Chloé Making of Spring 2013

Uploaded by chloe on 14.11.2012

The silhouette for me was really an important starting point creating a very beautiful feminine volume.
The sense was an ease but with a really graphic shoulder.
Fluidity, mixed back with something quite sharp and tailored.
The soft volume pants, the big fluid skirts, something a little boyish mixed with that femininity.
For evening it was about a really beautiful long languid line; we looked at the idea of a super long skirt.
The print this season was something that I discovered in the seventies, archive vintage prints of scarfs that patched together formed a really beautiful graphic silhouette.
The colors really complimented the rest of the collection.
Very lovely soft padded sandals almost in a knotted rope around the foot.
Nude and white and black, something that felt very feminine in a way but also quite comfortable.
The bags were really slouchy with a new softness, something that feels like you have an attitude within your bag.
Part of the discovery for me was working with new ways of doing embroideries and embellishment; I thought that was something very interesting this season to play with.