What's In Your Suitcase

Uploaded by AustraliaDayVictoria on 23.05.2012

Well, if this suitcase could talk...
So what's in your suitcase he asked me?
My name is Ahmed, and today I would like to
share with you the story of Melbourne's Somali community
Our suitcase comes all the way from the beautiful island
located in the South Pacific, called Samoa [cheering]
also known as the heart of Polynesia [cheering]
[singing and drumming]
Rhythm is a universal language, you don't need to speak the same language to be able to understand it
[tap sounds]
[clapping and cheering]
[recorded dance music plays]
[cheers, music plays]
[live music]
[recorded music plays]
It is my great privilege to welcome to the stage
she's the senior Wurundjeri elder here in Melbourne
her name is Joy Murphy
and she's going to give the official welcome to country
So please put your hands together [clapping]
The wonderful thing is, that we now have lots of community
that we join with, and that we share with.
And these opportunities are not only because you've come to this place, or you were born here,
or whatever reason that you're here.
This is about sharing and caring for what we've all been given
and that's none other than this great land
[singing] Come on aussie come on, come on, Come on aussie come on
[singing] Aussie kids are Weetbix kids,
Aussie kids are Weetbix kids, Aussie Kids are Weetbix kids.
[singing] I realise something I've always known,
I still call Australia home.
[clapping and cheering]