The Mole S13E2 - Wie is de Mol 2013 [English] - South Africa

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If I open one more envelope, it will cost us €100,- from the group pot.
But this doesn't mean anything to me.
I have to go to a church. - I don't think that's where I'm going. A church?!
So it's started.
Your adventure in South Africa.
Wow! Frigging awesome!
You said you suffered from vertigo when we were on the bus!
No I didn't! - Yes you really did!
Four exemptions..
Well you know.. An exemption or money towards the pot..
The exemptions remain in the game, and the money stays with me.
After just two days in South Africa, Ewout was the first to leave the game.
Some contestants thought he was the Mole.
So they will have to start from scratch now.
The fun they were having at the start has changed into suspicion.
It has sunk in that 'trust' is an empty word in this game.
Even if the amicable atmosphere is gradually returning...
A contestant who is forwarned, is also forarmed..
'Mirror image'.
The line between what is 'reality' and what is part of the game is getting blurry.
That's a really weird thing to experience.
Basically it's going in all directions.
For instance, Kees told me yesterday:
I know Ewout put all his eggs in one basket.
He voted for Daniel.
So what he's basically telling me is:
Daniel could never be the Mole.
On the other hand, perhaps Kees is thinking:
I'll tell just him that because I'm suspicious of Daniel.
I don't want Joep to be suspicious of him too.
So I'll give him this information, so Joep won't be onto Daniel anymore.
Today is the day that alliances are being made.
You can just have a conversation with someone for some five minutes..
..trying to exchange or extract information from the other person.
After a while it will be really important how much you know about someone.
At the moment it's all still kinda vague.
You're nourishing a kind of trust that might in fact not even exist.
There's no way of knowing that.
That's fucking weird.
We arrived at an old power plant.
It felt a bit like 'East Germany', abandoned and all.
There was broken glass everywhere, and it looked a bit sinister.
The place was huge.
I thought: There's just no end to all these pillars.
It just went on and on..
There was graffiti on the walls..
So you're really wondering: What used to be here?
This might be the simplest challenge of them all.
There's a laser beam over there.
You have to aim it at a safe, some 110 meters further.
If you succeed in doing so, the safe will open and you'll win the money.
You'll have one hour.
Along the way there are a few obstacles blocking the beam though.
You'll have to remove those obstacles without being hit by the laser beam.
Otherwise you're out of the game.
Joep, can you join me for a second?
Then I got separated from the group, as I am the treasurer.
You will determine how much money you're staking on this challenge. - Ok.
€100,- is the minimum, €3000,- is the maximum.
If you fail to open the safe..
.. the money that you're staking on it will be taken from the pot.
So tell me, how much do you want to stake on it?
The idea was this: There was one big 'mother' laser beam.
One thick, green laser beam that shone through the entire plant hall.
We had to get through those bunkers in a real 'Mission Impossible' type way.
Inside a bunker you could open a shutter, to let the laser go through.
Then there was another bunker, with another shutter we had to open.
If that laser beam would hit the safe..
.. it would be opened and we would win the money.
Who is pairing up with whom?
I suggest that the biggest people go first.
We need scouts. - I'll be a scout!
We went in pairs, and we were given a flashlight and two walkie-talkies.
I understood the walkie-talkies, I didn't get the flashlights though.
We didn't need those there.
Good luck, guys!
I was paired up with Tania, and although I thought straight away:
I'm not so sure that I'm very good at this..
I really did feel this was awesome!
Ok I made a discovery:
We have found four mirrors here, lying on the side.
We can use those mirrors to block the laser beams, over.
We could see the patterns in which the laser beams were moving on a monitor.
One moment they were twisting and turning, and the next they were still.
So you know, after those beams swirl, they come to a stop.
That's when you have to go through.
It's about to stop. - It'll stop for 8 seconds, that's when you have to go through.
You have to wait, because that thing has to start turning first.
Ok, go. - It's not this one.
It's when it's making a round and stops after that for 8 seconds.
Straight away I thought: Wow, Mission impossible.
So I started to do like..
Tania's going in first, over.
Quite a tough challenge with those lasers, arches and mirrors everywhere.
You had to make it through without getting hit.
Too bad!
A real shame.
Ok this is the tactic: In the eight seconds the beams have stopped..
.. there are three dots. Two on the wall and one on the mirror.
I'm going to try to block them with the mirror in my hand, over.
One, two, three..
Four, let's go.
I was out. For a second there, I was really a bit flabbergasted.
When it stops for 8 seconds, you can see four dots of four laser beams.
You'll see one or two dots on the mirror: One over here and one over there.
What I tried to do is this:
Stand in front holding it in this hand, then stand in front again, like this.
Yes, now! Go!
Block. Block.
I was paired up with Paulien.
O! Paulien, yes that's me..
Pauline went into the corridor and got hit by a laser beam straight away.
So I was all by myself.
So I've gone through the first canal now.
Kees, the laser beams are the same as the first ones in the next part.
So you need to use the same interval. - O wait a second.
There are lots of laser beams coming from that bunker.
Let's see how I can to solve this.
Can you guys tell how I can get through over there?
This is his laser beam. - This is the moment!
'This is the moment', over.
So I'll wait for a bit more and I'll take the next one.
He's not taking this one, maybe the next.
When are you planning on going? Over.
I'm going now, at the first opportunity, over.
I'm ready to go, but it's still moving.
Still moving... still moving..
Go, go, go! - Hurry up!
Don't move! Don't move!
I'm going to make a run for the shutter now, over.
Great! - Yes, you see?
I've opened the shutter, over.
Ok guys, we have 42 minutes left.
I opened the shutter, the laser beam went through so I had to keep moving.
He has to return now, through the same corridor.
I thought: I'll make it through again quite easily.
So I was keeping busy with those little mirrors..
Then suddenly, in the corner of my eye... - Crap!
I was out. I thought: Well ok, at least I opened a shutter.
I did quite well.
You have to get through the first.
You don't have to go through the second anymore, because I opened that shutter.
You can move onto the third straight away.
Come on, I've got the walkie-talkie.
Can you guys hear me?
I was the third to go in, with Janine.
When is it coming?
After the swirling. - Oh right, so after this? Ok.
It went perfectly.. I'm like a contortionist..
I can contort my body in every angle.
Like a ninja with mirrors..
Yes we're doing well!
O! Oh well..
At least I have my legs lasered..
I have a thing about lasers but.. alas..
No that uhm.. didn't go too well.
We have 35 minutes left.
Very good Daniel!
You don't have to go through the second set of red beams.
Awesome. This was really cool!
I've reached the blue one now, over.
I have no clue how to get through this, over.
I was sweating all over.
The adrenaline was pumping through my veins.
Two here, one there and another one over there.
I thought this was one of the coolest challenges so far.
At some point those blue laser beams..
The longest time it stops is when two beams cross each other.
You probably have to block one of them, one way or another.
So you need to block one on this side, and the other on that side.
I'll take the first two, you can pass me from behind and take on the next two.
Then I'll pass in front.
Then it was time for me and Tim to go in.
Ok come on. Pass behind me!
Have you got any space left? - Yes.
Hurry up! Pass him quickly, now!
It took just a little too long. Eight seconds is shorter than you'd think.
Joep is out, clearly. Is Joep out? Over. - Yes.
When I was ten we used to watch 'Tour of Duty' or 'The A-Team'..
I used to think: Damn, I so want to be a part of that!
So now it feels like I am in something I used to watch on tv.
I'm now where Daniel was before.
Tim, I think you need to do this with a mirror on both sides of your body.
He has plenty of time. He's going!
Go go! Such a hero! - Look at him go!
Tim was working his magic with those mirrors!
He made some kind of twist or other..
Not sure what he did exactly but it was pretty good!
When that worked and I opened the shutter to let the laser go through, I felt terrific!
I thought: Getting back again isn't that hard either.
Which one does he have to go through now?
He needs to go back the same way.
He's a real hero though!
That was really frustrating.
After all I had already gotten through it before.
I was really disappointed about that.
Tim, you did great! - But not quite far enough, was it?
You're still a hero!
It's open, the laser beam has gone through.
No pressure or anything but it all depends on you now.. - Good luck!
Then all we had was Carolien, who had to go in on her own.
I had information from people having gone before me, instructing me clearly:
'This is the way to do it, first your right hand, then your left hand'.
Can you hear me? Over.
Carolien, can you hear me? Over.
All of a sudden we couldn't hear Carolien anymore.
Hello, can someone answer me? Over.
It should be on channel two! - Channel two? Ok, it's on channel three now.
It should be on two. Carolien?
Initially we could hear Carolien on channel two.
But when Tim had the walkie-talkie in his hands, suddenly it was on channel three.
We couldn't hear her anymore, so I thought that was Mole-ish sabotage..
Hello, can you hear me? Over.
You're doing great, nice and easy! On to the next one!
Then I got to the laser that nobody had reached before.
Let's see.. Take your time, take it easy. - Clear. Over.
How much time have I got left in total? Over. - Fourteen minutes.
I think I have to do this on my knees.
It's your call. You're over there, so you have the best view.
If you think that's what you should do, do it.
Ok. Over.
Great! Over.
For real, like a wimp with my hands shaking like crazy..
.. I checked out how I could handle this best.
I thought: I only have one shot.
Ok I'm going in with the next one. - Guys, focus. You can do it!
Look, look..
Like some kind of Angelina Jolie she crawled her way through that laser tunnel.
So she made us the money!
So... Way to go!
You've made €1000,-.
I told you it was a simple challenge, didn't I?
It could have been a bit more though, right Joep?
It could have been less too..
I would have staked a bit more on it.
It was quite funny.. Our reaction was like:
How much is it? €1000,- Oh..ahhh..
I think it's a safe choice.
Knowing Joep it makes sense that this is something he'd do.
On the other hand..
It might just as well have been a sabotage by the Mole.
One more question..: Didn't you spot the jokers on your way?
Ahh. Jokers?!!
That's a shame..
We don't stand a chance in hell..
There were jokers out there but nobody saw them..
You wish you had spotted them though!
You wish you had.
Is that why we needed to bring this along..?! - Oh, of course..
At the moment I am 'the mother of jokers'.
These are my kids and I'm keeping them safe.
I'll guard them with my life.
It's really nerve-racking.
Unbelievably nerve-racking.
Can I talk to you for a minute? - Yes.
I might pay you a visit in your room..
Yesterday Tania was waiting for the bus, just before the execution.
She told me she had focussed on one person a lot, answering the questions.
You also promised me that if you survived the execution..
You would tell me who you focussed on? - Uhm yes.
Right now I'm thinking I need more information.
I want the person who is closest to my Mole..
.. to be close to me as well.
That person is Kees.
Yesterday I focussed on Carolien for the most part. - Yes?
On Janine as well, and I answered a few questions on Ewout too. - Right..
I think you just got quite lucky then.
You see?
But you're on the right track, you think?!
I think so.
Because I wasn't voting for any of the three people you just mentioned.
I'm voting for someone else entirely.
Obviously it's extremely risky to put all your eggs in one basket in episode one.
Yes I will keep it between you and me, deal.
I've been voting for Tim.
Tim? - Yes.
I'm not suspicious of Tim at all.
If Tania really put everything on Tim..
Obviously I can't be sure of that but assuming she may have done that..
She just might be on the right track..
Pretty awesome for me in that case that she's sharing that information with me!
I think it's interesting to see how that changes the dynamic in the group.
Because I'm also buddy-buddy with Zarayda.
But I'm still suspicious of Carolien as well. - So am I.
I'm not discounting Janine just yet either.. - No?
I think I have made very good allies.
Because Kees writes down everything that's going on.
And Tania is like a watchdog.
She has eyes like this, dilating till they are wide open.
She uses them to watch the group.
She sees and hears everything.
We arrived at the Market Theatre...
..which was a very cute little theatre.
It had a tremendous atmosphere.
The theatre used to be a market which was rebuilt into a theatre.
It was very nice, very cozy.
It actually was quite relaxed.
We had to go into the hall, sit there... Art came on stage.
Then you know you have to pay attention.
"I thought I could forget you
And sleep alone in the soft night
But in my innocence I did not know
That with every gust of wind I would awake
That I would feel again the slight trembling of your hand in my dormant neck
I thought that the fire burning inside me
Would have cooled down like the white stars in orbit
Now I know our lives are like a song
In which the wail of our parting sounds
And in which all joy flows back into sadness
And eventually, sinks down into our loneliness."
This poem, 'Ik had gedacht' was written by Ingrid Jonker.
The most famous poet of South Africa, who died in 1965.
She originally wrote it in Afrikaans.
That's why it will be delivered in that language next.
You need to write down the poem with as little mistakes as possible.
The less mistakes, the more money you'll earn for the pot.
€2000,- is the maximum.
That's not my thing. - Good luck.
It's hard for me to take notes when there's a long story going on.
I try to write it down word for word, but I'm just not fast enough.
Ek het gedink dat ek jou kon vergeet
Ek het gedink dat ek...
jou kon vergeet
En in die sagte nag alleen kon slaap
En in die...
sagte nag alleen kon slaap
Maar in my eenvoud het ek nie geweet
Maar in my eenvoud...
het ek nie geweet
Dat ek met elke windvlaag sou ontwaak
Dat ek met elke windvlaag...
sou ontwaak
Dat ek die ligte trilling van jou hand
Dat ek die ligte trilling...
van jou hand
Weer oor my sluimerende hals sou voel
Weer oor my sluimerende hals...
sou voel
Ek het gedink die vuur wat in my brand
Ek het gedink die vuur...
wat in my brand
Het soos die wit boog van die starre afgekoel
Het soos die...
wit boog...
van die starre afgekoel
I was writing like mad. It went so fast.
But you have to write it down phonetically, like how you hear it.
I think Afrikaans is a lot like Dutch.
Though when you see it, you think it's dyslexic Dutch.
Nou weet ek is ons lewens soos 'n lied
Nou weet ek...
is ons lewens soos 'n lied
Waarin die smarttoon van ons skeiding klink
Waarin die smarttoon...
van ons skeiding klink
En alle vreugde terugvloei in verdriet
En alle vreugde...
terugvloei in verdriet
En eind'lik in ons eensaamheid versink.
En eind'lik...
in ons eensaamheid versink.
Got it.
Yeah it was pretty tough, some words have a kind of Swedish accent.
It sounds like some words are unfinished...
But those are real words in South Africa so you had to pay attention.
I want three people that will turn your nine poems...
...into one poem with as little mistakes as possible.
In any case Paulien of course. - Yes.
Paulien in any case. - I'm happy to do it.
Of course we chose the best person we could choose: Paulien.
I want to take Joep along. - Yeah, Joep...
I didn't quite get that but anyway, good choice.
And I want to take along Carolien.
Carolien, I understood that too, she's quite clever.
The three that needed to write down the poem as correctly as possible...
..would be pretty capable to do so in my opinion.
Oke, then we have the sentence 'Maar in mij EEN fout het ik nie geweet.'
In mijn eenvoud. In mijn EENVOUD. - Oh, eenvoud! I was wondering...
It looks a bit like old Dutch...
So you think it's often with CK or with an Y...
'Fan jou...' 'Fan', is that with an F?
Some things happened which I wouldn't have chosen.
A V. V. And here another V.
I would've written 'van' with a V...
But Joep said it was with an F.
This is the only word I know for sure, it's like this.
Oar. Oor. O!
I was in South Africa before so I learnt some words. It always makes me laugh.
On the one hand it has amazing beauty in sounds.
On the other hand it sounds like a bit like toddler language.
That looks illogical in terms of metrum. -Ok.
Oh well. - You're right.
Well, this is all we can do. - Yes.
In the end Carolien, Joep and Paulien of course...
...merged all poems into one perfect poem.
Then we got the option to earn money with that.
How many mistakes do you think they made?
0 to 15 mistakes: €2000,- towards the pot.
16 to 25 mistakes: €1000,- towards the pot.
26 to 46 mistakes: €500,- towards the pot.
Carolien, Paulien and Joep wrote the text.
The other contestants had to wager how many mistakes they had made in the text.
Place your stakes well, because if they made more mistakes than you guessed, you'll get nothing.
I think we should go for the middle option.
There are 92 words so 92 mistakes to be made.
I said: Let's go for the middle, so did Kees and Zarayda.
Everyone said: Let's go for the middle! - I really think middle.
So the group decided we'll take the middle option.
That seemed most logical to me too.
But in a split second I thought: I want to know who the Mole is.
If I mess it up right now I can see who agrees with me straight away.
That person could be the Mole.
I think many, many mistakes were made. - Yes.
Not because they didn't do well, but doing everything right is very hard.
I think I agree... At least we're sure we'll get some money.
You're not putting a lot of trust in them. - So what?
It's pretty safe and you know you get money.
I want an answer now. -Tim!
We're going with the last option.
€500,- -Yes.
I thought to myself, didn't I call out loud enough that I wanted the middle option?
Everything went so fast, and I was left thinking, 'Eh?'
Then he said: Yes ok.. that's it.
Let's review the poem.
I'm sure we should have gone for the €1000,-. -The first line.
One mistake: 'Gedink' and 'gedenk'.
The next line.
No mistakes.
Oh crap.
The next line. -I told you so!
Two mistakes.
So in total you have three mistakes in three lines.
Oh damn. - Next.
No mistakes. - Well, I'm going mental now.
I'm going completely mental. I told you to take the middle option.
There's three mistakes in it: 'trilling', 'van' and 'hand'.
So we are at six mistakes.
One mistake: over. - Do you realize how well they did?
Seven mistakes in total.
It's in another language! -The next line.
Three mistakes.
'Gedink', 'vuur' and 'brand'.
Ten mistakes. - How many? - Ten.
The next line.
Four mistakes.
'Het', 'soos', 'boog' and 'van'.
Five mistakes.
'Is', 'ons', 'lewens', 'soos' and 'lied'.
That's practically everything.
The next line.
Three mistakes.
Now we're at... - You've made 22 mistakes so far.
But the poem is almost done.
Let's look at the next line.
Just one mistake.
You're up to 23 mistakes now.
Ok, three mistakes to go.
In the last line you made...
Two mistakes. - No!
'Ons' and 'eenzaamheid'.
25 mistakes is your tally. - Damn!
You could've earned €1000,-. - I told you so...
Well come on guys, it's just one mistake difference.
One mistake less, shit happens.
But I don't get... - I think it's a shame too.
Sure you can think: In the pocket at least, those €500,-..
But we would have made those €500,- anyway!
So just go for the middle! Why didn't he do that?
Why did he take the lead in such an obvious way?
Here's your €500,- ..
Could have been twice as much.
But this is still quite nice, right? Treasurer?
I feel it could have been a bit more. I don't know.
I have a feeling the Mole was in action.
Here you go.
I trust no one. Never, not anymore.
But I need to get close to my fellow contestants.
Otherwise I'll never figure it out.
You know, I have an alliance with two people who talked to me before you did.
But that alliance I have for two days.
Oh so I can ask you in two days time? - Yes.
You're serious..?
Because if I was in alliance with you I would be loyal to that too.
It's like a big spider's web growing more and more tight.
Weirder still, stranger still.
It dictates the atmosphere within the group.
Because if you were talking nicely with someone...
...and later on that person is chatting with someone else for half an hour...
Then you think....
Paulien, Carolien and Joep
They're not among those. - Not among them?
Well that was it. See you in two days. - Sure!
Trust lasts very briefly in this game.
As a former contestant, Horace Cohen, once said...
The three of us are naive enough to trust each other?
For the time being. There are still nine people left.
I like trusting two of those. - I think so too.
What happened to Joep in this picture?
Not much according to me. - Nor me, but the thing with Joep is..
He's playing a slightly different game.
He know he's casting suspicions which he doesn't have himself.
Carolien is very strategic.
She thinks of everything in terms of alliances...
Or things like 'We share this amongst ourselves but with nobody else'.
I think that's kind of tricky.
I'll come join you.
I share my suspicions with Paulien and Carolien.
A little less so with Joep.
Do you already have a list of three or four, for tomorrow?
No, I have nine now.
We didn't tell each other yet whom we suspect.
Though I think that's the next step in our alliance.
That we're going to share that a bit.
Are we going to do something about that? - Share it? -Yes.
I think we already know.
We sense that, right? I don't think we need to say it out loud.
For now the alliance exists because it offers some assurance...
As long as you have no idea who the Mole is, you can kinda discuss it with each other.
But basically it means nothing. The Mole could just as well be in my alliance...
In which case I never noticed it.
Goodmorning - Goodmorning.
We're standing here on a so-called mine dump.
Soil from the goldmine in the region had to be dumped somewhere
That's how hills like these arose.
You are probably not going to find gold here.
Nor will you find jokers.
By the way, I gather that four jokers were taken yesterday?
Well done.
There is money here though.
At nine different spots. You'll get half an hour to find it.
It's not that easy, as there are hunters trying to eliminate you.
So watch out.
But watch your fellow contestants as well.
Because this is the last challenge before the second person will have to go home.
Today we were on a this awesome location in an enormous field.
Envelopes containing money were scattered over there.
The goal was for us to go get those.
We had to do that from a tent in which there were two tablets.
On them we could see where the money was and where people were moving.
Who wants to go first?
I'm fine with going first. - Me too.
I'd like to wait and watch first - Ok, so the two of you will go first.
I thought it was quite exciting, because I've never been hunted before..
Not by men with guns, or not in Gouda at least..
I'm going guys.
Kees, listen, you're going the wrong way.
Joep you have to go in the other direction.
A slight turn to the left.
The contestants that were in the tent could monitor exactly..
.. the whereabouts of the contestants on the field.
Kees, you'll have to go more towards the right side. You're too far left.
Carolien, am I going the right way? - You're going the wrong way.
Come back and go in the opposite direction.
I left first but after just a 100 meters I already saw a quad.
They're moving by quads Joep.
Come back quickly.
I went back immediately, paintballs being fired at me from every direction.
I returned without an envelop.
Keep on going like that.
Kees, you don't have to come back all the way. They're getting really close.
Wow! Are you ok?
Kees really gave it his all, that was a good thing.
Not that I think of him as one of my suspects.
He just keeps on being that enthusiastic guy.
That's good for me because I won't have to take him into account anymore.
Daniel, run straight ahead. In a few meters you'll be there.
I had to keep track of Daniel and he's like a greyhound that keeps on running.
I've got an envelope. - Good, keep on running towards the next spot.
The moment you step out of the tent, you really get the sense that this is war.
I have to make sure they don't shoot me I was even a little scared.
I can see hunters! I'm coming back because I'm seeing hunters.
Zarayda if you go to the right here you're getting very close to one.
When I saw those guys coming at me shooting and all..
For one second or so I forgot that I was in a game.
Keep running, keep running!
Guys, we have to go with three.
Daniel, take the left side, over. - I can see it, over.
Good job Daniel, go that way, over.
I collected a lot of money.
Tallied up, I earned €750,- for the group pot.
After that I went back running like a madman.
Yes, you can run now.
I went with Tim and that felt just like the old days.
You know, playing hide and seek.
He made sure I hid on time because I can be like a headless chicken. - Wait here.
If they go that way, we'll go this way.
Let's go!
Daniel, more to the right.
Get it! Get it!
It is possible, even though it's hard.
You just have to get to the money in several stages.
Does he have something? He's got something!
Run! Run!
Well done!
I was suspicious of Daniel but now that we got kind of boyish challenges..
All of the sudden he seems switched on or something..
€750,- in the pocket!
He got two envelopes with a total of €750,-
Daniel will come along as a distraction.
I'm not a sprinter nor a long-distance runner.
But I can be like: Hey! Pick me!
So someone else can run, so that's what I did with Joep.
Tania isn't very fast so the quads immediately started hunting me.
They thought they didn't have to follow Tania.
I figured out that they couldn't hit me as long as I kept behind the trees.
This is going really well Kees.
The money is near that line of trees.
You'll be safe there.
Carolien, where's the money? This is Joep.
More to the left. It's near the line of trees.
Yes! Kees has got one as well! - Well done Kees!
Keep going! Oh no come back, no wait.
The second time I went into the field Carolien was on the walkie-talkie.
Hide and come back as quickly as you can.
She was, well what's the word, a little all over the place.
Is it safe for me to go? I have money with me.
More to the right Paulien, to the right.
Yes keep on going in that direction.
Carolien! Kees to Carolien, is it safe for me to go?
I have to go to the tent, I've got money with me. Is it safe?
Kees you can come now, it's safe, over.
Yes, I really liked it.
But I was really looking to find out who was sabotaging.
I was a bit frustrated that nobody seemed to be sabotaging.
I'm coming back now.
Here's Paulien, what do I have to do? - Look for a place to find shelter.
There's a quad coming your way.
I was scared to death.
I was thinking: These are people with a war record.
They're venting some stuff on me.
That's what I was thinking.
Then I got shot in the leg.
Or well, maybe a bit less dramatic, on the leg.
It did hurt a little.
So everyone was playing the game.
But we weren't paying attention to the money.
The envelopes were put between the iPads.
We only had thirty minutes so it was like hurry, go get the next one!
Here is the walkie-talkie, we didn't get that one yet!
Everyone was preoccupied with the game.
We're going to that bush over there now.
The envelopes with money were on the table.
A few of them had been opened, I don't know why.
We might have just as well done that afterwards.
So I quickly took the money.
How many envelopes do we have now?
I'll keep them with me since I'm the treasurer.
Tim and I went last to the most remote spot.
Because there was supposed to be money there. - Yes! Yes!
Tim shattered the pole with a kick like Karate Kid.
Took the money and then we went back running.
There they are already! Wow!
I find it really hard because the people who were my main suspects:
Joep, possibly. Daniel in any case and Kees..
All three of them brought in money.
So my whole world view is shifting.
We've got six.
Are you ok? - Not so good - No?
May I have the envelopes? Six in total.
One, two, this belongs to it too.
So you kept everything quite in order. - That's how it was handed to me.
A few envelopes had already been opened upon returning to the tent.
But it's not completely clear who opened them.
How they were opened and if we were supposed to open them.
So it could very well be that someone returned with an open envelope.
Containing just €100,- which originally may have contained €700,-...
€250, €350, €450,-
This makes €700,-
€1.200, €1.300, €1.400, €1.500,-
There you go, congratulations!
Today we worked together like a team.
Yet I don't having a good feeling about it.
That's because I saw several people who were really sabotaging.
Hooray for Art: Hooray!
Daniel brought in two envelopes.
€450,- that's this one.
€250,- and €200,-.
Subsequently he had another envelope with €300.-
Three €100,- bills.
That leaves me with €250,- , €250,- and €500,-
There are four envelopes left, which had to contain these bills.
One €500,- bill. In one envelope.
That leaves me with two bills for three envelopes.
That's not possible.
So if what Daniel says is true about the €750,-..
And he earned a lot of money with his two envelopes..
So I'm not suspicious of him.. That means that money was actually stolen.
It's time for the test.
20 Questions about the identity and the actions of the Mole.
The one who knows the least is out!
Except for the Mole. They will never have to leave.
Nobody knows that I've got them. They don't have to either.
But whoo, I'm proud of it.
A joker means, when you give a wrong answer on the test..
.... it will be turned into a correct answer instead.
When you have ten wrong answers and you have two jokers...
....they will only count as eight wrong answers.
I'm a little suspicious of Kees - it's just a feeling.
How clever would it be to pick a Mole this year..
....that you would never suspect?
I can't figure him out.
I think he's pretending to be less smart than he really is.
That would be a great cover for the Mole.
My Mole at this moment? It's hard to say.
I do think that Janine and Pauline are looking suspicious.
I don't think Janine is the Mole, neither is Paulien.
Joep isn't the Mole, nor am I..
I'm most suspicious of Tania.
That's because of the theory of 'follow the money'.
Carolien earned a lot of money, as did Tim and Kees.
Paulien.....I just can't believe that she could be the Mole.
If she is, she's brilliant.
The Mole is....
Tim. Janine.
Tim. Janine.
Janine, Paulien, Carolien, Tim.
Last week, you all had an exemption.
So this was the first test that you had to take.
Hopefully it's not the last one..
Yes! - Good job, congratulations!
Ok, good!
Holy macaroni.
Ohhh, guys.
It's getting down to the wire now..
These were last weeks exemptions.
The treasurer, Joep.
O no!
I was completely off base!
I was completely wrong.
Joep had to go, that was terrible.
Because I had a feeling that Joep gets me a little.
Ok, who's going to be the next treasurer?
I didn't expect this.
He had all these matrix diagrams and different notebooks.....
I would have really wished more for him.
Good luck. - Joep, it was great!
You are awesome!
This is intense. - I don't like it at all.
He was our hero.
Of whom do we copy all of the information? Joep!
What happened?
I didn't hedge my bets enough.
I had a good theory and good arguments.
But you get into a tunnel vision, looking for confirmation everywhere.
'It just has to be like this..'
He must have put all his eggs in one basket. - I think so too.
He didn't say who though. - No.
You really liked it here..
Yes, today I played like a ten year old boy. It was great.
Joep didn't expect this either.. - No, he was a strategist.
He wrote everything down...In his handmade excel sheet..
With what kind of feeling are you leaving?
A feeling like: Damn, I wanted to stay longer.
But this is how it is. - Have a nice trip.
It was nice having you here. You can go that way.
It's like a postcard made by God. Wonderful!
It's importent that WE are there. Will you guide us first?
Tania, it's important that you shut your mouth for a sec!
It's like a kind of mini-Vietnam crisis on that boat.
Do not look down.
He chose the pot!
So, it is mainly about the lion...... the lion, the giraffe and the rhino.
Maybe you shouldn't open them..