Ablevision goes bowling at Ryan Family Amusements

Uploaded by AbleVision on 06.11.2012

Hello, this is Jimmie and I'm here at Ryan Family Amusements
right here in Malden, Massachusetts and now are we ready to bowl?!
Yes, we are!
♪ ♪ ♪
Joe: Hello David, how long has this bowling alley been opened for?
Since the 1960's I believe, we've been here since 1987.
We are a family oriented center, my father in law and myself run it
and we have some other family members that also work here.
We're open from 9:00 AM till 9:00 PM
so anytime you're looking for something to do whether it's cold or it's sunny,
come on down and enjoy the fun.
Do you guys do tournaments here too?
We do, we have a full slate of morning leagues with senior citizens
as well as some junior leagues in the afternoon.
We have some great groups that come in during the afternoon,
some teacher groups that come in and then at nighttime,
we have a full slate of adult leagues as well.
Oh, that's good.
Do you have to be a certain age to be on the tournament?
Most of our leagues do require that you be of eighteen years old
unless you have an adult or a parent with you.
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Stephanie: Are you on a bowling team?
Yes, I'm on with the Revere League of Special Needs.
Stephanie: How often do you bowl?
Jimmie: We bowl every Saturday morning.
How does it feel to bowl a great game?
Jimmie: Wicked.
(pins falling down)
Sam: Good shot, Tom.
We are handicapped accessible, we do have ramps that come up
from our front entrance off of Charles Street,
we also have some ramps that go down onto the lanes
and some nice attachments that can go onto wheelchairs
to help the wheelchair bowlers bowl as well.
Do you guys give bowling tips?
I do, believe it or not, I am a certified instructor, I went to school
to learn how to be a teacher of bowling and I do teach my junior league bowlers
and anyone else that ever asked for help, I'm always eager.
That's nice.
What's the best part of your job?
Oh, it's definitely the people that come in here, meeting them, talking to them,
watching them enjoy having a good time with their family and friends.
Thank you, David.
You're very welcome, thank you for coming down, I appreciate it.
♪ ♪ ♪
Mary: Bowling was very good!
Would you like to join a league?
I want to join a league, yes, I'd love to, it's sounds good here.
What's your favorite part about bowling?
The only thing, my favorite part is trying to hit the pins to get a strike.
If you get strikes, you can get a turkey.
Regular, wild, or Butterball?
Either one.
So, what's the least favorite thing about the game?
Oh, getting splits.
Hi, I'm here with Alisa and Sam.
What was your favorite thing about bowling today, Alisa?
Watching you guys have so much fun.
And yours, Sam?
I would have to say the same thing, I'm glad everyone had a real good time.
I noticed you were going crazy on the bowling techniques you were doing.
He was pretty crazy.
It was pretty crazy.
Oh, now I'm embarrassed.

Tom: What was your favorite thing, Alisa?
Any day where I can leave the office and go bowl a game with the Ablevision crew,
it's a good day for me.
Mine too.
Alisa: I said Stephanie is the dark horse, she's going to beat us all and she did
so Stephanie and Joe should have a rematch.
How do you even feel that you just win the whole game right here?
Good, we all played a good game today.
Would you want to come back and do it again?
Oh, yes we do!
So, come on down if you want some good family entertainments
and good clean fun, I recommend it.
Until next time, peace out brothers and sisters!
All: Bye!
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