Milos RAONIC has the same hairstyle as Andre Agassi (2012) - Road to Roland-Garros

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- Hi. How you doing? - Hello. Good.
- Nice to meet you. Guillaume. - Nice to meet you too. Milos.
- Where are we going? - We're going to Roland Garros.
Let's go for it then.
Beside your serve what is your greatest quality?
As a tennis player, I like to think I'm pretty ambitious. I want to achieve a lot of things.
I stay pretty relax. I don't go out to much. I never drink.
- Serious guy. - Yeah.
Tennis is my number 1 priority. And tennis is where I what I want to achieve.
At this point of my life is the most important thing.
What special thing would you do if you win Roland Garros?
From my hotel, I think I would run to the Eiffel Tower and I would run up the stairs.
All the way up there and just enjoy that moment.
You may play against Rafa, how do you feel?
It's a very competitive world, a very competitive sport and…
He wants what I want at the same time and one of us is gonna take it away from the other guy.
That the one I try to be.
To which player would you take pleasure in inflicting a 6/0 6/0 6/0?
I think every player.
The thing you need to work out soon?
I need a hair cut badely!
Who is the sexiest player on the WTA tour?
I think the most attractive player on WTA tour would have to be Ana Ivanovic.
I've got to know her a little bit this year and I think she's really attractive. Very nice girl to be around.
You want to try to know her a little bit better, don't you? She has a boyfriend.
I want you to take a picture of yourself.
We were talking about new hair cut. What do you think about that one?
- Is this from Andre Agassi when he was here? - Exactly.
- I don't know what is worst about this… - What?
- Are the other players are going to see this when they go through all the pictures?
- No. Well maybe…
I had a good time. I wish you the best. Go as far as you can.
Thank you. Take care.