Tutorial : Effetto FotoSfera - Photoshop - di Dagan Mind

Uploaded by DaGaNfollowyourmind on 12.01.2013

Hey guys, as always it's me, DaganMind, and today I'm going to explain how to create the photosphere effect
(I named it this way... don't actually know if it is its actual name)
...using Photoshop! So INTRO!
This is the effect I was talking about
To recreate it you will need: Adobe Photoshop, Bridge and at least 5 or 6 photos taken....
How the f*** do I explain it....
Taken standing on a spot, and rotating at least 180 degrees
So let's move on our pc's...!
So first of all, let's open Bridge, and search the photos you'll use in this project
In my case, I took them from the internet as you can see...
It's not a full panorama, so at a certain point in our effect we'll have a visible cut that I'll show you later
Select them all 7 of them, click Tools, Photoshop, Photomerge!
This way photoshop will import the images and will ask us how do we want to combine the pictures, leave it Automatic, and click Ok!
It will take approximately 1 minute to recreate the panorama
Ok, once the merge is over, you'll have a picture similar to mine
And, first of all, before the editing begins, we'll shrink the file's dimension,
because having imported HQ RAW images, working with them is almost impossibile.
So, with all the layers selected, clic cmd + E (or right clic and select merge layers/merge all) to obtain a single layer.
Then lets clic c to select the crop tool, and lets cut out all the parts the aren't usable: so from the bottom, from the left hand side, and from the right hand side, lets click enter
After having deselected the crop tool clicking v, we have to shrink the dimensions of out image. So lets click on Documents, and on the f***, sh**
...on the image size window, lets set the width to 50cm (1/3 of the actual dimensions). Now our file is ready to be edited.
To recreate the sky parts that haven't been edited by Photoshop, we can use the Clone Stamp, and cli....cjnkjandskjnadkj UAAAA!
and clicking "alt" we select a piece of sky that we want to use, and we recreate it where the sky is missing (Sorry my opacity was too low, and the stamp dimensions were small).
I'll show you just a little piece, then we'll speed the video up.
So every time I have to click "alt", and I cover the missing sky.
As you can see, we've recreated the missing sky.
If you wish, you can add some detail using the Burn tool
And here I've given some detail to our sky.
And here I've given some detail to our sky.
Now, we have to click c to select our beloved crop tool, and we have to create a square shape, bringing the margins a bit up, and a bit down.
This done, lets click enter, then cmd + T, that will enable us to edit the image layer. Lets scale the image untill it fills the square.
Then lets click again cmd + T, and lets flip our picture of 180 degrees (to be precise keep shift pressed while turning)
Then let's select filter, Distorsion, polar cordinates and let's keep "Rectangular to Polar". Click ok.
And as you can see the effect is almost ready
The last few things you can adjust are: as I previously said, the photos aren't a complete 360 degrees shot so we'll have a cut that on the center part is pretty obvious.
This mistake, in this tutorial, will require too much time and effort to correct.
In the meantime we can correct the sky always using the Clone Stamp
And here we are with our complete PhotoSpherical Effect!
Very well, hope you made it, this is also another pretty easy effect to make, if you have any doubt/question/request... don't hesitate in commenting the video as usual!
It takes a lot of time to grant your wishes, but I'm trying to keep up with all of them!
See you next week with a new Free Template (that I haven't already done... OBVIOUSLY!) and I don't want to do it BUT I WILL!
I salut you all, as always DaganMind, and this was the tutorial on the PhotoSpherical Effect!
hope you liked it! And I'll see you next week! Heeeeynjndjkandkjsa pum pum pam pam Bye Guys!