Bamse's Turbo Underpants - Swap

Uploaded by eetzi1 on 16.11.2012

Not a totally useless guy!
We are ruining another volvo. Welcome to my world!
I can tell you about what we are doing. We are disassembling the car!
As I said earlier without the microphone.
This is starting to become...
all kinds of broken cambelts.
This must be disassembled, dashboard and all, build a rollcage and chuck over the suspension-
-and lastly in with the engine.
And then a testdrive as usual.
"Saved from the museum"
Yes, we are destroying another volvo. Welcome to my world!
Should I save this so that i could use the original gauges and so on?
Nice, a "kungs" snowbrush. I'll save that.
A bilstein shockabsorber...
interior mat, like so.
It goes like this: Open the bolt.
Open with a saw
Open with a saw
And then we widen the side a little.
The rear axle...there, like so. The front axle...there, like so-
-and it's allmost done.
If this would open it would be done in 15 minutes.
A two liter compressor-
-and a top notch impact wrench.
What should we do with the E-brake?
Cut the wire.
Wait Henkka... Yes, go that way
Yes, more, morer Morer, a bit...
Morer? There isn't even a word like that! Yes, now there is.
Just some minor repairs. Like so!
Nice horse carriage.
You're just standing there, it's not even exciting.
There should be a limited slip diff...
The chassis swap has been done partly because of the old underpants.
They are in bad shape, but on the other hand if we start getting some more serious speed-
-w should have a chassis that is up for the job.
It has a lot of sentimental value, but i have had the old shitty underpants for 6 years now.
There's a lot that has been done wrong and a lot thet should have been done differently.
that has lead to the situation we are in.
Now we get to start over from a clean canvas and can do it with a bit more thought.
or more or less with more thought if we say so.
But in the way that we do everything right from the beginning.
Or right according to me, it's just about how you define it.
Anyway, it's going to be good.
It's good.
IT would be nice if it would be nice.
And now i found one that fits.
And then a washer.
What the fu....? I don't know.
I think it's good now.
Fortunately you can find anything in Banses garage.
The difference between turbo underpants and normal underpants is-
-that turbo underpants leave a bit wider burnout marks.
This is something that you can't find in every household.
Here in season 2 im ashamed when i swear so much.
Perkeleen perkeleen perkele!
The old body is worth its weight in gold.
Yes, good, morer. Morer, you can't say...
Yes yes morer.
The thing is that where the fu...
Excuse me. Where on earth is the 19mm socket?
This looks quite interesting. Yes. It's good.
oh oh.
There aren't any real problems, but the body is to narrow again.
Apparently it rubs a bit. Looks like we'll have to widen this too a bit.
Just a bit!
Nothing is unclear.
And immediately you've broken the new body. How so?
These Brembo brakes are a bit like this.
1 2 3 push.
Now it rolls nicely. Should you try upfront?
The summer was a bit short, it was a bit disappointing.
I got to drive a lot, but I am still not happy with this season.
Luckily we have bigger turbochargers and other parts-
-to put in for the next summer.
So that we will get a bit more speed.
It's weird how fast you get used to power.
I'm not claiming that we had a lot of power to begin with either-
- But how fast you still get used to the power to weight ratio and the acceleration.
In the end it felt like it wasn't going anywhere anymore.
More next year. A lot more, morer!
morer, morer! I want to burn some rubber!
This is season 2, Welcome to join me.
This is how you get the pre-party started!