application for the time so we can get things dot
we wanna buy some software stuff in the clout to get a platform of service offer
the service and you can deploy these
and are stack no matter what the age can do this
by the width of the young kids
tell them what reverse discrimination
you know what that is right
what that is they think it's with the little bear weekend program or no no
no no no no no no no no no no no
people have i've written stuff graduate tell my kids and others on that note i
think that that it much easier
all the stuff written for you a better than you have done
we have a right to stuff from scratch try that and they can do it right
you picked up in a way and they're they're like uh...
exceeding one dollar
you know you alexia respect up literally
so cell
everyone had a chance to come in and work together because they happen
and security and privacy
let's be very clear
security privacy is a big deal
it's a big big deal
our adversary connect come from another world darker world against which uh...
is a bit more secretive
we know what's coming
and we gotta watch out
and securities everyone's responsibility we gotta make sure privacy and security
is really really important
in making sure that our system to secure because we're going to do some work and
that means that we're uh... the that history will come in some people say hey
evra let's do the work
is that correct
you know my you know this is safe ralph pervert just for the paper away and but
it's the same number on it but oktober landslide
uh... about season yet but you know
our system was secure because even the hackers refused to act with dignity
is an automatically office the missile talks about you know here
yeah i mean i do agree that the latest systems a does with more information
together and that makes us a a tad moore quotable
but we're going to put security from the start of that in the drywall before it
goes up
people that you put the securing them privacy and and and and we need to do it
but the benefits are tremendous nineteen entrapment nation active fingertips
and you can go across it's really powerful it's is orders of magnitude a
last week governance the dashboard and all the parties and all that so that it
just works
so this is really important
let me go to the home stretch here fend off got to ten minutes
right on schedule
the vision of the future
with take time to commit
and believe me i am
very impatient i like to get things done
what inspires me what move my heart and soul is all about serving the great
people of the way
eyes i've seen and i've been in organizations where i've admitted this
i was in the boeing company
i was at nasa
als an f_b_i_
i was in tears c_i_o_
i was working with the native americans also
i've also worked in g_s_a_ supporting white house programs missus ordered did
this come to the way
i'd like to show you that if you think is not possible just at the mercy
absolute things going on lecturer short video till you that is the vision of the
and some of his vision that he's going on today
that i've seen other organizations but and his give his video and it could be
the video please
this wsd it yes it talks about emergency management to be in the light in the
future at work
one that interesting
there's so many strategies that i've been talking about victorian they're
actually behind the scenes or front-and-center
now this is a futuristic but still some of the stuff is real
we can do this if you're skeptical i thought about the my marcy at its lowest
speaks to the defense had one of my mercier that has been a common operation
picture behind the scenes that we will offer
to state of new jersey and others as to what a life dot
away recently won the business registration at b_c_c_i_ won top honors
in the country so they can register business online and make things happen
do you h
is uh... has been working in is that it would be releasing an illness that
you know a lot of things i can talk about great stuff going on in the late
so it's not about a technology it's about what you can do to solve
stalled help
your relatives
helped your uh... your your neighbors
help the residents of the way to use this technology for things that north
salt you'll be live here
we know what they need and if you put that together that's the bridge between
the mission
and that's what makes a satisfying for us in a job as opposed to the
duplication that we're rear
working on
so let me begin companion conclusion
the two if you think there were the same conclusion first
well that's before
i'm asking for your help
this is not about me
is not but my teammates about you
it's about what you can do
notice to deploy aids
but also industry and citizens and residents of the late
we only do you like to be successful
bahahaha divided chef all we know that
from artistry
here but any anywhere else
we are the two biggest fear for the president
we have a great once-in-a-lifetime opportunity what's happening here the
model forces of come together to make this thing happen and transformation
we can keep a tiki here in a polite first approach that they have a future
here as opposed to just going to the mainland
we are not in community
we all look out for each other
we needed to get park was at the governor's mansion
and we need to get around to stop ten programs
and we asked for all of you
to support us in its journey and work together to move the community forward
we ask for a government partners and other stakeholders at all of them coming
on board by the way
and citizens legislature industry to work together to succeed
i say
think global
we live in a global work
sing the poor
south korea montfort
we can do this we can be the best we could be the next let's seize this
opportunity in a moment in history to do something greatness restore away please
and give the citizens what they deserve additional government that's the end of
the war
alike and the center of abuse of government that could be brought the
so we are at the crossroads in history
this is our time
it's high time
icici helicopter old let's try for the summit let's go a little
we get the podium mike again thank you i'm a believer that ah... sonny can
actually as a c_i_o_ with a huge mission message stay on time and this can
actually be done in hawaii missus very positive
as a magazine government technology has been published four twenty six years
that this past november
we have been watching what states have done
with technology that entire time we were really the only publication in the media
world of only focuses on state and local government
what i can tell you about what you're about to do here
probly will pale in comparison to what we hear from are bloodstain keynote
speaker john dixon john
has flown out here from michigan in the middle of uh... a lot of very
uh... challenging work at the state of michigan he's
uh... the director of the office of technology management and budget there
and with the budget director for the state of utah and you heard that
utah michigan receding all the t_v_
in the two thousand twelve digital state survey
i want to point out that there is a commonality between those two states and
that is our lives thank-you note john nixon
and he was at both of those dates and help tremendously in their
transformation efforts
and so what you're going to undertake here is that they were very excited to
watch for side to write about works cited to you
see what happens at the very challenging thing and we have watched this in cities
and counties and states
and there are challenges i spent a lot of time in new york city i was there
just about immediately after seeing the hit
imagine being in a new their location where
like hawaii water is always a threat
two hundred a three hundred thousand cars will be totaled by the insurance
companies in these are residents residents of the city of new york's
personal vehicles total
because of cmd
we have
twenty please precincts that were shot down over a hundred schools were shut
down as a result of cmd
water where they never expected that the m_t_a_ will have five billion dollars
worth of damage is
from one storm
and in spite of all of that their resiliency brought the city backup i
don't know if you saw this is a new neighborhood you've heard of soho
and need the newleader north of little italy segment or tribeca the new
neighbor heard is called socal
self of power
this is the area from thirty nine streak to the battery that was without
electricity for somewhere between three days in a week
so these out it is a real for government its experience everywhere you looked
very insecure
if you do not have success in your program these outages are more
challenging you can't afford to do that so it's great to see an investment here
were very excited to watch
and hopefully right about all of these successes
so it is now time for our break for a break in the exhibit area
and what i would like to do is have you
as a group join me in st in our sponsors for helping put this event together
without them we wouldn't be able to gather together day so please join me in
thinking that now
and the way you can also say thanks is to go up to them during the break in
introduce yourself find out a little bit what they do they're here to share with
you they would like to tell you about their organization and what they can
bring to this
process of transformation in hawaii
so we'll be in the break in the lounge from ten fifteen to ten forty five will
start all of our concurrent sessions
there in a variety of rooms there are signs placed if you need assistance
please see is that the registration desk will help you
and again parking validation now is the time to get it if you want it for the
rest of the day or certainly before you go at any time from now on at the reds
this week and stamp here
parking ticket for the help garages thank you for joining us for the
morning's program will see you back in here at lunch