Wegmans Super Food Series: Nuts

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 08.11.2010

Cashews, walnuts, almonds, pecans; you name them.
Nuts are some of my favorite foods.
They're satisfying and delicious.
But they also get high marks for being nutritious,
so much so that research shows that heart health is an added bonus.
That's because when they're part of a healthy way of eating,
they seem to help lower the bad LDL cholesterol,
improve the health of our arteries, reduce the risk of blood clots,
and, thanks to their beneficial fiber and protein,
they can even help with weight control.
On top of that, they're packed
with vitamins, minerals, and healthy plant compounds.
Now I know there's a common misconception
that nuts should be avoided because they're high in fat,
and will therefore make us fat.
But that's just not true.
The fat content in foods doesn't make us gain weight--
eating too much food contributes to weight gain.
Now, it's true; these little nutrition powerhouses
are high in calories. So as easy as it is to grab
handful after handful, you don't
want to overdo it. Thankfully, a little
goes a long way. A sprinkle of nuts can make a salad,
yogurt, or oatmeal extra satisfying-- and you can get
all the health benefits I just mentioned by eating
about 1/4 cup a day, which is about
an ounce and a half. Wondering which kind
of nuts are the healthiest? I could go into a lot of details
of different studies that point out the superstar characteristics
of each type of nut. But the truth is,
just like other healthy foods, when you eat a variety
of nuts in moderation, they all bring something
special to your plate. So go grab some mixed nuts;
lightly or unsalted, of course. One of my favorites
is our blueberry nut blend.