Twenty-sixth Amendment Certification Ceremony

Uploaded by RichardNixonLibrary on 27.09.2010

It was a very great privilege to welcome this very exciting group to the White House.
On the day we celebrate our national independence. And it seems to me it is particularly appropriate that on this same day we are certifying the 26th amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
That amendment, as you know, provides for the right to vote of all of our young people between 18 and 21, 11 million new voters as a result of this amendment that you now will see certified by the GSA administrator.
Now, uh, the custom on certification of an amendment has varied through the history of this country
Always, of course, the certification is provided, but as far as witnesses are concerned, sometimes the president witnesses it
Usually he has in recent years. But I understand a president has a prerogative to ask for additional witnesses if he likes.
And on this occasion therefore, I'm going to ask that three of the representatives of this group who are 18 years of age or older
And I understand you range from fifteen to twenty, so we picked three eighteen year olds.
First, uh, Julianne Jones from Memphis, Tennessee.
And second, Joseph White from Detroit, Michigan.
And third--incidentally, I, I don't think this was an accident, we got one from California.
*applause and laughter*
And it's Paul Laramer from Concord, California!
And now I'll step over here
Try to get my...
*crowd murmurs*