Canada's Top Ten Trailer | 2012

Uploaded by tiff on 12.12.2012

Any special reason we're in the car instead of the office?
What makes you think we're in the car instead of the office?
If they need me to bleed, then I'll bleed for my team.
Makes me feel free in a way I've never known.
Free to do what?
This is the element - makes us and without which nothing would exist.
This is a great story. This is a great...great story.
Here you are.
Saleem has the greatest gift of all.
He's the only one who can bring us all together.
Let's see what you got.
He's got it down. He's got the stuff.
As the years went by and the scars added up, the imperfections turned
that table into something else.
That's the thing about pine... holds a lot of memories.