Don't cry, Li Na! 娜姐不哭 Australian Open 2013

Uploaded by fayedisc on 26.01.2013

"Your husband was happy."
You trying to make me cry...
Actually, how should I say this. I really... wanted...
... to win this as an anniversary gift to Jiang Shan
But, how should I say this, I really...
tried my best on the court, so there is no...
Regret, sure I have, but I gave it all, so I can forgive myself.
"You should definitely forgive yourself. How're your injuries?"
I'm OK. After the shower, the doctors helped me...
tape my ankles, they also checked my head and neck,
the concern being the neck after a major impact
"Do you feel better now?"
They say it may be worse tomorrow, but hasn't happened yet.
"The results don't matter when you were able to stand there."
Actually, today...
To get from my low point to the stage today,
it was a long process.
If you didn't go through it, you probably won't understand it,
including my team and my friends
They only knew it was a pretty difficult process
but they may not be able to feel everything I went through
Actually today I was really close to the champion
but at least I saw some positives from the game today
I've regained my shape, and kept my desire to win
So even though Australian Open has already ended
you can't change that, so hopefully I can play well in the future
"What do you like to say to yourself?"
Maybe I used to care too much about winning and losing
But after the game today, as long as I tried my best, it's my ...
"Don't put so much pressure on yourself, we'll believe in you."
To be honest, even though I lost the game today...
After the game I talked to Coach Carlos
He also saw some positives from the game, he said maybe...
Actually I played well, maybe she was better in important sets
He said I should be proud of myself,
Because she is the World's No.1 and the defending champ
So for me, as long as I tried my best, it was OK.
"Do you think it was bad luck?"
I wouldn't call it bad luck. I think... maybe "comical"?