Geraint Thomas Interview at the 2013 Tour Down Under

Uploaded by globalcyclingnetwork on 24.01.2013

Now I don't want to sound rude but I know you were coming out here to Australia to get
rid of a bit of your track fat am I correct in saying that? Yer definitely definitely
it's a , the track is a different sport these days it's so fast and it's all about power
you know weight doesn't really come in to it and yer you obviously carry more muscle
but you obviously carry a bit more fat as well because you're not, you're not doing
all the volumes it's all like sprint work really so yer I just had to, to work hard
through those winter months and get in the Kms and yer it's finally paying dividends.
So do you guys after you get off the track jump on the scales and compare how much you've
all lost and how much your like some of the ladies might do? I don't like going on the
scales when I'm on the track it's always demoralising but the nutritionist is always on to me but
no like I say I've worked hard and yer I'm definitely a good probably 5 kgs lighter than
that I was in Beijing. If my memory serves me correctly you're only the 2nd British rider
to win a stage at the tour is that right? I'm not sure, I know Swifty has I don't know
if anybody else has, Cavendish I don't know if he has, no no who's he, he hasn't what's
he ever done hey! Speaking of famous British riders they're calling you the next Wiggo
is that, does that sit well with you or not? Things like that I don't really, it's flattering
but I don't really take much notice of it, I let other people do all that sort of talking
but one day if I was in a position to do what he's done then fantastic you know I'll take
that with both hands yer we'll just have to see how I develop in that area. Was this a
planned, planned result for you, did it come out the way you expected? I always knew that
I'd have decent legs up the climb but I just wasn't sure how I'd go and to be honest I
didn't, I just got a bit excited and attacked a bit early up their I didn't know, with about
400 metres to go I was starting to really sort of tire but yer fortunately there was
that group behind and we worked well together team Radioshacks really committed so yer perfect
day. What about predictions for the rest of the tour for yourself and the team? I think
tomorrows a super hard day it's probably one of the hardest days to actually control starting
up the highway there which will be a tough climb I think there will be a lot of guys
looking to attack so it will be a strong group that goes and hopefully they won't be too
big, if there's 9 guys there we'll definitely have our work cut out there. It's great to
hear a Welsh voice up there on the winners podium it's been a long time if not ever,
cheers, thanks, thanks a lot mate. Geraint Thomas, Team Sky and you're watching the Global
Cycling Network.