Dong Yi, 41회, EP41, #03

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You're safe.
Your Grace?
The guild was here. They came and--
I know. That's why I rushed over.
You knew? How?
I saw their marshal.
Their marshal?
Who? What's his name?
Do you remember Gaedola?
From when you were little, Gaedola.
I remember. Of course I do.
But why--
Chunsu, he's not...
He is, Your Grace.
Gaedola is marshal of the New Sword Guild.
Royal Consort Chun is Dong Yi.
Dong Yi? A royal consort?
I miss my Daddy.
He could smack me every day, I don't care. I miss him.
Don't cry. You can see him if you want.
How? He's dead.
Look at the stars.
The stars?
They're with the stars.
The stars are everywhere, so they're always there.
When we miss them we can look at the stars.
Huh? Look, your dad's waving.
No, look, look. That little round one looks just like him.
Daddy... Daddy...
Father... Dongju...
Secure the area. Unit One, right. Unit Two, left.
- Move out! - Sir!
Exactly. They saw the absence of the guards as an opportunity.
Her Grace is unharmed.
You may dismiss your men.
But this isn't just any place, it's the consort's quarters.
- I've got to file a report... - Listen...
Her Grace wants to cause the King as little concern as possible.
A capital police report wouldn't help.
We've been tasked with the consort's security.
We'll file the proper report. And you can mind your own business, is that clear?
Yes, sir.
Cover up something this big?
Sir, something's not right here.
Your Grace.
I need to see Gaedola.