Celso Amorim answers a YouTube question on Haiti

Uploaded by thedavosquestion on 28.01.2010

>> Well Haiti is now facing an emergency. It was one of the worst disaster that mankind
faced in the last centuries.
So this is the most immediate thing. But as you deal with this question which implies
food, implies medical, implies shelter as you deal with these --
water -- as you deal with these more immediate questions you must also
think in the medium and the long term.
A lot progress has been made before the earthquake in the political
front, in the security front, in the -- even in the economic front
because there was more interest of business people.
We have to now harness all these interests and make it come again and
you see because there is no way that you can separate completely the
emergency from the long term. So I -- the sooner the business people come
there also, and start to make their plans as people said here in the
tourism industry, garment, Brazilian industries are very interested
-- ethanol is very [INAUDIBLE] in Brazil can help but in order help Haiti
there we have the technology and we have even the disposition, but you
have to have the market. So you have to have facilities in the U.S.,
Canada, or European markets so they we can do that as well.
That's just as an example.