Uploaded by zongaromania on 02.02.2012

You know that moment when you are in the mood to listen to something and you don't know where to get the song from?
It would be cool to have your music with you all the time. To listen to whatever you want, whenever you want.
Without any need for CD's, mp3's or downloading from who knows what websites
Now you have Zonga!
With Zonga you have all your favorite music with you anywhere, any time!
You have access to the biggest official music collection in Romania, which we keep online and update constantly
with the newest releases from your favorite artists
If you're at home or at the office you can listen to your music by using the Zonga computer app
When you go out, your playlists and favorite music come with you directly on your mobile phone!
You can listen to them even when you have no Internet access
It's easy, it's cool, it's fun!