Meriem Nassiri

Uploaded by TonalitesdeFemmes on 20.10.2011

Hello Meriem and welcome to Tonalités de Femmes.
First of all, iPhone or Blackberry?
Look, I have a Blackberry, I’ve had it for three years, and I will get an iPhone when I change phones.
It’s really useful for so many things, it’s very professional, it’s really very professional, especially in the US everybody has a Blackberry,
but my impression is that when it comes to applications, there is a lot missing actually,
even if it’s very professional and complete, there are a few applications missing, that are available on the iPhone and not the Blackberry.
So my next purchase, or rather my next phone will probably be an iPhone.
Meriem, if you could imagine your favourite city for us, and the atmosphere that would prevail there?
Would you choose New York City, where you now live?
If I can imagine it, it means that I can create it the way I want? I would pick New York, but I would spice it up with things from Europe.
New York is extraordinary, it’s a city, like in the movies actually, it’s a city that moves at a thousand kilometres an hour,
it’s big, it’s grand, it’s shiny, you have to have experienced it to understand it, it’s really, really extraordinary.
But at the same time I’m from Europe, from Paris, and what is missing is history, historical buildings, it’s missing culture,
it’s very short-lived actually, whereas Paris is made of stone, and it lasts.
My city, if I designed it:
there is a New York background, the skyline that you can see in the background, with its big buildings,
but there would be bits of Paris and good restaurants too.
Regarding the atmosphere, it’s the same, talking about the atmosphere it would be a mix of both.
New York is a city, it’s very ‘hip-hop’, it’s very urban and has a ‘street’ feel, which is great.
That’s why people go there, that’s where hip-hop comes from, it’s made up from a million cultures, trends, phenomena.
At the same time, again, walking around Paris, hearing someone playing the accordion, a street musician,
or something a little more peaceful, simple, feels good from time to time.
So it would be a bit of both, my ideal city would be very music oriented, there would be rhythm in the background,
at the same time there would be a bit of culture and there would have to be a touch of tranquillity somewhere in the midst of it all.
So right now you work for TRACE TV as a video journalist, tell us a little bit about this urban media and your role in it.
I work for the TRACE media group, which edits several channels,
I started working mainly on the TRACE URBAN channel, the hip-hop music channel,
later we started the TRACE TROPICAL channel, which is a channel with tropical music from the islands, Africa etc.
and a sports channel, TRACE SPORT, which is dedicated to sports celebrities.
So I started working mainly with the TRACE URBAN channel,
my role there is that we have a programme on air, we show clips,
we have a whole department that is in charge of music programming,
but at the same time we have programmes,
actually we do lot of interviews, we interview stars, we interview music specialists,
and we make programmes that are broadcast on TV between video clips,
I am in charge, together with the team, with my colleagues, of producing the content of the channel.
We have several programme formats and we often get together to carry out interviews,
and to interview the artists that we play on the channel.
I have worked with the teams in Paris for a certain time, and then we decided to open a station in New York,
to do content production in the US, to be at the heart of urban cultures,
to be able to interview artists in their own environment in New York.
And I was sent there at the beginning of 2009 to do content production
and to interview artists in the US. So the TRACE station in New York was launched with my team,
and that’s when I was sent there to manage that.
So Meriem you are active on Twitter and you write a blog under the name ‘The Travelin' Girl’,
your delightful posts are also available on our platform,
what balance have you found with these new forms of communication?
It’s really interesting actually, because I started with Twitter around the time I went to New York,
so I started in 2009, and the same with the blog, I started writing,
because in New York there is so much life, so much emotion, so much of everything actually.
And I felt like sharing that, and so I started writing on a website first, and then that turned into a blog,
to talk about what kind of city New York is, chronicles, humorous chronicles.
And Twitter is a great relay to generate traffic to your website and to express the little things in life in 140 characters.
It’s really part of me in the US, when I see something funny I will take a picture and tweet it,
when I write a new post I tweet it as well,
the followers of ‘The Travelin' Girl’ like seeing what is happening in New York from the point of view of a Parisian,
as soon as I see something unusual, or that mixes the two cultures, France and the US,
or something that is just out of the ordinary, like it often is, it’s a great way of sharing actually,
and to make something available for others, what you see,
which is really, which often deserves being seen and shared.
It’s a great way of expressing yourself and everything stays a little anonymous.
Meriem you were hesitating to do this interview in English, is it a language close to your heart?
I will maybe respond in English or in French, in English because you asked me in English.
I used to really like English when I was in school and then I moved to Canada and I really learnt to practice my English,
at first I was very shy, everybody was speaking in English over there,
and I was like ‘Oh no, I only speak French’, but it really helped me practicing it
and really be comfortable talking another language and at the end of the day,
now in New York I’m so happy to speak English all the time, it’s not as beautiful as French,
and you don’t have as much words to explain things, but English became a second language, really.
And it also opens your world to the world actually, because when you think about it,
people speaking French are very limited, it’s only a few countries, it’s France, a few countries in Africa and Quebec,
and as soon as you start speaking English you realise that the boundaries are open
and you start meeting new people and understanding things differently as well,
and it’s a new world actually.
So yes, English is a really important language to me and I’m very happy now to be comfortable in English
as much as in French and to be able to answer to this question in English actually.
Thank you so much, thank you very much, Meriem! See you soon.