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Red shade makeup
Hello there! How are you? ^^ I'm here today to show you how to do a makeup
I showed you this makeup on facebook, asked you if you wanted a video of it, and as I got many answers here you get it ;)
it's a red shade makeup that fits specially green eyes
it will also make brown eyes with some green make the green stand out
and if you have brown eyes, you can also do it as brown eyes fit all shadows
it will suit. I'm going to show you a close-up of the makeup
... and I leave you watching ^^
We start by applying a pre base for shadow
spread it evenly on the eyelid
also the lower eyelid
With a brush like this one, use a white shadow (shadow #1)
and will apply it on the eyelid as base
the upper and the lower
I have assigned a number to each color, so you can look it up on the webpage, identifying color and palette
now with a flat brush I will apply some red shadow (shadow #2)
and I will apply it by brushing diagonally
from the outside, inwards
Grab a fader brush
I will spread the shadow towards the inner part
undoing the line and also spreading it inwards
I apply some more shadow...
... like that I will achieve more intensity
and I repeat the procedure with the fader brush
I will now look up another brush one that is flat and small
and I will apply another redish shadow (Shadow #3)
I apply it also diagonally, exactly the same as before
and with the same brush I used before I will spread it in the same manner
if we notice too much fading, apply more quantity
and continue to spread it with fader
until it's well done and blured
I will now use a thinner brush
and will use a brown shade with copper (shade #4)
and will apply it on the "banana"
I will spread it carefully outwards
and spreading it down until the end of the eyelashes
once done all this, fetch a clean fader brush
and will fade all the external part of the "banana"
I will now mix both colors by using my first fading brush
with a slightly thinner brush
I will apply a matt black (shadow #5)
and will apply it on the external part
and I spread it down until the eyelashes' end
once I applied it, what I will do next is to fade it again
I use again the same fading brush I've been using for the redish shades
and I procede to spread this black shadow inwards
I will now fetch again the clean fading brush
and will fade the external part
so the color fades nicely
so you can't see a marked line
I will apply some more black matt shade
and will continue fading inwards at the same time spreading the shade
I again clean the outside area
so there is a nicely done fade
I will now use a gel delineator
with a slanted brush
and will procede to delineate my upper eyelashes
firstly, I draw the line well close to the eyelashes
and will now give the color more intensity...
I will add some more...
I will not draw until the tear duct, I will stop before that
I will now apply shadow #1 (the first red shadow)
and will apply it to all the area below my lower eyelashes
I will now apply the other red shadow..
(shadow #2)
and will also apply it to the same area
I will now emphasize the external corner with the black shadow
with a black pencil, I'm going to fill in all the waterline
up to the tear duct
also mark the superior waterline
and will now mark the inner side of the eye
up to the tear duct
I will blur this line.... and will apply eyelash mask
I will now fill in my eyebrow with a brown shade
stressing the areas with less hair
Next to do is delineating my lips
Apply a neutral color
this a pencil (by the way) I fade it with the finger
apply a lipstick
also with skin color, or neutral
I will look up a brush like this and a tanner
apply it on the forehead
the nose... and the chin
I will now get another brush for rouge and will apply shadow #2 (one of the red shadows)
removing the excess on my forearm
and apply it on the cheekbone
this is how it looks from a close-up
and you're done ^^
So! This was the makeup. I hope you enjoyed it
hope you have understood it any doubts just post them here
keep in mind I leave all product used listed on my webpage
I will also post there the FAQ
can be from where do I buy that nail color to where did you buy that shirt
So this said, thanks a lot for watching and see you in my next video :* Bye!
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