Tutorial: Magix Video Deluxe 2013 • verpixeln - Kennzeichen Gesichter Personen unkenntlich machen

Uploaded by TheChosenOne2k12 on 08.09.2012

In this tutorial I will show you how to Pixelate writings, people, or license plates easily.
In this video you can see an example of it.
I switch back and forth between the video to make the difference from the non-pixelated pixellated significantly.
And as you can see the pixelated logo is not to identify.
So a video You can easily imitate.
First, we pull down our video in the timeline.
I cut off a bit from the beginning now. We don’t need.
Next we pull down the alpha mask in the timeline. This you can download. The link is in the description.
With selected alpha mask we go to Effects => Video Effects => ChromaKey
And select "Alpha".
Now you can see that the mask is a black square.
The size and location, we can customize.
Go to motion effects => Position / Size
It is important that your remove the hook at the "proportions" so that we can customize it as desired.
Now we modify it to superimpose the text of the ship.
And push it, in the beginning of the video, over the text.
Now we need to create a keyframe.
For this click here.
Now we go forward in the video until the text is just shown again.
Here the text is recognizable.
We don’t want it. So let's rewind a little, and move the mask a little left.
The program will automatically create a new keyframe.
We now repeat until the end of the video.
We only move the alpha mask, and a new keyframe is set automatically.
That move, according to the video, more or less ornate.
If people are in the picture a long time, and not at the same position, you have to create a lot of keyframes.
But in this video that’s easy.
Now we're at the end.
We see that the black bar covering the entire time the lettering.
That would make one way to unrecognizable something. But Pixelate looks better.
Copy the video, paste, and drag it onto the track under the alpha mask. (In this Video track 3)
Now select the video (track 3).
Go to Video Effects> Distort => Mosaic
I go back a little in the video, so you can see the effect better.
Now you can turn left at the script to see that this is pixelated.
Your pushing the knob to the position where is the best result for you.
Here it is at 25 very well.
As you can see, You can’t read the text now.
It's not difficult to make unrecognizable text, people or license plates ;-)