Audi R8 V10 Plus review (2013 facelift)

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Come, I'm excited to do this for a very long time.
Finally I'm allowed to do a real super car, and...
...immediately this one.  
The new R8... the differences! I'll point them, we're standing next to it right now.
The single frame grill is different, the head lights have been modified slightly... rear lights with a very special integrated indicator-thingy, and it has a new rear bumper.
Before I'm allowed to test it on the street, I have to test it on a delineated terrain.
Let's practice driving it safely.
Don't you think you want to say something?
Ahh, this is fun!
I want this car, and a circuit like this, for at home.
Yes, I love my job.
Now I know for sure.  
Meanwhile, we left the circuit.
That was amazing, it really was.
It was with the current V10 model with 525 bhp.
So they updated the R8, the V8 got 10 bhp more. What you will feel about that in practice, I'm not sure of.
So it has 430 bhp and goes from 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds...  
...with the automatic gearbox.  
And that is 0.3 seconds quicker than the previous model.  
That's the same for the 525 bhp V10, which is also 0.3 seconds quicker. 
We're driving the top model right now, which used to be the R8 GT.
That model has been discontinued, undoubtedly it will return someday, but...  
...nowadays the top model is named the R8 V10 Plus.
That Plus stands for 25 bhp extra.
Those 25 bhp extra makes it a total amount of 550 bhp for this model. 
Standard on every R8, you're own disco.
The big news for the R8, separate from that small amount of extra bhp, is that we...
...don't have to order the R-Tronic gearbox anymore.
And that's pleasant. 
Because... yes this is the first time I'm driving a R8... 
...but I've been a passenger a couple of times...
...and the R-Tronic gearbox is terrible.
It shifts quite coarse so if you wanted to drive comfortably you had to order the manual gearbox.
The manual gearbox is 20,000 euros more expensive than the automatic (The Netherlands)... everyone ordered the R-Tronic, which is not very comfortable in driving on a daily basis.
So what did they do at Audi?  
They put the seven speed S-Tronic into it, which shifts very smooth.
Unless you put it into sport mode, than it will shift more roughly.
A very small gearbox, only 24 inches (60 cm) long...
...that lies behind the engine.
The weight distribution of the car is 57% to the rear and 43% to the front.
I'm not Wouter, I'm not a drift king...
...but I can feel that this car steers very pleasant.
0.3 seconds, it is that much quicker from 0-60 mph.
This car will take 3.5 seconds to get from 0 to 60 mph.
Bizarre, and it goes on until 197 mph (317 kph)...
...which is mainly due to the S-Tronic gearbox.
That will direct most of the power to the rear wheels...
...which is usually something about 85%, unless you lose grip.
In that case the car will guide more than 15% to the front wheels, with a maximum of 30%.
So it always has at least 70% at the rear wheels.
You should be able to drift with this though.  
And what is the price of all this fun?
Yes, the V10 Plus like we're driving at this moment starts at 246,000 euros (The Netherlands).
But you can already drive a R8 V8 for almost 177,000 euros, so... could drive it for less money.
All of the manual gearboxes will cost an extra 20,000 euros.
If you want to drive a Spyder, another 15,500 euros will be added to the normal price of the R8.
But only the V10 Plus like we're driving, isn't available as a Spyder.
I'm always very enthusiastic about the Audi interior...
...and now I have two things about the interior that I'm less enthusiastic about.
At first the chairs, I haven't been able to find a nice position in this one.
I have a little trouble with my back at the moment and I'm not even driving it for a very long time now.
And the steering wheel here, which is made of some kind of sportive material (Suede).
But this car has a mileage of 1500 (2500 km) and it already looks quite decrepit, so...
...I would try and find a normal leather steering wheel.
So that problem is solved.
And those chairs...  
...I don't know, perhaps I have to play a bit more with the buttons.
At least it doesn't spoil the fun.
Speed camera!
Oh it has been shot to pieces, never mind.
Yes it's Italy, you know.
Subtitles - Arjen-Pieter Troost
And it just shifts much smoother.
So the car is easy to drive comfortably.
But I'm going to put it into sport mode, which makes it a bit more jumpy.
No please don't.
Sorry mate.
Sorry Patrick.
I made him sick and it only took me 2 laps!
Go and drive yourself nauseous.