How To Kill Boredom ★ (Vlog Time EP # 22)

Uploaded by specialchannel on 19.10.2012

first off I am going to be making a FAQ video
why because every single person on youtube has a FAQ video
im just like the odd one out and that makes me really sad
send me your questions to facebook, twitter, youtube wherever you want
even send it to my mail address if you really want to
mail address right over there
Join The Dark Side
or you could do that i do hear they have cookies
you know what im going to make some cookies, but i dont have any eggs
ya iv bin so bored lately so bored in fact that i have made a hole new meaning to the word bored
and liveing in a town as small as your dick size this is what iv bin doing for the past few days
theres nothing i can do nothing nothing nothing your just forever bored that really hurts my feelings om you can go on a adventure
you know what thats a good idea thank you
we are going to go fill his bike tire with air omg ya a adventure
well there not much to do and thats why i make youtube videos because i dont have a life