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Welcome to Sao Paulo.

My name is Rodrigo.
ANDRE: My name is Andre, and we founded Epungo.

My name is Rodrigo.
Welcome to Epungo.
This is our global office.
ANDRE: Also known as my living room.
So basically, we're a real estate search site.
You type in the name of the city that you want to search.
I'm typing in the name of Curichiba, which is a
beautiful city here in Brazil.
And the first thing you want to do is define a search area,
which you can do just by clicking on the map.
You can make it bigger, or you can make it smaller.
And you can move it around.
And you do this to define the area where you were searching
for real estate.
The results on the map are color coded, so the red ones
are commercial listings, and the blue ones
are residential listings.
You can click on them to see a summary of the characteristics
of each one, or you can pull down a list to see a list of
the results.
You can open each of the results and see the details
that are set in each of them.
Let's say you want to define a more complex search area.
You can quickly use the polygon tool here, and you can
draw an area as crazy as you want, and the site's just
going to fill it up with the results it finds.
Another thing you can do is you might want to filter down
the results, and you can use the filter tools.
You can toggle off the commercial, for example, and
you can toggle off the rent.
So you're just looking to buy something for up to, let's
say, $300,000, and it has to have two bedrooms.
So going back on the map, this is the list of the results.
And if you change the shape, you go back to results which
are filtered according to that filter.
Let's say you want to get a feel of the neighborhood.
You can toggle the points of interest on and off.
For example, I'm showing drugstores here, and I'm
showing banks and supermarkets--
the red point's coming up--
and the bakeries, which are the orange points.
If you finally want to take a look at what the neighborhood
looks like, you just drag the Pegman, drop it on the map,
and you pull out Street View, and you can see exactly what
the neighborhood looks like.
This is what we've been doing.
You can visit us at
Thanks for watching.

The one thing that we really like about the Google Maps API
is that every time we need something, and we expect it to
be there somewhere in the API, when we look
for it, it's there.
And that's really great.